The fight is one of the combat sports most famous and common occurring globally. When it comes to fighting, it refers to a type of combat sport in which the wrestlers try to bring their opponent to the ground through the use of different projection techniques, with melee being the most important combat in this discipline. There are several types of fighting styles and one of them is wrestling.


What is wrestling?

The wrestling is a type of sport in which participants try to defeat the opponents by using different types of keys and projection techniques.


What does it consist of

Wrestling basically consists of defeating the opponent , for this, the competitors use a great variety of techniques and keys with the main objective of being able to make the opponent fall to the ground and at the same time achieve that both shoulders remain fixed on the fight mat so that the referee can be close and give the victory.


Characteristics of wrestling

Its main characteristics are:

  • The main element of attack and defense are the legs.
  • It is a sport that has practically no restrictions .
  • It is characterized by being a high performance sport .
  • It uses a large number of projections .
  • It is known by the name of wrestling .
  • It also combines combat techniques with the performing arts .

What is it for

Wrestling is a type of sport that is used to win fights but it is also a means of entertainment for many who love this discipline. It is a style that manages to maintain a very good physical condition in those who practice it because it improves strength despite the great risks that it entails.


Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat that exists. The origins of fighting date back 15,000 years and could be seen in reliefs made by the Babylonians and Egyptians that showed wrestlers using most of the grips known in today’s sport. The literary references are found even in the Old Testament and in the ancient Vedas Indians . In ancient Greece , fighting was important in legend and literature ; wrestling competition, was the main sport of the ancient Olympics. The ancient Romans also practiced Greek fighting, but removed much of its brutality.

During the Middle Ages , wrestling remained popular and enjoyed the patronage of many royal families. The amateur wrestling flourished during the early years of the colonies American and became a popular activity. The first organized national wrestling tournament was held in New York City in 1888 . Wrestling has also been an event in all modern Olympic Games since the 1904 games.


The basics of wrestling are mentioned below:

  • Posture and first contact .
  • Moorings that are needed in order to gain advantage in position.
  • Final shots that require a lot of technique.


The most important thing to know about the rules of professional wrestling is that they can be changed , ignored , invented or broken at any time. However, general guidelines exist, for example, most parties have a limit duration of 20 minutes . The standard way to win a match is by pinfall . You may hear that a match was “one-fall” or “three-fall.” A one-fail means that whoever has their shoulders pinned to the mat for a count of three loses the match.

Fighters can also lose by submission when the opponent makes a maneuver that locks the other fighter in a painful position. In the end, the wrestler will signal to the referee that the pain is too much and will simply give up. Sometimes wrestlers are disqualified when players are out of the ring for too long, use a foreign object, or get help from another wrestler.


The categories of the Libra fight are:

  • Weight categories for seniors (over 18) are: 57 kg; 61 kg; 65 kg; 70 kg; 74 kg; 79 kg; 86 kg; 92 kg; 97 kg; 125 kg.
  • Weight categories for youth (17-20) are: 57 kg; 61 kg; 65 kg; 70 kg; 74 kg; 79 kg; 86 kg; 92 kg; 97 kg; 125 kg.
  • Weight categories for cadets (15-17) are: 41-45 kg; 48 kg; 51 kg; 55 kg; 60 kg; 65 kg; 71 kg; 80 kg; 92 kg; 110 kg.
  • Weight categories for schoolchildren (13-15) are: 34-38 kg; 41 kg; 44 kg; 48 kg; 52 kg; 57 kg; 62 kg; 68 kg; 75 kg; 85 kg.


Wrestling is a dynamic , intense and combative sport that requires dexterity and tactical skills to succeed. Wrestlers need a high level of physical condition as maximum strength , aerobic endurance , anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity are required . For this reason, it is important to improve the functional capacity of each of these physiological qualities.


The warm-ups before practicing this exercise, whether professionally or as an amateur, are of the utmost importance, especially because the body needs to prepare adequately before dealing with the large number of movements and adrenaline that this sport contains. Ideally, you should warm up for between 15 and 20 minutes.


Among the main techniques of wrestling are the following:

  • Standing technique to place the opponent in a dangerous position.
  • Wide-ranging technique which is performed standing up but fails to place the opponent in a dangerous position.
  • Wide foot technique that manages to place the opponent in a dangerous position.
  • Techniques that are considered illegal but do not disqualify the competitor until he commits three of them.


This type of sport does not have colored belts as other martial arts techniques do. What he does have is a belt that the person who is declared champion wins.


Equipment necessary to be able to practice wrestling is the following:

  • Head protector: it is one of the main parts of the equipment necessary to practice wrestling and all participants must use it. It is also known by the name of earmuffs since it has two padded covers that are responsible for covering the ears to prevent injuries in this area.
  • Knee pads : although not everyone uses them, knee pads are an important part of the wrestler’s equipment to prevent this area of ​​the body from becoming inflamed and injured.
  • Mouth guards : these guards take care of the teeth, cheeks, lips and tongue.
  • Wrestling t-shirt : this is a garment that actually consists of a single piece that covers the entire torso of the wrestler and also has straps on it. It is made of nylon and it is mandatory to use it when participating in tournaments.
  • Fighting shoes : they must be made of a soft and light material.

Wrestling for women

Wrestling for women is a dramatic representation of the sport and is organized through federations known as promotions , some of which are exclusively for women. It is practiced mainly in countries such as Canada , Mexico , the United Kingdom and the United States . This sport was accepted for women in the 80s and that managed to make an important difference for the female gender.

Olympic wrestling

In this case, it is a type of sport in which the participants try to defeat the rivals without using blows , so the main objective of Olympic wrestling is to be able to beat the combat by knocking down the opponent and keeping the shoulders of the The same on the canvas for a sufficient time for the referee to verify that the established time has been met.

Mexican wrestling

Mexican wrestling is a style of Olympic wrestling practiced in Mexico that is characterized mainly by a different bracketing style that is done flush with the canvas and also in an aerial way . The term Mexican is used because it includes a series of different stunts , rules and folklore that are typical of the country. It is a mix of sport and various theatrical sequences characterized by fast submission styles , dangerous jumps outside the ring and most of its wrestlers wear hide your true identity thus creating a unique and special personality .


There are several benefits that wrestling can produce, however it is important to mention that it is a high-risk sport, especially if you do not have the necessary experience to practice it. This sport has the ability to significantly improve strength , to enhance muscles , improve physical condition and flexibility , improve coordination and tone the body and also improve the self – esteem of the participants.


The disadvantages of wrestling are closely related to the risks that this type of sport can bring. A bad move , a bad fall or a punishment that is badly applied and that gets out of control can cause a series of injuries and even death . These injuries can cause band fighters to put their careers aside when they are unable to recover from a hit or injury.


Among the main representatives of wrestling worldwide the following are mentioned:

  • Bruno Sammartino
  • Hulk hogan
  • John Cena
  • Pedro Morales
  • Randy orton
  • Steve Austin
  • AJ Styles
  • Shawn michaels
  • The Rock

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