Water Sports


One of the many sports that exist are called water sports . A practice or physical activity where the main stage will always be water , which is also the means by which the athlete can perform their favorite type of activity.


What are water sports?

The water sports are all those modalities sports that can be performed by a person above or below of the water no matter if they are rivers, lakes or seas.


Characteristics of water sports

Some of the most relevant characteristics that can be observed in water sports are the following:

  • They can be performed in different types of settings including pools , rivers , seas, and lakes .
  • They can be performed in the water like swimming or water polo . They can be done on the water as in the case of rowing and surfing and in addition, they can also be practiced under water such as diving.
  • Five of them are controlled by the International Swimming Federation . These are swimming in pool and open water, synchronized, diving or diving and water polo.
  • It is a type of aerobic activity.
  • They produce or have a low impact on the human body so they can be executed by all people.
  • It puts all the muscles and joints of the body to work mainly when it is done, for example, swimming.


Throughout time, man has used water for many things including sports. Already in more modern times, water sports began to take a greater boom and by the end of the 18th century , swimming as competition was instituted in England . It was here that the first rowing regattas also took place for the first time. By the end of this century, swimming had already established itself in places like Australia and New Zealand , creating different federations.

The first Olympic Games that were held in Athens in 1896 , had swimming within their routines and in the Olympics held in 1904, the 10-meter jump or dived was introduced . In this way, more competitions were held including surfing and the canoe regatta in other countries.

Types of water sports

There are many types of water sports that exist in the sports world. The most important are the following:

  • Surfing : sport that consists of achieving balance on a board that is dragged by a wave for as long as possible. It requires a lot of control and concentration.
  • Swimming : one of the most practiced sports worldwide and competitively . There are several types of competitions related to this type of sport that include individual, relay and pair events. It also has several styles such as butterfly, backstroke and crawl.
  • Rowing : this modality is done by competing in boats that are propelled by the force exerted by those in charge of rowing.
  • Jumps or dives : they are a series of jumps and acrobatics that athletes do before entering the water and when they jump from a certain height. It is a discipline that needs a lot of perfection and both the technical quality and the performance of the jump are qualified.
  • Windsurfing : a sport that is performed on a board to be able to slide with the help of a sail. It is important to know the sea, the waves and the direction of the winds well to be able to practice this sport.
  • Water polo : it is a sport that is practiced in a pool where two teams face each other.
  • Diving : in this modality, the athlete must immerse himself in the water using special equipment that will provide oxygen at all times.


There are many benefits that a person can obtain when doing a type of water sport. All the muscles of the body come into operation when this type of sport is practiced, which at the same time promotes better cardiovascular and muscular functioning . It notably increases the capacity of the respiratory system . It also combines a series of aerobic , resistance and strength exercises.

It is an effective method to burn good amounts of calories which helps to lose weight and maintain a good body condition. Helps reduce joint pain and improve spinal position . It notably increases physical resistance and is one of the best sports methods to reduce stress and achieve good levels of harmony.

It is a widely used and also accurate means to treat and initiate rehabilitation processes in patients who have suffered some type of accident. Helps keep blood sugar levels in normal ranges. It increases the vitality of those who practice it and this at the same time allows individuals to enjoy better psychological well-being .

What are the newest?

Among the newer water sports we can mention:

  • Rafting : this type of water sport is carried out in rivers , especially those that have a slightly high flow, always keeping the safety of all those who practice it. A modality full of emotion, tension and at the same time risk.
  • Hidrospeed : this type of sport is quite new and consists in that the person is placed face down on an individual pool to be in constant contact with the currents of a river to be able to move . This type of individual pool is known as a hydro sled .
  • Water skiing : it is a modality in which the athlete, called a skier , takes a rope and mounts a pair of skis to be able to slide on the surface of the water. They are pulled by means of boats and people are required to have good balance and reflexes.
  • Bodyboarding : a sport that takes place in shallow waters. It is very similar to surfing but the board is smaller and more flexible.
  • Kitesurfing : it is also known as flysurfing and it is a combination of paragliding with surfing . The type of board that is used has resistance to air and allows the athlete to move on the water.
  • High diving is a type of jump or dive but the difference is that it is made from a cliff or scenario completely naturally that can vary between 22 and 28 meters high.
  • Jetovator : this type of sport is quite modern and consists of the use of a jet ski which is propelled by a series of water jets that allows the person to basically fly over the waves. It is one of the most popular modern sports today.
  • Water biking : in this modality, a bicycle is used that simulates cycling in water. It is a sport that can be practiced by people of all ages.

Examples of water sports

Some other examples of water sports include canoeing , sailing, underwater photography, snorkeling , kayaking, parasailing, sport fishing, skimboarding, triathlon , water basket.

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