Oral expression


In the area of human communication, one of the aspects that is considered the most important is oral expression . This type of expression has been and will always be the human being’s way of communicating in order to survive . Human beings have always had different ways of expressing themselves orally and with technologies to be able to develop this ability . If we look for a definition of oral expression, we can say in descriptive terms that it is the ability of man to establish concepts , ideas and terms that have specific meanings.


What is oral expression?

Oral expression is the set of techniques that are used by man to communicate such oral and effective , in other words, is the ability to say what you think without barriers .

  • Speaking characteristics
  • What is it for
  • Source
  • History
  • Elements of oral expression
  • Types
  • Techniques
  • Levels
  • Objectives of oral expression
  • Process
  • Advantage
  • Disadvantages
  • How it differs from written expression
  • Importance of oral expression
  • Example

Speaking characteristics

The main characteristics of oral expression are the following:

  • She is fluent so she uses words naturally and spontaneously .
  • It has a rhythm that gives harmony and accentuation to the language.
  • Presents coherence because it expresses ideas or thoughts in an organized way.
  • It shows different body movements and gestures depending on the situation to be communicated.
  • It has diction because the words must be pronounced clearly.
  • The speaker uses volume in oral expression.
  • It must be given clearly and precisely , both ideas and thoughts.
  • It has a large vocabulary of words that are stored in our minds.
  • It is active and expresses feelings.

What is it for

Oral expression is very useful for the human being since it is the instrument with which he has to be able to communicate thoughts and ideas about things that are external to him. Thanks to oral expression, we are able to communicate effectively with other people in order to satisfy our needs and to share what we think .


The origin of oral expression dates back millions of years to prehistoric times when our ancestors had to find a way to communicate and for this they used a series of sounds to express and communicate their thoughts .


To know the history of oral expression we would have to cover the history of communication . Even animals showed thousands of years ago their ability to communicate. The first forms of communication and oral expression that existed appeared in hominids , who communicated through noises , signals and facial expressions . After millions of years, standardized sounds and signals began to emerge that began to be learned and shared.. Before speaking as we know it today, we used the touch , the gestures , shouts , gestures , expressions and movements of the hands .

Elements of oral expression

There are several types of elements that are needed for adequate oral communication and these are divided into two groups, subjective and objective .


  • Self-control : ability to overcome anxiety, fear and shyness when expressing ourselves.
  • Organization of ideas : before starting an oral expression, you must organize what you want to say previously.
  • Projection of ideas .


  • Audience analysis
  • Choose the appropriate language to use.
  • Know how to listen but also know how to speak .


There are several types of oral expression, among them we mention:

  • Assembly : it occurs in an institution or body to form a cause.
  • Conference : one or more people present the results of something to an audience .
  • Speech : the audience does not participate and is limited simply to listen.
  • Debate : it takes place between two people or two groups before an audience.
  • Dialogue : informal conversation between two or more people. It is the most used form of communication .
  • Interview : One or more person receives one or more people in order for them to be questioned on certain topics .
  • Exhibition : includes participation of the attendees with the exhibitor .
  • Forum : meeting of different people to discuss a common topic .
  • Panel : similar to the forum, but has a moderator and panelists speaking in front of an audience.
  • Meeting : Two or more people meet to talk about issues that need to be resolved .
  • Symposium : s a meeting of experts or specialists who present briefly, successively and continuously .


The techniques that must be given to obtain an adequate oral expression are the following:

  • Accuracy : it means expressing ideas accurately , using words in an ideal and concrete way .
  • Fillers : they are very frequent in oral expression, however, they can have negative results .
  • The hands : they are important in communication since they are also a means of expression to say what is needed.
  • Body posture : it must be adequate and not very rigid , although sometimes it is usually done sitting. It is also not advisable to use lax and hunched postures.
  • Use of support means such as microphones , transparencies , graphics , tables and oral expression will be carried out before a specific audience .


  • Intrapersonal communication : this involves the act of talking to yourself . It is a method that human beings have to review their knowledge before doing it or making an important decision .
  • Interpersonal communication : occurs when two or more people convey one message so directly , in other words sender to receiver .
  • Public communication : it occurs when the communication is in the hands of a sender who sends his message to a specific group of recipients.
  • Mass communication : elements such as the sender , the message , the channel and the receiver intervene . Also gives the feedback and noise . It can be spread through the radio , television , cinema , newspaper , etc.
  • Small group communication : it is made up of two or three participants and communication occurs reciprocally where each of the people who participate has their role .

Objectives of oral expression

The objectives of oral expression are the following:

  • Know exactly what you want to say or communicate .
  • Use an appropriate tone so that the receiver understands the message.
  • They use appropriate words to understand ideas.
  • Say what you are trying to communicate .


The process of oral expression begins when the speaker begins to give his speech regarding what he wants others to know. This message is sent using the voice so that it reaches the receiver who takes charge after listening to it, interpreting it and giving it the appropriate value and meaning .


Some of the advantages of oral expression are the following:

  • It is the most accessible form of communication that exists, since it can be used at any time .
  • It is the process of information exchange is faster since you can get answers to what you ask.
  • It can be done by anyone in the world, unless they have certain speech disabilities .
  • It allows the correction of words or the way of speaking showing that the receiver takes into account what the aforementioned sender is expressing.


Among its disadvantages we mention:

  • There can be problems when senders and receivers want to share an opinion at the same time without waiting for one to finish before the other.
  • Some people are hearing impaired .
  • Currently technology is used more than oral expression such as text messages, mail among others.
  • There may be distortions in the space in which the emitters and receivers are located.
  • It is difficult to keep what is expressed .
  • What is expressed by the issuer cannot be changed .

How it differs from written expression

Oral expression is captured through the ear and there must be an interaction between the sender and the receiver . It usually deals with informal topics that are created from the context and that is developed through communication , also uses non-verbal resources such as intonation, rhythm and tone. The written expression uses a more formal language that is created independently of the context , uses a series of verbal resourcessuch as titles and subtitles, punctuation marks and others, and uses a more specific type of vocabulary .

Importance of oral expression

Oral expression is important because it is the way that human beings can communicate , it is the first thing we learn to do when we are children and we do it naturally. It is the basis for communication within society and is at the same time, an activity that forms the communicative behavior between people. It is in charge of being able to transmit a message in a clear, concise, precise and orderly way .


Some examples of speaking are:

  • A phone call.
  • A political discussion.
  • A meeting of parents in a school.
  • A radio show.
  • Presenting a project.
  • Conferences
  • A political speech in a campaign.

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