Social action


Action is called any conduct or behavior manifested through a person because of their ideals , when we join the word action with society we have as a final product social action , a behavior expressed in a certain ethnic group that has a relevant and significant objective for the subject who catapulted the main idea.

What is social action?

It is any conduct or behavior that is significant for a population and that influences the individuals of their society , thus creating a positive movement or work , or it could be negative depending on the person.

  • What does it consist of
  • Characteristics of social action
  • Types
  • Max Weber’s theory of social action
  • Social action by country
  • Importance

What does it consist of

The most relevant social actions in social groups are those that are in charge of benefiting the various ethnic groups that do not have resources or optimal economic stability; It could be said that a social action is in charge of covering the needs found in a certain social group , thus organizing food days, health days and if the above is not possible, balls of utensils and used clothes are fixed in good condition to make donations .


One of the social actions that stands out among many are the well-known clowns who go to hospitals , rehabilitation institutions, among others to bring joy where only sadness is absorbed, they are not only in charge of encouraging the sick or dispelling melancholy or the lethargy, after many of their events they do charitable works , added to their actions so that the social action is admired consummated in some way or another.

Characteristics of social action

These actions are characterized by the great amount of influence they have on others, in addition to that, they proliferate and go viral with the help of marketing and an administrative part , in order to reach more people and spread the message more. that you want to communicate.

In addition to this, these actions are totally selfless, the foundations of their beginnings depend on effort, determination and passion for the same purpose which would be to contribute to the development of a community as a whole, as a single body .


Studying the ideals of the sociologist Max Weber , four types of ideal social actions can be distinguished , which if analyzed from a deeper perspective , these intertwine and mix with each other.

Traditional social action

This is based on the customs of the social group in question , these actions are influenced by the principles, norms and values ​​of the leader of the action, here rationality is irrelevant, since it is managed depending on the feeling of comfort with the tradition that it is embedded in your character and personality .

This means that the routine in the community is the starting point of any social action of this type, questioning whether or not such action can arise; This is to show that there is a probability that they become so attached to their roots that they end up renouncing their ideal, allowing themselves to be absorbed by imposed customs and working only for them.

Affective social action

It is irrational and totally emotional, they are guided by the feelings that are manifested at a certain moment, for which reason it is not expected that reason is part of said action , the content of this type is clearly individual, each person fights for their purpose staff in conjunction with others who seek their own benefit in the same way; When all this swirl of emotions manifests itself, it breaks with what would become the tradition and custom of said social group.

Rational social action according to values

This type of action not only pursues a previously determined, discussed and thought objective , but also respects the principles, values and morals of each individual in the social group.

Rational social action according to ends

It is the purely rational social action that pursues a specific end, without regard.

Max Weber’s theory of social action

The sociologist Max Weber defined social action as those human behaviors that were clearly external and intentional with a meaning that was oriented by and for other people. For this sociologist, these actions determine the individual behavior and reasoning of each person; here they reflected the sorrows and bienmesabe of life of that individual, the past, the future and others, which brings a lot of information to the investigator about his character and personality.

Social action by country


In Mexico , non-profit public schools have been opened for the population with fewer resources, in addition to this, some churches have done charitable works on behalf of the neediest.


  • Integral Action Coordination Center
  • Coordination of the SNIPD
  • Together
  • INCI


  • CDR
  • Commune of Timbúes


  • CEAS (Episcopal Commission for Social Action)


  • SAIER (Service for Immigrants, Foreigners and Refugees)
  • ACSAR (Catalan Association for Solidarity and Aid to Refugees)
  • AMIC-UGT (Association for the Mutual Aid of Immigrants in Catalonia)


These actions are not only responsible for offering an opportunity to people who do not have the resources on their own, but gradually gathering grains of sand they gradually influence the majority of the population , increasing awareness , tolerance and values ​​to with the neighbor, feelings that currently in society are degraded to the point of saying that the number of people who do not only care about themselves is almost insignificant. Develops empathy and the value of heritage in a human being.

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