Mark Cerny

Mark Cerny has been a man who has performed and had a very important role in the video game related industry for many years. He has managed to design very important titles that have managed to be recognized worldwide, as well as classic titles and several franchises worldwide.

Personal information

  • When was he born: 08/24/1964
  • Where he was born: California, United States

Who is Mark Cerny?

Mark Cerny is one of the most renowned developers , consultant in the video game industry , programmer and producer , known for being the architect of the PS4, Ps Vita and Ps5 .

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Mark Cerny Biography

Mark Cerny was born in 1964 and since he finished high school he devoted himself completely to the video game industry as an amateur, although he also took university careers without neglecting his great passion. With the passage of time he managed to enter the world of games as a graphic designer and worked as a programmer , executive producer and designer of several major game titles.

He graduated from high school when he was 15 years old and later began his university studies at the University of California located in Berkeley where he decided to study physics , while also dedicating his free time to programming and creating video games . When he turned 18 he was able to program his first game, Marble Madness by Atari , a game that was inspired by the design of the physical properties of miniature golf, a game that was one of the most sought after in the arcade during 1984.


Mark Cerny has worked hard in the video game industry since he was 17 years old. He had positions with Atari , Sega , Crystal Dynamics, and Universal . In recent years he has held a position of utmost importance within the Sony company . He managed to open his own consulting company to provide video game in 2002, which called Cerny Games, Inc . He also worked for Atari for a while and managed to develop 3D glasses for the Sega Master System .

During his time working at Sega, he met Yuji Naka, the programmer of the Sonic the Hedgehog series who shortly after decided to move to the United States so that he could work alongside Cerny at the Sega America company . After leaving the Saga company, he joined the work of Crystal Dynamics where he worked developing titles such as Crash’n Burn and Total Eclipse .

He was an important executive within Universal Interactive Studios where, over time, he managed to publish and develop Crash Bandicoot. He worked as an executive producer on all the different titles that were released by PlayStation and helped improve the design of many of them. While working with Universal, he managed to develop the Cerny method , which said that development should focus on creating a publishable game. Today he is one of the main, perhaps the best systems architect for PlayStation 4.

PS4 and PS5 Architect

He has worked with Sony for the creation and improvement of the PS4 and PS5 consoles . He has taken care of everything related to the design and playability of the devices and in fact, his work has been so good that the company appointed him as the future architect of everything they can do. It has improved the graphics capability, the technical specifications , the speed and games overall .

Featured Video Games by Mark Cerny

Among his most prominent video games are the following:

  • Major Havoc – Arcade game for Atari in 1983.
  • Marble Madness – Arcade video game published by Atari in 1984.
  • Dick Tracy – A game that involved crime fighting by an investigator.
  • Crash Bandicoot 3 : Warped – A multi-platform video game that was sequenced from Bandicoot 2.
  • Tom Raider Chronicles : fifth game in the series with the same name.
  • Uncharted : Drake’s Fortune, an action-adventure packed game published by Sony.
  • God of War III : Action video game played in the third person published by Sony and exclusive for PlayStation 3.


In 2004 Mark Cerny was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award , a recognition granted by the International Association of Game Developers and later, in 2010 he managed to win a place in the Hall of Fame of the Academy of the Arts. and Interactive Sciences . He has been recognized worldwide for being the main architect in the manufacture of the famous PlayStation consoles and today, he managed to finish developing the PlayStation 5, one of the most modern gaming devices in the world.


He created a unique form of production which is known by the name of ” the method “, a process that has been of great importance to achieve an adequate production of video games today. It is a way to give greater importance to creative freedom and risk taking during the pre-production phase, which gives developers the ability to establish a type of design before the full development of the project .

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