For different companies, one of the best ways to do different research related to markets , values and customer satisfaction is through marketing . This type of discipline is also known by the name of marketing and thanks to it, companies manage to attract the attention of their customers , retain them and make them loyal to them by solving their problems and desires.


What is marketing?

The marketing refers to a set of activities a company performs in order to promote the purchase or sale of a particular product or service . This includes advertisingselling and delivering products to consumers or other businesses.

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  • Types
  • 4 Ps of marketing
  • 7 Ps of marketing
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The marketing is a discipline that includes all actions performed within a given company to attract customers and to keep relationships positive with them. At its most basic level, marketing tries to tailor the different products and services that a company provides to customers who need to have access to those products that the company provides. Thanks to this, the products that reach customers are guaranteed and provide profitability


Marketing features

Among its most representative characteristics the following are mentioned:

  • They are characterized by being business strategies that seek to make the company grow.
  • It includes all the possible strategies that have the ability to help a brand , company or company to achieve its objectives.
  • There is an exchange between at least two different parties although this may vary depending on the process.
  • You must add value to the product during the process as the buyer tries to find or fulfill what he wants.
  • Both parties must learn to compromise in this way, the company can adjust the price of a certain product and the customer must also adapt to the demand that exists in the market.
  • Your focus will always be the customer .
  • It focuses on those things that the consumer wants or needs .
  • It must work hand in hand with the sales area .


The modern origin of marketing dates back to the 50s but regulatory management acquired greater importance thanks to Baker who presented an in-depth study on a type of, on the definitions of marketing and on how it had the ability to interweave several important areas such as microeconomics , mathematics and psychology


After the study and report carried out by Baker was presented , in 1960 a definition of the brand was proposed by the American Marketing Association , giving great importance to the logo and its visual aspects. In 1960 , Theodore Levitt , a renowned professor of business administration at Harvard Business School , wrote an important article that later became a classic: ” marketing myopia .”

Peter Ferdinan incorporated two equally important concepts, that of a corporation and that of management. Later in 1967 , Philip Ktoler , who is considered the most influential author in marketing, published the book called ” Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning and Control . 

What is it for

The main purpose and use of the marketing focuses on researching and analyzing each of the consumers at all times, to conduct focus groups, send surveys, analyze the behavior of online shopping , and doing a basic question ” Where, when and how does the consumer want to contact the company? ». It serves to be able to properly hook customers with the company thanks to the offers that the company offers through the strategy.

It also serves to increase and maintain the reputation of a certain company or company at good levels , to improve and create good relations between consumers and companies and is an ideal means of communication so that companies can keep their users informed by also helping them to increase sales which will also make the company maintain a good level of relevance .


The types of marketing that exist are the following:

  • Online marketing : also called digital marketing focuses on the development of a digital strategy only.
  • Direct marketing : it is a campaign that seeks to trigger a good result in a specific audience. This type of marketing is based on two-way and direct communication.
  • Email marketing : it is responsible for sending emails to customers, managing to define the segmentation well.
  • Viral Marketing : Try to make the company’s content go viral.
  • Inbound marketing: focuses mainly on the creation of content that has a good value in order to attract traffic to the sector.
  • Performance marketing : it is known by the name of performance marketing and it is a type of methodology that combines several techniques making advertisers only have to pay when they really achieve objectives.

4 Ps of marketing

The Four Ps Model of Marketing

The four of marketing are model are product, price, promotion and place.

  • Product : refers to products or services that are made to meet the needs of customers and stand out from the competition.
  • Price : is the cost of the purchase, including the label price of the products.
  • Promotion : is the information that is given to consumers through advertising to generate interest in their products.
  • Place : Refers to how and where the products are sold.

7 Ps of marketing

The 7 Ps are a set of marketing tactics that you can use and combine various strategies to satisfy customers. They are controllable, but depend on the internal and external marketing environment. These 7 Ps are as follows:

  • Product : is what is sold, that is, all the characteristics, advantages and benefits that customers can obtain when buying the products or services.
  • Price : refers to the pricing strategy of products and services and how these will affect customers.
  • Promotion : these are the promotional activities that are used so that the clients know the products and services of a company.
  • Place : is where products and services are seen, manufactured, sold or distributed. Customer access to your products and making sure they can find them is critical.
  • People : refers to the personnel and salespeople who work for the company, including the owner of the company.
  • Process : are the processes involved in the delivery of products and services to the customer.
  • Physical evidence : refers to everything that customers perceive when they interact with the company.


There are many tools that can be used to create a good marketing strategy: a good marketing audit, excellent corporate communication , the implementation of innovation , maintaining lateral thinking that poses new challenges, having good sales teams . The brand is considered one of the most important tools like the internet .


There are actually a large number of strategies that can be used in marketing in order to transmit the message that the company wants to give the customer, among them we find the following:

  • Social Networks : these cannot be ignored and many successful businesses have been built solely on networks. Use direct messages in communities like Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter to reach out to potential customers who may be looking for your products and services.
  • Partner with allies: Marketing partnerships have a number of benefits that help drive a marketing campaign. Better content can be offered, partnerships are cheaper and more quickly achieved.
  • Help customers solve a problem : Some ways you can help customers solve a problem is by creating content on how to do it; offering exclusive information that makes life easier for them; listening / responding to customers; or creating applications or tools.
  • Engage Employees : Let employees be your primary brand advocates and promoters.
  • Don’t forget about existing customers : It is important to get new customers if you want your business to grow, but you should not forget about existing customers.


Among its main advantages we find the following:

  • Quick availability of information is achieved .
  • The advertising costs decrease considerably.
  • Product messages have the ability to be more easily dispatched .
  • There is a better interaction between the company and the customer .


Some of its disadvantages are:

  • It fails to reach all types of audiences .
  • It can generate distrust in some clients.
  • The contents must be constantly updated.
  • Continuous monitoring of the networks must be maintained .


The way in which the business is marketed is what allows the company to be successful or not, and this can be done through marketing , that is its great importance. Marketing is a tool that is used to generate and maintain the demand , the importance , the reputation and competence of companies , to name a few things. Without this tool, the company is likely to disappear due to lack of sales.


  • Coca Cola establishes various charitable causes as part of its social responsibility and thereby gains customers.
  • Volkswagen that sells exclusivity thanks to personalization that is just what customers want.
  • Apple that has excellent product marketing since it is in charge of selling the customer a practical lifestyle.

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