Grinding machine

The process of machining parts can be performed by two different processes by which it is possible to shape a particular piece by the removal of material left over. In general, these mechanisms are based on chip removal and the abrasion process and for this, a machine has been created that can fulfill these functions, the grinding machine . It is a type of tool that allows to obtain finishes with precise … Read more


The kinetoscope was a device that was created prior to the movie projector . This projector was invented by Thomas Alva Edison and William Dickson in the late 1880s, based on Edward Muybridge’s version of the zoopraxiscope . This device was intended to give an individual view of continuous image bands, but without the possibility of being projected on a screen. The film that had a permanent movement had to … Read more

Lumière Brothers

When the well-known Lumière brothersThey began with the creation and managed to complete the design of their cinematograph in 1895, in the Indien Salon of the Grand Café on the Boulevard des Capucines, in Paris. Most of the technical problems that occurred in filming and showing films had been solved long ago. The French inventors mentioned above were … Read more

Humphrey bogart

Humphrey Bogart was a famous and renowned illustrator of magazines , actor of film and medical surgeon who was addicted to the opium.  He received his entire education at Trinity School (Trinidad) and trained himself to become a physician at Phillips Academy, located in Massachusetts.  He had many important roles during the 1940s in New York City and began his Broadway career during the 1920s. Who was Humphrey Bogart? … Read more

Orson Welles

Best known as the director of Citizen Kane and also known for his radio broadcast of “Sea of ​​the Worlds” or “War of the Worlds” by HG Wells, Orson Welles was a specialist who stood out during his career as an actor, writer, director and producer on radio, film and television . In fact, his reach went as far as television commercials, … Read more

Alfredo Landa

His full name was Alfredo Landa Areta and he was an important actor of Spanish nationality who personified the intense phenomenon of Landismo in the early 1970s. He was an actor full of versatility and popularity within the cinema, awarded at the famous Cannes Film Festival and winner of several awards worldwide. His gestures, his sympathy and his penetrating gaze made him achieve fame. Protagonist for many decades of cinema, managing … Read more

Ava gardner

One of the biggest and best movie stars was Ava Gardner. Extraordinary person and actress, she was practically classified as a goddess due to her great beauty . She shone at all times in the movies and the newspapers also adored her. It was known as ” the most beautiful animal in the world ” alluding to the wild side that men have. Her imposing character, her … Read more


The Zoetrope is one of the main objects that has been considered as the prelude to the origin of cinema . It consists of an instrument or an optical machine that is responsible for giving movement to a series of images that are inside by means of a circular movement . When rotated, a moving sequence can then be seen through the holes in the zoetrope. The origin … Read more


Of the praxinoscope we can say that it is the successor of the zoetrope . It is a more elaborate device whose inventor was the Frenchman Charles Émile Raynaud and consisted of a drum that rotated with a ring of mirrors placed in the center and with a strip full of drawings that was located on the inner wall of the drum. By manually turning the drum, the drawings begin to … Read more


Mario Moreno , born Mario Fortino Alfonso Moreno Reyes and professionally known by the nickname Cantinflas , was an important actor , producer, and screenwriter for many films belonging to the Mexican comedy genre . He was born in an early 20th century in Mexico City and began his acting career in a circus tent. One night, he performed a routine that featured a combination of skits, mispronunciation, wild exaggeration, … Read more