All human beings have their own personality , which can be defined as a group of psychic dynamics that characterize them, a form of internal mental organization that is responsible for determining the way in which a person can respond to different situations that arise. they introduce you. An important part of the personality is known as will which appeals to a kind of force carried out by man to be able to develop an action and thus achieve an expected result.

What is the will?

The will is a characteristic of the human being that gives you the ability to make decisions in free form . It is a term that is closely linked to freedom indicates the ability to be able to orient oneself towards a possibility without there being a cause other than one’s own desire .

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The term will comes from the Latin language , from the word ” voluntas ” which means to want or desire . The will is a type of faculty of the human being that allows him to make a series of decisions and to demand aspects related to his individual behavior . It is the ability of man to be able to make precise decisions regarding the situations that he experiences on a daily basis in order to then be able to take the best actions in solving problems.


The main characteristics that can be observed in the will are the following:

  • It is closely related to freedom and desire.
  • For the will to exist, the individual must be fully aware of what he is doing.
  • It goes hand in hand with free will .
  • Some elements such as intelligence and previous experience may intervene in it .
  • When a certain event is done with will then it will be done with intention .
  • The voluntary acts are composed of 3 important moments, the action , the execution and responsibility .
  • The main purpose of the will is linked to the intelligence that allows making correct decisions 

What is it for

The will is a mechanism that serves the human being to be able to carry out different types of action plans with the main objective of being able to meet the goals . It is a type of engine that drives man to give up the goods passengers thinking mainly about achieving a greater good in the future . A kind of internal force that allows you to give up things that may look striking at the moment but will not actually bring benefits in the future.

Where is it located

Seen from a philosophical point of view , it has its origins or is located in the field of metaphysics because for philosophers and metaphysicians it is a type of force that is born exclusively from the free determination of each human being. According to the field of psychoanalysis , the will lies in the discovery of the unconscious , which includes mental activity.


There are a large number of types of will that can be analyzed. Each of these types is listed depending on various factors mentioned below.

Will depending on the content

  • It will physical : is related to the face and body.
  • Social : skills that human beings develop to communicate with others.
  • Psychological : a person’s ability to feel good about himself.
  • Somatic will : they are a series of deprivations that an individual may have to return to their bodily health.
  • Cultural : it gives man the ability to have greater criteria and more freedom.

Will according to phenomenology

  • Intentional : produces illusion and motivates the individual.
  • Reflective : it gives the man the ability to reason about his experiences.
  • Of Interest : Provides the ability to choose something that stands out from a set of things.
  • Approval : allows you to recognize what is decisive and valuable.

Will depending on the form

  • Persevering : it is a difficult will to start but once it is achieved it becomes a habit bearing good fruit.
  • Initial : this type of will is an individual internal motor that makes the individual set in motion to achieve their goals.
  • That overcomes frustrations : it occurs when the person manages to gain strength and overcome frustrations.

Will according to genesis

  • Centripetal : it is a type of will that arises from the outside and goes to the internal part of the individual.
  • Centrifuge : with this term it refers to the will that goes from the inside out and that is closely linked with the temperament.

Willingness depending on personal attitude

  • Motivating : it serves as an engine that helps the individual to achieve their goals.
  • Little motivating : the individual does not show much interest and that is why he reaches his objectives very slowly.
  • Very motivating : in this case the characters give everything they have to be able to achieve their goals in a short time

Will development

First, what must be done to develop the will to establish objectives that are clear as well as set short and long-term goals . The ideal, according to the opinion of experts, is to stimulate willpower from childhood so that in this way it can be maintained throughout life. It is important to mention that willpower cannot be taught but rather must be instilled as a value.


Willpower can be explained as a type of capacity that human beings have that leads us to fulfill an action plan that has been previously determined in order to achieve an established goal . Its essence is based on the realization of good and also shows a high level of self – control in all aspects of emotional management. It is a type of internal impulse that helps the human being to overcome obstacles and that can also be developed and reinforced as time passes.

Will to live

The will to live is a type of psychological force that occurs in the human being that drives him to manage a survival instinct while activating conscious and unconscious reasoning . This concept is considered a basic aspect in the life of the human being and is present in all the daily activities carried out by man, however, it takes special importance when life is threatened either by a serious disease or by some type of injury . It is important to mention that the will to live is closely linked with thehope .


The goodwill is a term that makes reference to the intention with things which at the same time is oriented toward the good are made. In this regard, it is important to mention that all voluntary acts are done consciously and that when they are carried out with the aim of doing harm, it is not about goodwill. For Immanuel Kant , goodwill is determined by the intention of the person doing the acts regardless of whether the results are positive or negative .

Iron will

The term iron will refers to define those people who have immense willpower and who thanks to it do not stop at anything. It is a type of willpower that manages to learn from past mistakes and puts the future under control. It refers to those people who have a will full of energy , who are extremely determined and also inflexible .

The will in philosophy

In the field of philosophy , the will is seen as a fundamental value of the human being and as the decision-making capacity that all intelligent individuals have that can self-determine by following their ideas. It is the mechanism by which the individual can be motivated to do or stop doing something and is also related to external and internal stimuli .


The will is an important aspect and characteristic of all human beings because it is the key and the means by which it is possible to achieve what has been proposed at a certain moment, it is then the way in which dreams can be achieved. turn into reality because with it they are able to establish concrete objectives and fight until they are achieved. It is a type of behavior that gives firmness to the purposes and that allows following guidelines to move forward facing all those difficultiesthat may come to present themselves. The more will the human being has, the better he will be able to manage his life, achieving what he has proposed with tenacity and perseverance .


Some examples of will are mentioned below

  • A person who decides to run a 5K marathon must have the will to get up in the morning and train for several weeks before race day.
  • A student who must pass all his exams knows that he has to study but also that going out to play is more fun, however, you want to get ahead and his will makes him sacrifice so that he can later have his reward.

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