Generation Z

Generation Z is called all those born in the millennium, that is, after the generation of digital natives, social communities and other trends that, linked to technology, have evolved and revolutionized the world to bring it to the one we now see in the actuality.

What is Generation Z?

With the name of generation Z, post-millennial generation or sentinels , the generation born  from the mid-90s to 2010 is distinguished . Taking this into account, the individuals that are part of the generation can be identified, since currently most of these must be finishing high school and starting university or finishing it and in search of a job or specific stability.

  • Definition of generation Z
  • What years does it cover
  • Generation Z characteristics
  • Lifestyle
  • Needs
  • Generation Z consumption habits
  • Job
  • Generation Z by country

Definition of generation Z

The Z generation , also known as Zillennials , includes those born in the last years of the 90s and beginning of 2000 (1995-2010) although not yet find well defined. It is theorized that they are between 0 years and 24 years of age, which makes them easily detectable.

What years does it cover

It takes part from the mid- 90s , that is, from 1994 or 1995 , until the range of 2000 and 2010, with the result that Zillenials hover between the ages that were previously exposed.

Generation Z characteristics

The main characteristics of generation Z are the following:

  • From his first steps he adopts technology and identifies with it.
  • They are more attracted to the virtual world than the environment around them.
  • Few interpersonal skills, since when they get distracted with what technology is, they forget the here and now, making their social life not leave the technological walls of their games and, in a way, their own reality.
  • They usually reveal themselves to social norms .
  • They care little about the outside world, immersing themselves in their technological world to the point of overlooking their own basic needs.
  • The values ​​instilled in them are irrelevant to them.
  • Generation Z is a professional in viralizing trends and proliferating information, since they are digital natives , this is their main means of communication.
  • Technology, online games and virtual reality are its pillars and its comfort zone.
  • For some, education and work are extremely important, to the point of performing excellently in them, however, this depends on the character and personality of the individual; since there are some who put all this aside and focus only on their specialty, technology.
  • They are capable of adapting in an exceptional way.
  • If a town where they go does not have Wi-Fi, it is a crime, they must have free access to their favorite social networks to be able to feel in harmony with their environment.
  • They are extremely versatile when it comes to using electronic devices, thus having the ability to play 5 simultaneously without any problem, one of the many things that differentiates them from millennials , who only had the ability to manipulate 3 devices at a time.
  • They are introverted and jealous of their private environments, being these their room or playroom, these spaces are extremely intimate.
  • Self-taught and self-sufficient.
  • They manage to multitask in a short amount of time.
  • They have their own vocabulary , they use it for almost everything and there is a different vocabulary for everything.
  • Sexual diversity
  • Freedom of thought.
  • They look for jobs with flexible hours and with the possibility of being from home.

After many positive characteristics that distinguish this generation, it is important to emphasize that their IQ is limited and lower than that of the millennial generation, thus causing some controversy and concern regarding subsequent generations.


People who are part of  Generation Z generally have very withdrawn lifestyles, they fulfill their obligations and needs, however, it is not the main thing in their lives; their lives have a center and that center is technology , the internet and all the devices that have optimal conditions to satisfy their hobbies or ideals.


Among the different needs of generation Z we list :

  • Household appliances .
  • Independence, if they are not allowed to have an independence by themselves they become frustrated, they believe they are incapable.
  • Quick meals that can satisfy them while they multitask.
  • Any object that facilitates your daily activities will always be well received.

Generation Z consumption habits

Most of the time they do not have the proper consumption habits , they are so busy and distracted performing multiple tasks that they do not focus on their diet, which is why many suffer from eating problems not because they want to, but because they honestly forget or they are clueless with other activities , a situation that constantly worries their representatives and parents.

Besides this, the children still meeting the many activities have mostly good nutrition because they have a schedule that helps organize, this is owed mostly to their parents and guardians who are attentive.


The jobs most performed by people who make up Gen Z  are simple and do not take up too much time, such as being a part-time cashier or office assistants ; The following are the most prominent work options, which meet your requirements from home:

  • Youtuber, vloger, blogger, among others.
  • Writers
  • Editors.
  • Graphic designers and clothing designers.

Generation Z by country

Cataloging Generation Z by country is extremely complicated, however, in the countries with the greatest technological advances , the citizens are more rooted in this trend and more immersed in what virtual worlds are, which makes them even more introverted and withdrawn . However, most of them always comply with the previously specified patterns of behavior , they do not go outside of those parameters and have both active and passive lives, since most hours are spent with a digital device in their hands and all its manifestations. are through these.

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