The weightlifting is an Olympic sport that is also commonly known as lifting weights or weightlifting . In this type of sport the main objective is to lift a bar from the ground to pass it over the head. Athletes who play this type of sport are called weightlifters . It includes a great mental and physical strength on the part of the athletes who practice it, … Read more

Grass hockey

The hockey on grass also known by the name hockey or hockey on grass is a sport in which a game is between two opposing teams, each of these has teams of eleven players competing with the objective of introducing a ball into the goal of the opposing team (what is known as a goal ) with the help of a stick or stick , … Read more


Also known as “ wingsuit ” , wingfly , a new form of skydiving , has been ranking among the best extreme sports today. This sports discipline allows the person who practices it to do a type of glide through the air with an average speed of around 160 kilometers per hour. This activity consists of planning on the edge of a mountain using a suit that … Read more

Modern Pentathlon

The modern pentathlon is an Olympic sports discipline in which the active participation of athletes is given in five different tests which take place in succession and have an order for their realization, in this way, athletes must participate in sports such as the fencing , swimming , horse riding , the sport shooting and foot race . This now modernized sport is also a symbolic sportof the Olympic games, since the … Read more

Relay Race

The  relay race  or post race , as it is also known in some parts of the world, is the race that is done on foot, usually run by teams of four members, although there may be more, and in which each member of the team is He is in charge of running a certain distance, passing a tube called … Read more

Javelin Throw

The javelin throw is an athletic event where a javelin is thrown, which is made of regulatory materials such as metal or fiberglass . The main objective of the javelin throw is to throw it as far as possible. This technique dates back thousands of years, when in ancient times, the javelin was used as a hunting and fishing instrument, it was an instrument of survival. Javelin throwing … Read more

Discus Throwing

The discus is a discipline of the athletics whose main goal is to throw an object with certain weight and known as circular disc, the greatest distance possible. This practice is located within the field tests and consists of a turn and a half that the athlete must give on his own axis . It is considered one of the oldest disciplines and can be practiced … Read more

Long Jump

The long jump is a test used in the athletics category . The test consists of traveling as much distance as possible on a horizontal plane after a race. It is one of the most spontaneous sports gestures that exist in sports today. So we can say that the jump consists of making a single jump forward, taking off with one leg after the momentum generated by … Read more

Hammer Throw

The sport known as hammer throwing is a sport that belongs to the branch of athletics in which a metallic object called a hammer is thrown at a certain distance, using both hands within a throwing circle . This practice is considered one of the most difficult in the field of sport and can be practiced by both men and women. Hammer Throw The hammer … Read more


The judo is a sport of extreme fighting and quite dynamic that requires both a wide skill physics and great mental discipline that originated in Japan. From a simple foot position, which involves a series of techniques that will allow you to lift and throw their opponents, place and achieve the submission of the opponent . The word judo is derived from the term Jujitsu , which means the art of attacking others or … Read more