The biophysics is one of the many disciplines that are in charge of implementing and studying the different principles and methods used by the area of physics with the aim of finding solutions to the different biological problems that exist. It can be said that biophysics is a new science that emerged thanks to efforts to find instruments that could further study the structure of molecules .

What is biophysics?

Biophysics is a branch of physics that uses and applies different methods and theories in order to study the field of biology and in this way to increase and improve the knowledge in this area of ​​science.

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  • What do you study
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Definition of biophysics

To give a good definition of biophysics, it is important to remember that biology is a science that is responsible for conducting studies on life, the living beings that inhabit the planet and all its development processes such as reproduction and nutrition. On the other hand, physics is a science that studies the different laws that govern nature and both sciences are closely related. It can be said then that biophysics is a discipline that is based on the application of the techniques and theories of physics within the area of biology. .

Biophysics is a part or area of ​​the field of physics that has the ability to generate a large amount of knowledge that is of great interest to science, specifically in the field of biology. It is also a field that is responsible for studying the various physical laws that make organisms work properly.

What do you study

This science is responsible for studying the different types of links that exist between the science that studies living beings and the laws that are responsible for regulating the way in which nature can behave. It studies each of the parts that intervene in the physical and chemical processes that allow the proper functioning of organisms. Through their studies and analysis, it is possible to understand and describe the processes through which different organisms are capable of obtaining food , the way in which they can communicate and how they reproduce .

He studies life at all its levels of organization , from the atoms that make it up to the molecules and cells that organisms have. He also studies the environment to create new study tools in order to understand the way in which the various biological systems that exist work and function.

Branches of biophysics

In the field of biophysics you can find different branches, each with its corresponding characteristics. These branches are as follows:


Biomechanics is a branch of biophysics that is responsible for conducting studies on mechanical and kinematic phenomena that allow the movement of living beings. Study all those physical actions that an organism can perform as well as its effects and structural responses that occur in the different parts of the body.


It focuses on the study of the forms of behavior related to the communication of animals through the use of sound signals and is a very important part of studies in areas such as biology and ecology because sounds play a very important role in allow recognition and understanding of biological diversity.


They are the laws and principles of electrical physics that allow studies of bioelectric phenomena that occur within the body, such as the transfer of nerve impulses and the contraction that occurs in the fibers of the body’s muscles.


It involves the study of the biological action produced by radiation on matter, in other words, it is a science whose function is the study of the effects that can be caused when living beings or tissues are exposed to radiation.


It is a science that uses lasers and optics in the field of biology and medicine in order to be able to carry out diagnoses that are not invasive and to be able to monitor living beings adequately to detect different types of diseases, for example, they can be mention devices such as endoscopes and biosensors.


It is responsible for analyzing and studying the processes that are related to the absorption , transformation and delivery of energy to biological systems. It is a type of alternative therapy and psychotherapeutic support to treat diseases that are produced due to the bad combination of physical, energetic and mental factors.


The applications of biophysics are actually many and all of them turn out to be of great importance to humans. Thanks to it, you can get to know the different processes that exist in gene transfer . It is used to help identify different types of problems or abnormalities in DNA and proteins . It also helps to prevent or treat some types of serious diseases such as cancer and in addition, it can also be applied in obtaining information and understanding all evolutionary processes .


Biophysics is a science of great importance for humanity because it is responsible for applying different techniques of physics to understand the way in which the biological structure of living beings works as well as the function of the molecules that make them up. An area that seeks to determine the specific structure of molecules and the way in which they are assembled.

It is of relevance for biology , physics and engineering , also including the field of medicine, because through its experiments different types of tools can be created that are based on the principles established to analyze the way in which molecules act. Thanks to it, for example, high-resolution optical microscopes, energy scalpels and many artificial organs have been created.

Featured Biophysicists

Many scientists have devoted themselves to the study of biophysics, and many universities offer the option as an educational career. Some of the most prominent biophysicists worldwide are:

  • Carlos Bustamante , a professor at the University of California who won the Vilcek Prize for Biomedical Sciences. An immigrant who has managed to succeed thanks to his discoveries in the field of science.
  • Hugh Herr, an American biophysicist.
  • Margarita Salas , the only woman who has even been placed in favorite positions of juries that give awards to science and biophysics.
  • Mario Luxoro , a Chilean biophysicist who won the National Science Prize thanks to his contributions related to the study of the importance of proteins in nerve impulses.


Some of the most important and interesting books that explain biophysics are:

  • Biophysics of Health Sciences by Daniel Salomón Rivero
  • Essential Biophysics by Carlos Alberto Mourao and Dimitri Marques
  • Biophysics and Cellular Physiology by the author Llinas Rodolfo
  • Biophysics by Ramón Latorre, Francisco Bezanilla, José Barneo and Rodolfo LInás

Examples in everyday life

Biophysics can be applied in everyday life in medical activities such as treatments for cancer and other diseases. It also helps control metabolism levels . It is also used to study atoms in proteins, which helps scientists study the different processes that occur in the human body.

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