Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

Better known by the name of El Cid, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar was a great Spanish gentleman. His name, ” El Cid ” was given to him by the Moors . In the mix of Spanish and Arabic they used, they called him “As-Sid” which means sir or boss . This was pronounced by the Spanish as “El Cid”, but they themselves actually called him by the name of the ” Campeador “. He was a Castilian knight who lived during the 11th century and was the most famous hero of the time of the conquest. He lived during the reigns of Fernando I of León and Castilla,important in the kingdoms of Zaragoza and Valencia .

Personal information

  • When was born:  1043
  • Where he was born:  Vivar del Cid, Spain
  • When he died:  07/10/1099
  • Where he died:  Valencia, Spain

Who was Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar?

Known as El Cid worldwide, he was an important knight of Castilian origin who lived during the 11th century and was the most famous character from the time of the conquest , using military campaigns to protect Zaragoza and Valencia.

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Biography of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar

He was born in Vivar , in the year 1043. His parents were a lady of the Castilian high nobility and his father was an infanzón. His education was received together with the eldest son of King Fernando I of Castilla y León, the Infante Sancho . After the death of the king, Sancho, who had Castilla in his hands, appointed Rodrigo Díaz as ensign or standard bearer of the kingdom , and he then led several Castilian wars during the reign of Sancho II. Sancho thought that he must be the only heir to the lands so Rodrigo was the one who helped him defend the lands and for this he appointed Rodrigo as Commander of the Royal Armed Forces. In 1070, El Cid managed to obtain victories and remove the king’s brothers. Some time later, in a battle, Alfonso , Sancho’s brother, won the battle by killing Sancho and thus managed to be declared King of León . Alfonso sent El Cid to do pending proceedings with the King of Seville and when he returned, he was accused of embezzlement and was exiled , despite being married to Jimena Díaz, the king’s niece. After his exile, he offered his help to the kings Mostain II of Zaragoza and Pedro I of Aragon. The conquest of Valencia occurred at that time thanks to him. He died in the city of Valencia on July 10, 1099.

What did Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar do

He had an important role as an ensign after the Battle of Llantada . In the campaign of the War of the Three Sanchos,  Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar obtained victory in a single combat over the Navarrese knight Jimeno Garcés, and from this battle he obtained his nickname of the « Campeador» . He accompanied King Sancho in the war to try to unify the kingdom with Alfonso VI and García, King of Galicia. It had a very important role in the victories obtained in La Llantada and Golpejera , in which it took over León and then Galicia. He was appointed by the king to collect tribute from the king of Seville and won a battle against the Moorish king of Granada .


Some of the most recognized characteristics that have emerged throughout his passage through the kingdoms were the following:

  • He obtained knowledge in law and politics .
  • He was the king’s favorite, so much so that he was appointed his squire .
  • He had the functions of bearer of the royal standard and chief of troops .
  • He was an excellent warrior and his war strategies were almost perfect.
  • His military genius was outstanding as was his intelligence.
  • He enjoyed cunning and extraordinary personal courage.
  • He set his example to his army and his courage was contagious.
  • A man of firm character and heroic courage .
  • His fidelity and loyalty to the king was astonishing and became one of the foundations of medieval society.
  • He was very religious , so much so that Felipe II ordered the canonization of El Cid.
  • Before his battles, he prayed to Jesus Christ and commended his men.
  • He was a faithful husband and devoted father.

Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar’s personality

His personality was that of a leader , so much so that, although he was banished, his men followed him. Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar was a man of power and authority , he had a great moral capacity to direct, advise and give opinions that generated a feeling of trust . His values ​​gave him social legitimacy in all the positions he held. He was a source of inspiration , causing him to be respected and admired. He rewarded teamwork and knew when to delegate functions.


Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar was a great Castilian knight who managed to exercise dominion during the Levant of the Iberian Peninsula at the end of the 11th century. He managed to conquer Valencia and established a lordship until his death. In addition, he is seen as a hero from another point of view, being charitable , full of mercy and a big heart , characteristics that every hero should have.

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