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The process of machining parts can be performed by two different processes by which it is possible to shape a particular piece by the removal of material left over. In general, these mechanisms are based on chip removal and the abrasion process and for this, a machine has been created that can fulfill these functions, the grinding machine . It is a type of tool that allows to obtain finishes with precise dimensions and with less roughness .


What is a grinding machine?

grinding machine is a very useful type of tool in the process called abrasion machining which works by means of a fairly strong abrasive wheel used to achieve a finish on the parts that has precise dimensions and less roughness.

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Grinding machine features

Its main characteristics are mentioned below:

  • It is a tool that makes the abrasion machining process possible .
  • It has a fairly robust abrasive wheel so it does not have a well-defined edge.
  • The grinding process that is done with this type of machine is carried out mainly after a chip removal process is carried out .
  • It has a complex operating process but at the same time it is very easy to use.
  • The precision of most grinding machines is ± 0.002mm.


The antecedents of the history of the grinding machine can be found centuries ago when human beings began to manufacture and use tools which cut and polished. It was at that moment when it was necessary to create a process by means of which it will be possible to sharpen the tools and thus the bases for the grinding machine were founded . Much later, in the 18th century , sandpaper was invented, which became an essential element for all artisans who were in charge of polishing metal pieces .

There is a record of the birth of the molars at the beginning of the 19th century and it was used by the ancient Egyptians to achieve drilling. Some time later, from the year 1830 , the agglomerated grit emery was introduced into the industry, creating a new type of abrasive and at this time the first deburring and polishing machines emerged . Apparently, the first grinding wheel was created in 1843 but it did not yet have the proper mechanical means.

The first cylindrical grinding machine thanks to built Charles Moseley in 1860 and in the year 1870 , J . P. Morton Poole succeeded in developing the first heavy roll grinder . Later, in 1880 , Brown & Sharpe managed to place a device for internal grinding in the cylindrical grinding machine, thus giving rise to the first universal grinding machine , a concept that took on great importance throughout the 20th century.

What is the grinding machine for

A grinding machine is a type of machine that is used to produce a smooth and more precise finish on different types of materials, whether metallic or non-metallic . It has the ability to rectify the surfaces in order to achieve these be flat and perfectly flush .

Types of grinding machine

There are several types of grinding machines which will depend on the purpose for which they have been manufactured. The types of grinding machines are:

Flat or surface grinders

  • Fronts : they have the grinding wheel located on a horizontally positioned axis and can move straight on the piece. It is used to quickly remove the material but has less precision.
  • Tangential : its grinding wheel rotates on a vertical axis which has a circular and pendulum type movement. Do more precise work.

Cylindrical grinders

  • External : grinding is carried out on the external cylinder, which makes the piece rotate in the same direction as the grinding wheel.
  • Internal : grinding occurs in the internal part of a cylindrical and hollow part.
  • Centerless : this machine is used to grind small cylindrical pieces.

Universal grinders

They have the function of being able to mechanize the bodies of revolution and for that reason they are larger . They are used to manufacture pistons, crankshafts and camshafts.

CNC Machines

In this case, they are more technological machines since the procedure is carried out in a computerized way.


The parts that a grinding machine has are the following.

  • Bench : it is a type of support that helps to fix the machine and the other parts so that it can be operated correctly.
  • Table : it is made of metal and finds its support on the bench. It is the surface on which the heads can slide making a rectilinear movement in order to eliminate unnecessary elements.
  • Disc grinding wheel : they have the function of supporting the disc which will be in charge of polishing and eliminating the residues which is fixed in a guide to provide support between the grinding wheels.
  • Grinding wheel rotation motor : it has the function of providing force and speed according to the indicated specifications.
  • Part holder head : works by moving the product and can have a frontal programming, a type of rectilinear movement and tangential programming.
  • Piece : it is a type of addition of a tool to the head and is responsible for holding the object with which it is going to work.

How does it work

The grinding machine is a fairly complex type of machine and has a highly mechanized operation. In the first place, it must receive enough energy to be able to operate the electromagnet , which has the responsibility of supporting the piece and making it not move. After the electromagnet is placed, the machine must be turned on and the cabinet will begin to rotate. The next step will be to move the handwheels that are responsible for moving the electromagnet in the x direction and in the y direction. Then, by means of automatic control it is possible that the electromagnet can oscillate in such a way that the desired dimensions and finish are achieved.

How to use

The grinding machine is a machine used to eliminate the materials in a certain piece by means of a grinding wheel . As this grinding wheel rotates, the material is eliminated from the piece, thus creating a texture and a smooth surface during the process.


Some accessories that can be used with the grinding machine are:

  • Tangential head: an optional head that can be installed and that performs manual or automatic transverse movements.
  • Turbine vacuum cleaner : it has interchangeable rotors to prevent large curtains of emulsified oil from forming.
  • Magnetic Disc Scrubber : This accessory works great as a magnetic disc donor sport.


Grinders are important machines that must be well maintained to extend their useful life. It is important to remove all the abrasive dust and the cooling medium that has remained in the machine, for this you can use hand brushes and cleaning cloths or a machine that has the ability to suck this dust, in this regard it is important to mention that the Abrasive dust should never be blown, as it is a pleasure for the eyes and the respiratory tract of the human being.

It also must of cleaning the filter of the coolant pump , remove the abrasive dust that has been in the suction device and the protective covers . The machine must also be properly lubricated with oil or grease . The adjusting spindle should also be cleaned as well as the sliding guides. It is important to ensure that the guides of the table and the head are fixed and constantly test the state and the fastener having the abrasive disc.

When the abrasive discs are damaged they must be replaced immediately as they represent a huge danger both for people and for the machine itself. The electrical connections should also be reviewed continuously to avoid accidents. In case of mechanical failure , you should immediately call the technician in charge of maintenance for this type of machine should not be handled without knowledge

Featured Manufacturers

  • Walter Tools SA de CV
  • DMG Mori Seiki
  • Gurgaon

Importance of the grinding machine

The grinding machine is a very important machine especially for the industrial field as it is the ideal means with which they can be carried out. fine finishes thanks to its enormous abrasive power. With this type of machine it is possible to remove all kinds of impurities and roughness and it is possible to easily manipulate many materials such as pieces of wood and hardened steel , it can even be used in delicate pieces such as lenses and crystals .

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