Wright Brothers


In the world of aviation, many have been pioneers and have occupied a very important place in the history of this means of transport. Two of the most recognized characters in this field were the Wright brothers who managed to take off from Earth not only because of their great knowledge in practical physics but also because of their working method , men who were characterized by their great ingenuity, by their high level of observation and by its methodology .


Why are they famous?

For building the first airplane with an engine capable of flying

Who were the Wright Brothers?

Wilbur and Orville Wright , best known as the Wright brothers were two renowned inventors American aviation pioneers who achieved the first flight of aircraft with engine , sustained and controlled .

  • What the wright brothers did
  • Biography of the Wright brothers
  • Inventions of the Wright brothers
  • First flight
  • Importance
  • Phrases
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  • Presence in popular culture
  • Curiosities about the Wright brothers

What the wright brothers did

The Wright brothers were the creators of a functional method that led them to design and build at the beginning of the 20th century, the first glider in history , thus becoming the pioneers of aviation worldwide. Thanks to their research skills and their curiosity, they managed to discover what were the physical principles that would make man take off from Earth and remain suspended in the air.


Biography of the Wright brothers

Orville Wright was born in 1871 in the city of Dayton and Wilbur was born in the city of Millville in 1867 . His parents, Milton Wright and Susan Catherine Koerner Wright . Both received basic education that included elementary and high school, however, thanks to their natural instincts, they managed to become empirical engineers . Orville stood out as a cyclist and this, together with his brother founded a business where they repaired bicycles, the Wright Cycle Co . However, they always showed great passion forplanes and because of this, they also dedicated their lives to doing various research on flight.


They also founded a printing company and conducted various investigations related to the flight. Taking into account various contributions made by other renowned researchers, they decided to start a project to build biplane- type kites and gliders , which little by little were perfected through the introduction of various elements such as the horizontal elevator , the ailerons and the vertical rudder. .

After their invention, the brothers began to have great recognition worldwide. Many of their inventions were exhibited both on the European and American continents and then they founded the American Wright Company in 1912, a company of which Orville assumed the direction until 1915, at which time he decided to sell his shares to dedicate his entire life to aeronautical research and later work as a consulting engineer. Orville died in 1948 while Wilbur in 1912.

Inventions of the Wright brothers

The main invention is attributed to the brothers was the realization of the first flight to engine , extended and verified . Also they created one propeller which had four cylinders of 12 CV which was cooled using water which could move the propellers that propelled through a chain drive .

They also perfected the entire control system including a rudder that had a mobile type steering which worked by means of a rotating flap that was responsible for compensating the resistance that was caused by the extreme system of the aileron. They also devised all parts including the apparatus had all airfoils , the control flight , the engine , the catapult of takeoff and propellers .

They also created a type of installation which today is known as a wind tunnel in 1901 in which they could test all the aerodynamic characteristics that they themselves built. They also invented a flying machine that measured 9.76 meters and 1.52 meters of rope which was also equipped with a tail upright double , which was fundamental part for the subsequent construction of the airplane to which he also added a engine of internal combustion.

First flight

After several inventions, studies and analysis, the Wright brothers achieved a first flight. This took place on October 17, 1903 and aboard the aircraft was the youngest of the brothers, Orville . This first flight only lasted 12 seconds and managed to travel a total of 36 meters, but despite its short duration, it set the main precedent for the entire aeronautical industry of the 20th century. Two years later, on October 5, 1905 , he managed to make his invention stay in the air for 40 minutes and also manage to travel a distance of more than 35 kilometers .


The groundbreaking inventions of the Wright brothers captured the innovative spirit of virtually everyone and were paramount in the field of aviation . Even today, his methods still illustrate the importance of experimentation during the invention process . His great contribution on turning controls through roll was one of his main contributions as they laid the foundations for aircraft that were heavier than air. The impact of the Wright brothers in the 20th century is incalculable. All successful aircraft have incorporated the basic design elements of the Wright FlyerIt was manufactured in 1903. His inventions had an immense impact not only on the military , but on the entire culture , including technology , art, and literature .


Some of the most recognized phrases are mentioned below:

  • What is mainly needed is skill rather than machinery.
  • Men can become wise, as well as richer, primarily by what they keep than by what they receive.
  • It is possible to fly without engines but not without knowledge and skill.
  • The plane stays up because it doesn’t have time to fall.
  • If birds can glide for long periods of time, then why can’t I?
  • The person who is limited to observing the flight of a bird believes that the bird has nothing to think about other than the flapping of its wings. Actually, it is a small part of your mental work. Even mentioning all the things the bird must think about to fly safely through the air would take us a considerable chunk of the afternoon.


The Wright brothers received important awards and honors on many occasions. Some of these awards were presented to Wilbur posthumously after his death in 1912:

  • Congressional Medal of Honor , awarded June 17, 1909.
  • Michelin d’Aviation Coupe , awarded in January 1909.
  • Langley Medal , awarded on February 10, 1910.
  • Legion of Honor , awarded June 20, 1909.
  • Collier Trophy , awarded on February 3, 1914.
  • Albert Medal of the Royal Society of the Arts (in Great Britain), awarded on October 27, 1917.
  • Washington Prize , awarded on June 1, 1927.
  • Distinguished Service Medal , conferred on March 29, 1932.
  • Aviation Hall of Fame , consecrated in December 1962.

Presence in popular culture

Today, the history of the Wright brothers has transcended the barrier of time and continues to be important today. A miniseries was created by the famous HBO channel in which the story of the pioneers of aviation is told. The film called ” The Wright Brothers ” was an American production in 1971 which also tells of the great feat of the brothers. The book ” The Wright Brothers ” written by David McCullough was also made in which the story of the brothers is told.

Curiosities about the Wright brothers

Some curiosities of the Wright brothers are mentioned below:

  • Before inventing the first airplane, the brothers were dedicated to selling bicycles .
  • Although they did not have much technical but rather empirical knowledge , they managed to become aviation experts.
  • They invented the wind tunnel in which they tested airplanes.
  • His invention was rejected initially by the army of the United States .

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