Doug Bowser


After the president of the renowned Nintendo brand, Reggie Fils-Aimé resigned from his position after many years of work, Doug Bowser , a passionate and charismatic man who had great leadership power , came to take the presidency , an innate lover of video games that he was ready to make the company grow considerably.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 08/28/1965
  • Where he was born: Danville, California, United States

Who is Doug Bowser?

Doug Bowser is a senior strategist hired to lead Nintendo’s presidency of America and to perform different types of roles including physical , digital , advertising, and marketing sales for the company.

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Doug Bowser Biography

He was born in 1965 , in August and since he was a child he developed a great passion for the world of video games, regarding his parents there is no information on the web. He attended the University of Utah from where he graduated in 1984 as an Engineer . He entered the world of work and worked for several years in the sector related to marketing and brand promotion He worked for a time in this type of role for Procter and Gamble , a well-known multinational company located in the city of Cincinnati .


He began to venture into the electronic world when he began to work in the company called Electronic Arts and in 2015, he became part of the team of the North American division of Nintendo. In 2016, he rose through the ranks and became Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Presidency of Nintendo America

Nintendo made an important announcement where it announced that Reggie would no longer continue to work with the company and that in his place, Doug Bowser , a 53-year-old man , would arrive . In April 2019, Doug Bowser began his work as president of the renowned company Nintendo America . He had a titanic work focused mainly on growing the brand in the United States through the Switch portable console that included two games, Mario and Link.

It was quite a challenge that was presented to him because just at that moment, his rivals Sony and Microsoft were simultaneously launching new consoles and subscription services so that gamers could do their Streaming in the cloud, a situation that really implied a real challenge . He also had to face the great challenge of having to replace the president of the company who had already gained a veritable legion of followers and fans to date.


To date, Bowser has yet to be credited with accolades.

Curiosities about Doug Bowser

Some curiosities that are known about Doug Bowser are the following:

  • Together with his wife he has a son named Kyle Bowser .
  • He currently lives in Danville , California, United States.
  • His favorite game is not exactly from the Nintendo company, it is Super Mario Odyssey.
  • He is incredibly tall, measuring 1 meter and 85 centimeters .

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