The advertising is always present although most people do not realize it. In today’s world, and especially in the media , advertising takes advantage of all available means to convey its message . It does so through television, print media that includes magazines, newspapers, etc., radio, Internet, billboards that are observed in the streets, mailboxes, posters, clothing and events, to name a few of them. .


What is the publicity?

The advertising is seen as a group of different strategies that are focused to publicize the products or services by a company towards society using the media to position yourself in the mind of the consumer.

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The advertising is an attempt by companies or companies to get to influence the behavior of purchase with customers by creating a sales message that is characterized by being very persuasive with respect to products or services are offered. In organizations, the goal of advertising is to attract new customers by defining the target market and reaching it through an advertising campaign that is effective.


Advertising features

Among its main characteristics are the following:

  • Its main function is to persuade the customer or consumer .
  • It also has a promotional purpose with the aim of being able to publicize a certain product or service.
  • Advertising is done by targeting a specific audience .
  • It is part of the marketing strategies of companies.
  • It generates different types of costs for the people who advertise the product.
  • Use a wide variety of creative channels .
  • It offers different products and many of them personalized .
  • It must have ethics .


It was the invention of printing by Gutenberg in the year 1450 which resulted in the mass production of posters and circulars.


The first advertisement printed in English was a flyer printed in 1472 . It was primarily an advertisement for a prayer book for sale. Two hundred years later, he came the first announcement on a newspaper in which a reward was offered for finding 12 horses that had been stolen. In the 17th century , classified ads appeared frequently in English weeklies and these ads contained simple product descriptions .

The illustrations and color in advertising appeared in ads at the end of the century XIX . During the First World War , advertising became one of the main means of propaganda. Governments used it to convince their citizens to join the military. During this period the mechanization of the industry also increased , making advertisements more expensive. When new media of mass communication were available in the early part of the twentieth century, the advertising industry took the dissemination andpopularity .

The industry became more scientific in the 1960s . This period saw the most creative advertisements in history . The ads were more focused on the product than on reinforcing the brand and creating a company image . Advertising also got smarter , adopting a more conversational style . With innovation and social networks, advertising grew more and more over time until it reached what we can observe today.

What is advertising for?

Advertising is a type of marketing used so that, through the media, companies can publicize their products or services . With it, it is possible to insert a new brand into the market , improve the image of a certain company or position a product within a specific field. Through advertising, companies are able to distinguish themselves from all the competition that exists, improve the characteristics of their products and at the same time increase their sales .


There are several types of advertising today, among the most important are the following:

  • According to its content : this type focuses on the content of the advertising and towards what type of public it is directed. According to the content, it can be:
    • Informational – Attempts to inform the customer about the product or service.
    • Comparison : makes comparisons between products or services taking the competition as a starting point.
    • Transformative : it is responsible for transmitting solutions when the product cannot do it on its own.
    • Emotional : try to convince the consumer through the manipulation of emotions.
  • Depending on its geographical scope : in this case, the place and the range of location are taken into account to carry out the advertising. There are several subtypes:
    • Local : when advertising is done in a small place.
    • Regional : it is an advertisement that is applied throughout a certain region.
    • National : it is done at the country level.
    • International : it is the type of advertising that transcends the national borders of a country.
  • According to the means of dissemination : in this case, advertising focuses on the means of communication that will be used to transmit information about a specific product. Its types are:
    • Internet : advertising that is done through social platforms or Google Ads.
    • Printed : it is the type of advertising that is printed on paper.
    • Radio : information is transmitted by radio.
    • Television : it is the advertising that is done through advertising spaces.
    • Telephone : uses telephone calls and is widely used during political campaigns.


There are many tools that can be used to create good advertising and these tools are the main means to attract the attention of the consumer . It is then possible to use tools such as print advertising , radio , television , outdoor advertising such as posters, billboards and illuminated signs. The internet is one of the main tools for advertising and also has great advantages.


Advertising media are a set of different channels through which companies can show their different products or services in order to persuade customers to consume them . These media may include, for example, magazines, television, newspapers, and the internet.


The advertising techniques are those procedures that are used to make known to the audience the different services and products a brand determined to increase sales . The most used techniques include the use of repetition, especially on the name of the brand and product, the contribution of value that focuses on the benefits provided by the product or service, the association of situations which occurs when a message is created. taking into account the content and the visual aspect , the offers andpromotions and the option of being able to tell stories.


Advertising strategies are a group of actions that help a company, company or entrepreneur to achieve take a certain product or service to consumers through positioning using different channels. There are four main types of advertising strategies which are:

  • Content advertising that tries to exert a direct influence on the consumer by giving a very clear and direct message to reach the largest number of people.
  • Informational advertising that focuses on educating customers about the brand you are trying to sell and making them understand the value of the investment they make.
  • Comparative advertising that seeks to reshape the higher-value features of a product or service so that the customer can see which one has greater and better benefits.
  • Emotional content that seeks the shape of all the emotions of customers when they see a certain ad.

Advantages of advertising

Among its main advantages are the following:

  • It manages to give you a greater and better visibility of a brand.
  • With it you can increase sales and therefore profits .
  • Improve the number of customers searching for the products.
  • positive image is built about the business or company.
  • You are able to target specific consumers through ad targeting.


When advertising is done incorrectly it can bring several disadvantages for companies, among them we find:

  • It can lead to large losses.
  • It damages the public image of the company.
  • For small entrepreneurs , advertising in the mass media can be too expensive .
  • It is not possible to know through traditional advertising the number of people who have been impacted by the ad.
  • It is a mechanism that focuses on intrusion and therefore tends to interrupt the activities of those who, for example, watch television.


Advertising plays a vital role in today’s age of competition . It has become a necessity for everyone, be it the producer , the trader or the customer . Advertising helps people find the best products , they can compare and buy them themselves to get what they want after they have spent their money. It helps you increase sales , get to know your competitors and plan properly to face the competition . When a company wants to introduce orlaunch a new product on the market, advertising is responsible for opening the way.


Some advertising examples are mentioned below:

  • Coca-Cola with its “share a coke with” campaign.
  • Adidas with its slogan based on Lionel Messi “Nothing is impossible”.
  • McDonald’s that offers its products with the promise of not charging you money if you wait more than 60 seconds after ordering a product.

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