Michel Ancel

Michel Ancel is a French video game director and is the creative manager of Ubisoft’s development studio in Montpellier. He is well known worldwide for having created the Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil franchises .  More than a simple graphic designer, he has been in charge of marking his own style in each game he has created and has managed to demonstrate that his ideas are clear and precise, because … Read more

Ron Gilbert

Ron Gilbert is a recognized character worldwide in the development of the video game , and will be forever thanks to his main masterpieces such as Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island , from his years at Lucasfilm.  He is considered the father of graphic adventure , of the point and click genre , since he was the one who managed to develop SCUMM , a creative engine to facilitate the programming of … Read more

Keiji Inafune

Important developer and graphic designer for Megaman and Onimusha, as well as the famous Dead Rising saga . Characters from the Street Fighter and Mega Man series have become some of the most recognized video game characters in the world, making Keiji Inafune a big part of Capcom’s success. When was he born: 05/08/1965 Nationality: Japanese Profession: Game developer Who is Keiji Inafune? Keiji Inafune is a famous graphic designer and game developer. Widely recognized worldwide for his Street … Read more

Masahiro Sakurai

Masahiro Sakurai , whose Japanese name is written 桜 井 政 博, was born on August 3, 1970. He is a leading  Japanese developer , creator, writer, video game director , designer, and voice actor. His most notable creations as a game developer include the Kirby and Super Smash Bros. series, both series created and developed in his position with the famous Hal Lab , a subsidiary of the Nintendo Company . He continued … Read more

Saga Master System

Known as the  Sega Mark IV during its development, the  Sega Master System  is a cartridge- based video game console manufactured by Sega . It is a rebrand of the Sega Mark III intended for western markets, which in turn was a successor to the SG-1000 and SG-1000 II. In South Korea , it was distributed by Samsung and was known as Gam Boy and later Aladdin Boy . It was the first Sega console to achieve wide distribution outside of Japan , … Read more


Metroidvania is a term used to describe a type of exploratory 2D platformer . It comes from the original games in the Metroid series and some of the Middle Age Castlevania games , most notably “Symphony of the Night”, which is what primarily gave rise to the term. A very popular element of these games, especially in the Metroid franchise , is the concept of a ” breakout sequence .” Through … Read more


The Sega Dreamcast is a type of video game console made for the home and manufactured by Sega. It emerged as the successor to the Sega Saturn when it came off the market. It was originally released in November 1998, and thus became the first machine to be released in what is now known as the sixth generation of video game consoles, thus anticipating the  PlayStation 2, Nintendo Game … Read more

Hironobu Sakaguchi

Hironobu Sakaguchi was born on November 14, 1962 in Japan . He is one of the great producers and directors  of video games, recognized worldwide for games such as  Lost Odyssey (2007) or Final Fantasy VII (1997). He is a Japanese video game designer, as well as a director, producer, writer, and film director. He is best known as the creator of the Final Fantasy series, who conceived the … Read more

Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn , whose name in Japanese is writtenセ ガ サ, is a video game console conceived by Sega as the successor to the  Sega Mega Drive / Genesis . Its launch, which came hastily a few weeks before  PlayStation was released, was one of the reasons why its games were not as good quality as those of its competition. Initially released in 1994, the  Sega Saturn was … Read more

Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto is a leading video game director , producer , artist , designer, and general manager . He is undoubtedly known as the most innovative, admired, prolific, influential, and acclaimed video game developer. Shigeru Miyamoto has been the creator of the most lucrative franchises in the video game industry and it is he who is credited with a wide variety of titles that have been praised by virtually every critics in … Read more