The Zionism is a kind of ideology of such religious , political and segregation Jewish proposed at a time when the creation of Israel as a state promoting the passage of the Jews to the city of Palestine , considered until today as the promised land . This movement is considered one of the most aggressive and discriminatory ideologies that exist today, despite this, they managed to successfully establish the Jewish homeland in Israel.


What is Zionism?

Zionism is a type of nationalist movement of Jewish origin that seeks to create and support the Jewish State in Palestine , considered the homeland of the Jews. A movement that is not really of a religious nature and that affirms that the Jews are not an ordinary people and that is why they must be together.

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Zionism is a movement whose main objective is to establish the presence of Jews in Israel . For them, the Jewish people are not the same as others, they are different and for this reason, they seek a way that all its members can unite in a single homeland. It is a nationalist movement that seeks the establishment of a state that is national in Palestine .


Characteristics of Zionism

Among the main characteristics of Zionism the following can be mentioned:

  • The movement seeks the return of the Jewish people to their original homeland.
  • They seek to establish a state where all Jewish citizens can enjoy their rights.
  • For them, educating their inhabitants based on Jewish law is paramount.
  • Only the Hebrew language is used .
  • They seek to establish responsibility and conscience in the Hebrew nation and with the Jews who are not in their homeland.
  • It supports that the Jewish religion is established in the town like the Hebrew culture .
  • It is also known by the name of Jewish nationalism .
  • In the military aspect, it is characterized by using violence to conquer Palestinian territories.
  • It has genocidal policies that are known worldwide.


At the end of the 19th century , Zionism emerged in Europe . Although the fundamental philosophies of this movement have existed for hundreds of years, the modern movement of the movement gained strength during this century, mainly when they had to face an anti-Semitism that grew more and more every day.

History of Zionism

The Jews have been a people who have lived in exile for many years and according to the beliefs of Judaism , they have a land promised by God, Israel . In the mid-nineteenth century, the Jewish religion began to secularize when it came into contact with some ideological currents in Europe such as liberalism and socialism . In the 20th century, this movement was gaining followers every day and when the Holocaust ended, it was the movement that predominated among the Jews.

In this way modern Zionism was born and was established as a political organization by Theodor Herzl in 1897. Herzl was a man who dedicated himself to journalism and who firmly believed that the Jews should have a nation of their own in order to survive so that requested the political recognition of the Jewish homeland, which in that year was Palestine . He was president of the World Zionist Organization and organized the First Zionist Congress for what is considered the father of modern Zionism .

In 1948 the State of Israel was created and with it the Arab-Israeli war began , which caused a massive exodus of Palestinians. Despite the fact that Palestine had been divided into two states, the State of Israel that received the largest amount of land did not want to conform so easily and therefore decided to continue with the expansion, causing the occupation of several Palestinian neighborhoods and small towns, thereby inducing a large number of fugitive Palestinians . This situation caused the peasants to be expropriated of their lands by the Zionists and many institutions had to provide them with basic services so that they could live.


There are three types of Zionism in the world, these are:

Political zionism

It was created by Theodor Herzl and arose out of a desire to establish a Jewish state that would follow modern policies, in other words, a place where diplomacy and international policies are respected in order to form a country for the Jews.

Religious zionism

This movement has existed for thousands of years since King Nebuchadnezzar II destroyed the temple of the Jews by exiling them to Babylon , it was at that moment that the people began to yearn for their return to the promised land.

Practical socialist zionism

It sought to achieve the formation of a Jewish state with greater speed and they considered that the only way to achieve this was to considerably increase Jewish immigration . This movement was responsible for the Second Aliya, in other words, the second immigration in large numbers of Jews to Palestine.

Christian zionism

This movement supports the establishment of the State of Israel as the only true homeland of the Jews, they are based on biblical passages that establish that this people will return as a promise to the promised land , Jerusalem .

How it differs from Judaism

The main difference is that Zionism is considered as a political movement that seeks to establish a new state for the Jewish people, that seeks and defends a capitalist model that is also militarized, with fascist tendencies. On the other hand, Judaism is based on the tradition and religion of the Jewish people, it is not a political movement but it is only a monotheistic religious movement that has managed to adapt to the current world.

This confusion has brought very bloody wars and has left thousands of people dead because political Zionism has been in charge of creating wars with the name of “divine mandate” , something considered completely false by Judaism.

Importance of Zionism

Zionism has its importance in the desire to achieve freedom and equity for its people, however, due to its beliefs it has also been the origin for a series of armed conflicts that have put the lives of the people who inhabit it in great danger. place.


One of the main criticisms made of this political movement is its ideology full of racism and intolerance that has caused thousands of innocent victims in the Middle East. Although those responsible for this situation have been mainly the Palestinian Liberation movements and the State of Israel , the latter still does not accept the situation and seeks different ways to justify the genocide that they have caused over the years.


Among its main representatives the following characters are mentioned:

  • Theodor Herzl , journalist and political activist of Jewish origin who founded modern Zionism and who founded the Zionist Organization thereby promoting the immigration of Jews to Palestine.
  • Dov Ver Borojov , a Jew born in Ukraine considered the founder of socialist Zionism.
  • Moses Hess , a philosopher of Jewish origin who is considered to be the forerunner of socialist Zionism.
  • Joseph Trumpeldor , a Zionist activist who helped organize the Jewish Legion and bring Jewish immigrants to Palestine.

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