Most of the people who drive a car probably think that the windshield is only functional to be able to see clearly while driving. But the truth is that this part of the car serves a number of very important functions. It is an element that, in addition to supporting the vehicle , also provides a lot of security and protection to all passengers who are inside a car.

What is the windshield?

The windshield is a part of the car that is responsible for providing better visibility and protection to the driver and all his companions against different natural or artificial elements that can collide with him.

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Windshield Features

Its main characteristics are the following:

  • They are made of laminated glass which consists of two tempered glasses that are joined by means of a sheet composed of a transparent polymer .
  • Thanks to their materials, they have a special property that gives them a certain degree of flexibility, making it possible that, when an object collides with it or when it breaks, the glass is not thrown towards the driver, but only cracks .
  • They can also be made of tempered glass, although this material is no longer used.
  • It has the ability to considerably reduce noise, providing greater comfort inside the vehicle.
  • It also protects against external agents including UVA rays.


The windshield emerged as a necessity to protect the driver and passengers from dust and wind . Its shape , its materials and its size have been changing and evolving over time. During the early years of cars, they did not have any type of protection and at the beginning, being made of glass, it was rejected by many as it represented a serious danger in case of accidents.

In 1910 a flat glass windshield was used which was divided into two parts, when it rained, the windshield leaned forward and could also lift allowing better visibility. In 1921 , Rumpler was able to build a car that also had a curved windshield which allowed for better visibility when it rained. In the 1920s and 1922 , the manual cleaning system began to be used by the driver but it was soon replaced by those that could be operated mechanically and by electric ones .

In the late 1940s, the one-piece windshield began to be manufactured and fitted to vehicles. In the United States , during the first half of the 1950s, panoramic windshields also began to be used, but they were soon put aside due to the optical distortions they caused.


The types of windshields that exist are the following:

  • Laminated windshield : they give greater security and when it breaks, the pieces remain attached to the sheet. It is formed with two sheets of glass unit by means of an intermediate film made of ethyl-vinyl-acetate , resisan that protects against ultraviolet light and polyvinyl butyral .
  • Tempered windshield : in case of breaking, the glass breaks into very small pieces that fracture into several pieces which could cause serious damage to the occupants of the vehicle. This type of windshield is no longer used in the automotive market.


Windshields are composed of sheets of glass and an intermediate layer that is placed between the two to provide greater protection.

How does it work

The car’s windshield works to provide safety and protection to the vehicle’s occupants. In case of rain or snow, the brushes must be put to work so that they carry out a kind of sweep on the glass allowing visibility .

What is the windshield for

The windshield is one of the most important parts of a car as it is the glass that is responsible for allowing adequate vision to the driver when he is driving in front of the direction of travel. Any object such as insects, birds, hail or rain that may have an impact against the vehicle in front will be received by the windshield, thus providing an important safety measure for both the person who drives the car and for those who accompany it.

It also resists the pressure exerted by the air caused at the time of circulation and provides a very important reinforcement to the rigidity that the structure of the car must have . It is also a form of support surface so that the car airbag can move. Finally, the windshield also significantly improves the coefficient of aerodynamic penetration that all cars have.


There are several breakdowns that windshields can suffer and in these situations it is best to attend a specialist to change it. Some of these issues are mentioned below:

  • Scratched windshield : This is a fairly common problem and most of the time it occurs because the car’s brushes are in poor condition or badly worn, causing scratches on the windshield. These brushes must be changed to avoid scratching the glass as this can reduce the driver’s vision considerably.
  • Frosted windshield : in this case, the windshield has a series of small pores on the surface of the glass, which are caused by falling dust or sand. These powders make the brushes unable to perform their function well and considerably reduce the driver’s vision.
  • Bulleye : they are a series of breaks that can form in the glass. These breaks can be treated using different types of special adhesives and an ultraviolet light .
  • Cracks : this problem is a risk for driving and must be checked immediately by someone specialized. Most likely, in this case the windshield will need to be changed to prevent it from breaking completely.
  • Laminate peeling – This problem is easy to recognize, although not everyone knows it well. The moment you begin to see small areas that appear to be fogged but do not disappear when you clean them, it is because the laminate has begun to detach from the windshield. When this detachment cannot be repaired, the windshield must be completely replaced.


Windshield maintenance should be done practically every day since it is essential to keep it clean to prevent dirt from interfering with the visibility it provides. It should be constantly reviewed in search of possible impacts that may later fracture it , especially if you live in places that are too hot or in places where there are sudden changes in temperature.

The use of a suitable windshield wiper is essential to keep its surface free of dirt or dust. Another important detail is to check that the water tank that expels a jet for cleaning while driving is never clogged.


The windshield turns out to be a very important part of all types of vehicle as it is the means by which the driver achieves better and greater visibility, thus avoiding accidents. Thanks to this part of the car, accidents have a better risk of causing serious injury to occupants as they provide important protection .

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