Yuri Gagarin


Scientists and astronomers have wanted to conquer space since time immemorial and the first man to fly into space was Yuri Gagarin . On April 12, 1961, Gagarin made the first space flight , a flight that lasted only 108 minutes and circled the Earth. He became a hero in the Soviet Union after his flight, and is still celebrated today in museums, with statues and busts around the country.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 03/09/1934
  • Where he was born: Klúshino, Russia
  • When he died: 03/27/1968
  • Where he died: Novoselovo, Russia

Who was Yuri Gagarin?

Yuri Gagarin was a renowned cosmonaut who managed to complete the first flight into space in Vostok I on April 12, 1961 in a small capsule with a spherical shape that managed to remove it from the atmosphere by releasing it into a vacuum.


Yuri Gagarin biography

Yuri Gagarin was born on March 9, 1934 in a town located several miles from Moscow. He began to study when he was a child, but, due to the start of the Second World War, he had to suspend them. He managed to graduate from a trade school in 1951 and later continued his studies in Saratov , at an industrial school while at the same time studying to be a pilot. After completing his studies, he entered the Air Force of the Soviet Union in Orenburg.


Shortly thereafter, Yuri Gagarin began to develop a love for cosmonautics , applying as a pilot in the field. At just 27 years old, he was selected from a large group of fighter pilots thanks to his exposure to acceleration forces and the ejection mechanism. In 1960, he was appointed as a member of the Communist Party .


His death was a real tragedy for the people of Moscow and for the Soviet Union. Yuri Gagarin died in a plane crash alongside another pilot on March 27, 1968 while conducting a series of tests with a jet fighter plane . Regarding his death there were several more theories, one of them said that the accident had been caused while Gagarin tried to avoid colliding with a weather balloon .

Other versions claimed that he had suffered a heart attack when the cabin was depressurized and there was even talk of a technical failure of the plane that impacted his. Today, his ashes are still resting on the Kremlin walls .


Yuri Gagarin received his education at different technical schools in Saratov which had a flying club which he joined. In 1957 he managed to join the Soviet Air Forces where he managed to finish his studies and graduate as a pilot, also reaching the rank of lieutenant . He finished his studies at the Military School of Pilots located in the city of Orenburg.

Yuri Gagarin’s space race

His space career began when he was selected to participate in the AeroClub where he learned to fly light aircraft and in 1955 he began training at the Military Pilots School located in Orenburg. In 1960, the Soviet Union made the decision to send a man into outer space and thus began a selection process, leaving Yuri Gagarin as the winner after participating in several experiments developed in order to test the resistance and strength of the pilots. .

In 1961, Gagarin became the first man to fly into space when he was launched into orbit in the Vostok 3KA-3 or Vostok 1 as it is commonly known. Later, Gagarin dedicated himself to work as a lieutenant colonel because the Soviet Union did not want to risk his life.

What is it famous for?

Yuri Gagarin is famous worldwide for being the first man who was launched into outer space in a small, spherical capsule that managed to remove it from the atmosphere by releasing it into the space vacuum, completing a complete orbit around planet Earth.


He married in 1957 with Valentina Goryacheva .


His father was a carpenter and his name was Alexei Ivanovich Gagarin and his mother who worked on a farm was Anna Timofeyevna.


Her daughter was named Yelena Yurievna Gagarina and her second daughter, Galina Gagarina .

Acknowledgments to Yuri Gagarin

After landing on Earth, Gagarin had his first important recognition as he was expected by thousands of people who paid him honor in Moscow’s Red Square . He was appointed as the Commander of the Department of Cosmonauts .

After his death, the city known as Gzhatsk changed its name to Gagarin , as a way of honoring the pilot. Yuri Gagarin was also awarded one of the most important awards in the Soviet Union, the Order of Lenin . He was also honored as a Hero at the Kremlin Wall Necropolis in recognition.


Yuri Gagarin, in addition to being important for being the first man to travel to space , managed to make the Soviet Union ahead of its greatest opponents in the space field, the Americans , thus becoming a true legend worldwide. He also managed to make his country take the lead by becoming the most important man of the decade.

Presence in popular culture

In popular culture, the story of this famous man can be read in a biography which was written by his brother in which more information about the life of the first human being who managed to reach space can be learned. You can also see some details of his flight in the movie titled Gagarin, the First in Space .


After he made his trip, Yuri Gagarin was banned from making any more flights , this because the Soviet Union did not want to risk the life of the pilot by being considered a national hero , ironically, this was the way in which the hero passed away. The city of Klushino was baptized in his name in 1968 , the same year of his fateful death. The place from which the pilot was launched into space is still being used for the same purpose.

Their journey lasted a total of 108 minutes , enough time for Gagarin to be able to circle the Earth in its orbit. On landing, the pilot was ejected when he was about to make contact with Earth. Finally, many believe that his death was not an accident but a conspiracy because they claim that the plane he was piloting had mechanical failures .

He had a scar on his face around his eye which was caused when, fleeing from his wife who was looking for him, he threw himself off a balcony so that she would not realize that he was with another woman . On the balcony there were some railings in which he became entangled and fell, hitting his head against the ground, also causing serious head trauma and fracturing several of his bones.

Yuri Gagarin quotes

Some of the most recognized phrases of Yuri Gagarin worldwide are mentioned below:

  • Everything that I have done and lived has been done and lived for this very moment.
  • Don’t be afraid, I’m one of us, I’m a Soviet who came down from space, and I need to find a phone to call Moscow. (phrase he said after landing from space in a small town where he was mistaken for an alien).
  • I looked and looked but couldn’t see God.

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