Leona Vicar

Leona Vicario  is considered a heroine of the independence of Mexico . Her full name is Leona Vicario Fernández de San Salvador and she was the wife of the famous writer and politician Andrés Quintana Roo and dedicated her life to supporting the independence process. The Mexican Congress gave her the name of The Sweetest Mother of the Meritorious Nation . His full name is inscribed on the Wall of Honor in the San Lázaro Legislative Palace, seat of the Chamber of Deputies which is located in Mexico City.

Personal information

  • When was he born: 04/10/1789
  • Where he was born:  Mexico City, Mexico
  • When he died: 08/21/1842
  • Where he died:  Mexico City, Mexico

Who was Leona Vicario?

Leona Vicario was one of the women who obtained the greatest recognition during the war of the Mexican State to obtain Mexican independence . She was a very strong and independent woman, poet and journalist who managed to infiltrate the government of the Spanish viceroyalty .

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Biography of Leona Vicario

Leona Vicario was born on April 10, 1789 in Mexico City , daughter of very wealthy parents had the opportunity to study different subjects. His father was a merchant from Spain and his mother was from an equally wealthy family in San Salvador. She was pampered by her parents until she was 18, when they both died and left her in the care of her uncle , the lawyer Agustín Fernández de San Salvador Pompous . At that time Leona had already managed to acquire a good education and had learned science, art, painting, singing and literature . She was a very attractive, wealthy and educated woman. His uncle decided to give his niece in marriage to another lawyer namedOctavian Obregón ; Despite this situation, Leona was in love with Andrés Leone Quintana Roo , a law student who was a neighbor of Yucatán. Andrés asked for her hand to marry Leona, but her uncle refused and forced them to take different paths. Leona was saved from marrying Obregón when he was called to Spain before the marriage took place.

He was one of the first people to conspire in Mexico’s struggle for Independence , probably influenced by his friend, Andrés Quintana Roo. Before the Revolution began, he was already a member of the secret group known as the Guadalupes , whose members were secretly preparing for what they knew would be an arduous struggle for independence from Spain . In 1812, Leona sold her inheritance jewelry and some properties in order to pay for the manufacture of cannons and for a supply of ammunition . In March 1813, one of his letterssecrets was intercepted and Leona Vicario fled Mexico City in order to save her life. Leona was interrogated and confronted with evidence that incriminated her in the crimes of treason ; Despite this, Leona Vicario never revealed the names of her contacts, associates, their plans, or their locations. The Board of Inquisition confiscated all of her personal property and sentenced her to prison . She was imprisoned in the Belén de las Mochas convent .

In May 1813, after spending several months in prison, he received a visit from three colonial officials. These men were actually friends who had come to help her escape . His clandestine departure from Mexico City was at all times surrounded by drama and intrigue. In order to flee he had to disguise himself as a black woman , and once disguised he fled on a donkey. Once they were in the town of Tlapujaha, in Michoacán , they took her to a friend’s house. When she turned the corner into the main room, she found the man she loved, Andrés Quintana Roo . Some time later, they managed to get married and together they fought for the independence of Mexico.


After José María Morelos and Father Hidalgo were captured and executed, they offered forgiveness to Leona and her husband, which they refused. They lived their lives as revolutionary criminals and were forced to live in hiding and in very precarious circumstances. In 1817, Leona and Andrés had their first daughter , on March 14, 1818, the couple along with their daughter were captured by royalist troops . In order not to put her daughter’s life at risk, Leona accepted the forgiveness she had previously rejected. The couple had a second daughter whom they named Dolores . Dolores died in 1842 when he had 53 years old and his remains have been buried several times. She and her wife were buried together at the Independence Column in Mexico City.  In 2010, Leona Vicario’s remains were temporarily exhibited at Chapultepec Castle and later taken to the National Palace and placed in the National Gallery . She is the only woman who has received a Funeral from the Mexican State.

What did Leona Vicario do

Leona Vicario dedicated herself to giving the insurgents important information about the different movements that could be useful to them that were taking place in the capital . He fought without stopping to achieve the independence of his country

Famous quotes from Leona Vicario

  • In sports it is impossible to have a friend. Sooner or later, you end up facing him.
  • Study the sentences that seem true and question them.
  • Man and woman were born to love each other, but not to live together. The famous lovers of history always lived apart.
  • Man and woman are born to love each other; but not to live together. Someone has pointed out that famous lovers in history have always lived apart.
  • I write for the pleasure of writing, for myself alone, without any money or publicity purposes. In my poor life, so vulgar and quiet, phrases are adventures and I do not pick any other flowers than metaphors.

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