The term gentrification consists of a process of transformation of an urban space that is in a state of deterioration or that is in the process of decaying from the reconstruction or building rehabilitation with higher heights than the pre-existing ones. This causes an increase in rents or the cost of housing in these spaces. This leads to the residents who traditionally inhabit … Read more


Acculturation is the name given to a process that involves the reception and assimilation of cultural elements that one human group may have on the part of another. In this way, a people acquires a traditional philosophy different from their own or incorporates certain aspects of the culture they are learning, usually deteriorating their own cultural foundations . Colonization is often the most common … Read more

Social stratification

In the area of ​​sociology, we speak of social stratification to refer to the existing inequalities between the individuals and groups that make up a human society. It could be argued that societies are hierarchized by different strata and that those with the most benefits are at the top of this hierarchy while those with the least privileges … Read more


As opposed to the term patriarchy, matriarchy is first and foremost a kinship system , a conception of the family. It is a common term in the area of ​​anthropology, which allows to designate a political system in which women have a dominant role with respect to men . What is matriarchy? Matriarchy (maternal law or maternal social order) is a model of … Read more


The word endoculturation comes from the Greek which means within and which comes from the Latin, culture . Its lexical component is the suffix tion , which means action and effect . It is a process by means of which the generations of our antiquity are in charge of transmitting their way of thinking, acting, their thoughts, customs and knowledge to the generations that are … Read more


The word patriarchy originally comes from the Greek and means ” government of the fathers “, άρχειν Árkhein, which means to command , and πατήρ patḗr, which means father . This referred mainly to the government exercised by parents within families and the power they exercised over the female sex. It is a form of society in which all the authority found in it is … Read more


The overcrowding is a condition that the amount of human population is presented in which existing exceeds the capacity load of a given location. It is the state of the human population that rises to a degree that produces an overload in the capacity of the ecological environment . In an overcrowded environment, the number of people exceeds the availability of the place to provide water, shelter, food or social … Read more


The word segregation itself refers to the act and effect of separating , marginalizing, or separating something from a specific thing or person. If we refer to people, segregation usually occurs for cultural or political reasons . The term is widely used to refer to one of the most important problems that grows every day in society. What is segregation? Segregation is the act and the effect that arises when one thing is separated , marginalized … Read more

Cultural diversity

When we speak of cultural diversity we mean the great variety, difference and abundance of different things within a given context. Cultural , is a term that refers to everything that concerns a certain culture. So, when we refer to the term cultural diversity, we are talking about the way of coexisting and interacting that exists effectively and satisfactorily between the different cultures that live within … Read more

Gender roles

The gender roles are cultural and personal . These roles are what determine how men and women should think, speak, dress and interact within the context of society . They are a theoretical construction within the branch of social and human sciences that explains the social and behavioral norms within a culture or country, appropriate for people depending on sex. It also refers to the image of a person in front of others and in front … Read more