In the world of sports there are several types of sports that are carried out in the water, specifically in the sea and one of the most recognized activities worldwide is known as windsurfing or windsurfing , an incredible discipline that combines the sea, the wind and water as their main tools.


What is windsurfing?

The windsurf is a kind of sport that is based on a variation of the surf , a sport that is based on displacement of the water after rising to a table that also incorporates a candle.


What does it consist of

The windsurf is a sport that basically involves the displacement of the water by means of a table which also has a candle . It implies being able to learn to dominate the waves of the sea as well as the wind and then be able to dominate the board and get the most out of it.


Windsurfing characteristics

Among its main characteristics are the following:

  • It was first practiced in the United States and later spread to other countries.
  • Different types of stunts can be performed while in the water.
  • It reaches quite surprising speeds .
  • Use the momentum of the wind to keep the board sailing in the water.
  • They are used flags , windsocks and appreciation individually to know the address.
  • In order to leave the shore, when the participant pulls the sail it must be done against the wind .


It is said that the history of windsurfing was born when some men from California tried to incorporate a sail to a surfboard , once they succeeded, they were able to perform a variety of stunts on the board which they continue to improve and improvise today.

Who invented it

Windsurfing was invented by surfer Tom Blake but it was Naomí and Neman Darby who later managed to invent the windsurf board.

How to windsurf

Windsurfing is actually a very simple type of sport to do and easy to learn. You can learn various techniques and maneuvers that will make the practice a relatively simple activity. To do this, it is also necessary to know what equipment is needed and the basic aspects of the sport such as maintaining balance in the water and using the rig , fundamental aspects of the activity.

Basically, the participant must enter the water and then must try to stand on the board, then pull the mast towards himself with the windsurfing trapeze and then maintain balance . Then you must maintain that balance while controlling the wind at the same time . The mast should be held with both hands and allowed to swing. The neck should also be kept straight and then feel the harmony with the wind.


The fundamentals of windsurfing are based on the techniques that must be learned and on the different safety measures.


In this type of sport there are several types of modalities which are classified and determined depending on the length of the sail and the table. These competitions are as follows:

  • Long distance competition and slalom : in this type of competition the main objective is to reach the finish line first . On the route, you must complete a route that has been previously marked with buoys and navigates with the wind in your favor.
  • Wave, waves and freestyle : these competitions take place in the sea and it is one of the most famous modalities. Normally, the waves here are one meter high and the wind usually has a speed of 25 kilometers per hour . You can do jumps, surf-related moves and turns.
  • Freestyle : it is also called freestyle and can be done in lakes and ponds . In them you can perform acrobatic movements in succession and it has two more styles, the old and the modern. It is evaluated by three judges who rate the artistic quality and the technical difficulty .
  • Olympic circuit : it takes place on a marked track that has two or four buoys and the participants use the same board. There are series of 3 to 12 heats which last approximately 20 and 60 minutes .


Some of the categories of windsurfing are mentioned below.

  • Formula : The boards are approximately one meter on a side, the fins are large and the sails are usually more than 9 m2.
  • RS: X : is the Olympic representation of windsurfing. All participants compete with the same boat and have the same sail size so there is a level playing field.
  • Wave : it is one of the most fun to watch. Boaters surf the waves with tricks and jumps and earn separate points for themselves.


The rules of windsurfing are mentioned as follows:

  • The participant who enters the water will have priority over the one who comes after him on the shore.
  • Before being able to carry out a maneuver , a free zone must be found in the direction of the wind.
  • The navigator who is mobilizing has priority.
  • The participant with the right hand in front will have the surface.
  • The person who bathes in the sea always has the preference , then the surfer and then the windsurfer .
  • When jumping into a wave, the windsurfer has higher priority than the surfer.

Windsurfing techniques

It is important to know the technique of windsurfing so that navigation can be done in an easier way. The first technique is known as hoisting the rig, which if not well executed could cause back pain and lower back pain. To start it, the board must be placed in a perpendicular position to the direction of the wind and the sail, the feet must be placed one on each side of the masts and both hands will take the halyard., the legs are flexed and the back should be straight. Then, the weight of the body should be dropped towards the back, pressing the halyard in a higher part with the legs.

The second technique is the initial basic position that is made after the rigging is finished. It should be done with the arms outstretched , the back should be straight , the ankles and knees slightly bent on each side of the mast and separated at the same height as the shoulders. This is the position you need to be able to start sailing .

Subsequently, you start sailing , the bow hand must cross over the stern and the hand releases the halyard and holds the rig with the bow on the boom. The stern leg flexes a bit to counteract the pull. The mast is tilted in direction to the forward and pulling the sail with the hand of the stern so that it stops flaming , then it equilibrates is mast way vertically in order to be able to follow a straight line .


The windsurfing board can have different measures which depend on the type of modality or competition that is practiced. The largest ones can reach 3.50 meters while the most common measure 3 meters . It consists of a fin which is responsible for giving it stability in terms of direction and has a rail where the mast is placed to achieve balance on the table.


The equipment needed to practice windsurfing is the following:

  • Windsurf board : similar to a surf board . Its size varies between 2 and 2.5 meters , depending on the conditions of the area and the level of skill. Tables are made of epoxy , fiberglass , styrofoam , or PVC . Inside there is a centerboard, very similar to the centerboard that maintains the stability of the surfboard in the water.
  • The rigging : consists of a sail , a mast and a boom . The boom is the part that holds the rigging and the mast is used as a support. It also has a rope that is used to pull the sail connected to the boom.
  • Windsurf clothing : it is designed to provide safety and comfort . Helmet and footwear must be worn for safety . The wetsuit and sunglasses will facilitate windsurfing.


Risks that can arise from accidents include severe sprains to the ankles or injuries to the tibia if the foot gets stuck in the footstrap while falling or jumping. Some may also occur fractures in the heads of the metatarsals . Fissures in the skin and in the heels in the area where the plantar support is performed are also common. Claw toes and bunions are also common due to the position these body parts take during activity.

Famous people who windsurf

Some famous athletes who practice this type of sport are mentioned below:

  • Iván Pastor- Vela
  • Iballa Ruano (world champion)
  • Sarah Hébert
  • Mariana aguilar


Some of the main curiosities of windsurfing are the following:

  • Many have assured that rivers are the best places to practice the discipline, however, they can have many currents and be colder.
  • You might think that it is an extremely expensive sport , however, it is cheaper than many think.
  • It is considered a water sport but in reality it is more of a wind sport.

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