wormhole is basically a theoretical passage through space and time that could create shortcuts for long journeys through the universe . Wormholes are predicted by the theory of general relativity . But wormholes are supposed to bring with them the dangers of sudden collapse, high radiation, and dangerous contact with exotic matter about which we have no information.


What is a wormhole?

The wormhole is a tunnel that is responsible for connecting two different points between space and time , which in other words we can define as a tunnel to two parallel universes.


Wormhole theory:

The theory of wormholes first emerged in the year 1916 , although that was not the name they had at the time. In revising the equations in the theory of relativity General of Albert Einstein , the Austrian physicist Ludwig Flamm realized that it was possible another solution. He described a ” white hole ,” a theoretical time reversal of a black hole . The entrances to both black and white holes could be connected by a conduit connecting space-time . In 1935, Einstein and the physicist Nathan Rosen used the theory of general relativityto elaborate the idea of ​​the holes, proposing the existence of a kind of bridges through space and time, and according to the theory, the holes connected two worlds through hyperspace , a dimension that had been created from the distortion of time and gravity. These bridges were responsible for connecting two different points in space-time, theoretically they were capable of creating a shortcut that could reduce travel time and distance . The shortcuts were called Einstein-Rosen bridges , or wormholes.



The wormhole was born thanks to John Wheeler in 1957. He thought that like a worm going through an apple, the phenomenon of reaching another world could be explained. The story is based on the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridge , first given by Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen in 1935. These paths, called Einstein-Rosen bridges or wormholes, according to scientists can connect two different points .

Wormhole types:

According to scientists and theory, there are two types of wormholes:

  • Intra-universe wormholes that connect one position in a universe with another position in the same universe, but located at a different time . They can connect distant positions in the universe through space-time folding , which would allow travel in less time than it would take to travel through normal space.
  • The inter-universe wormholes associate one universe with a totally different one and are called and are also called Schwarzschild wormholes . This type of could be used to travel from one universe to another parallel .
  • There has also been talk of another type of classification, the Euclidean wormholes , the Lorentz wormholes , mainly studied in general relativity and in gravity, the Schwarzschild wormhole , the Reissner-Nordstrøm or Kerr-Newman black hole. , which and the Lorentz wormhole, which has negative mass and which could direct travel to the past and future.

Wormholes to travel through time:

In theory, wormholes are able to take us on journeys through the space and the time by the dilation of the relative time , which would result in a mouth into the hole. Time passes in a different way through the hole with respect to the outside, in such a way that anything that manages to enter through this mouth could come out at a different time point than the first. However, it is considered impossible to turn a wormhole into a time machine. These trips would be made at the speed of light, but using a shortcut provided by the same holes. The object would then be able to pass through the wormhole and reach its destination before a beam of light could travel that same distance. Time travel has been demonstrated by means of the general theory of relativity from the point of view of quantum theory .

Stephen Hawking and Wormholes:

The physicist has made a series of descriptions of wormholes. According to his theory, these exist everywhere and are presented by means of the quantum foam that is around us. For him, the only problem with time travel is that the holes are too small for a person or a ship to reach into them.

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