In ancient stories there have been a series of important mythological beings which are legendary creatures that have also been part of the folklore of a certain place and that have been known as fabulous creatures in historical literature . One of these important creatures is known by the name of Hippogriff , a kind of mythological being that had a mixture between a griffin and a horse . The griffins meanwhile in some … Read more


There are different forms of government around the world , among them we can find presidentialism . This type of government is a way of organizing the power to govern a country seen from the legal point of view . It is a simple form of mandate, working in conjunction with a parliamentary system and an assembly . The Head of State is the same Head of Government and is governed based … Read more


The parliamentarianism is a type of government that have some countries where the legislature or better known as parliament is responsible for providing both direct and indirect political support to the executive branch.  This executive power depends entirely on the parliament to be able to be formed and to be able to exercise and govern. In the case of parliamentarism, the executive power is … Read more


The fisiocracia or fisiocratismo was a school of economic thought dating from the eighteenth century and was founded by François Quesnay, Turgot and Jacques Robert Anne Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours in France. This type of thinking was in charge of affirming that there was a natural law that could ensure the proper functioning of the economic system without the need for intervention … Read more


We can define Neoliberalism , also known as new liberalism , as a set of great political and economic ideas all based on capitalism that defends, above all, the non-participation of the State in the economy, leaving out any government interference and promoting this private production that owns a single capital without ever having any kind of subsidy from the government . According to this doctrine, there should not be full … Read more

Anarcho capitalism

The Anarcho capitalism is the result of a mixture of different doctrines or beliefs, economic liberalism and political anarchism . When we talk about political liberalism we must mention that its beginnings took place in the seventeenth century and it has been undergoing changes over time, always focusing on the market economy , trying to stop the controls and the problems and obstacles that it faces, … Read more


Among the heavy load machines, the hoist or rigging is one of the most used for suspended lifting and vertical displacement of the material (s) to be moved with less effort than if we had to move the load by hand. Featured hoist types Handbook Electric Cable Chain Lever Factorial Differential Potential What is the hoist? … Read more

Sustainable development

At present, in the development of the nations of the world there are certain problems of an economic, social or environmental nature that need to be solved to guarantee the quality of life of its citizens and their future. In this sense, sustainable development is born to solve these problems and give an optimal administration of existing … Read more


On our planet there are meteorological phenomena linked to atmospheric pressure and the circulation of air masses. One of these phenomena is the cyclone or storm, in which the air masses rotate in one direction at high speeds, producing an unfavorable climatic situation for the ecosystem and characterized by low atmospheric pressure. Faced with these types of … Read more