The volleyball is a word that comes from the English word volleyball and is a sport in which two teams are made up face 6 players , placed in a field and separated by a network and whose purpose is that the ball touches the floor of the opposite side, in order to score points.


What is volleyball?

Volleyball is a game between two teams of six players which is played by hitting a ball to the opposite side over a network trying to touch the ball on the floor for a point or an opportunity to get to the other team.


What is volleyball?

Volleyball is a sport that consists of making the ball go over the net until it reaches the side of the opposing team, making sure that the ball touches the ground . Passes are made primarily with the hands and arms.



The sport was created in 1895 by William George Morgan , coach of the Physical Education Department of the Young Men’s Christian Association, what is popularly known as the YMCA . It was born as a choice between basketball and tennis and its goal was to promote physical activity.

Initially it was initially called Mintonett , and the dynamics of the ball being in the air, without touching the ground, is called volleyball in English. It was the favorite sport during the First World War . In 1912 measurements they were modified pitch and the Olympic Games of 1922 ranked as sport exhibition . It was recognized as an Olympic sport in 1964 , and its beach variant in 1986 .


The main characteristics are the following:

  • A match consists of three, four or five sets .
  • The teams are made up of six members .
  • The player cannot touch the ball twice in a row.
  • The service is done with a movement of hitting the ball with the hand.
  • During the game each player must go changing of place .

Who invented it

Volleyball was invented by William George Morgan.

How to play

The first step to play is to serve the ball with the player in the back left corner of the field. If the ball does not pass over the net, it becomes the opposing team. When teams change serve, players must turn left to change position and serve .

The second step is to return the ball without hitting the ball more than once in a row and avoiding that the ball touches the ground to return it to the opposing team over the net . And finally, you must try to score points every time the ball touches the ground of the opposing team .

Volleyball Basics

The fundamentals that must be followed in volleyball are the following:

  • Volley
  • Take out
  • Attack
  • Blocking
  • Reception or Defensive Formations


Some of the volleyball rules are:

  • point is scored when the opposing team does not control the ball or commits a foul.
  • The ball must be prevented from touching the opponent’s ground .
  • It is considered out when the ball touches the referees or the net.
  • Point for the opposing team if the ball is touched three times
  • If the player retains the ball it is double .
  • When it is served no players must touch the net .
  • You can not invade the attacking half.
  • It is a foul if the serve does not reach the opposing team.


The volleyball categories are as follows:

  • Benjamines: They are the children of 3rd and 4th grade who are 8 and 9 years old.
  • Fingerlings: 10 and 11 years old.
  • Infants: 12 and 13 years old
  • Cadets: 14 and 15 years
  • Youth: 16, 17 and up to 18 years old
  • Seniors: Over 18 years old.


There are many world volleyball competitions, here we mention some that are promoted by the International Volleyball Federation:

  • Men’s and Women’s World Championships
  • Grand Champions Cup for men’s and women’s volleyball
  • Volleyball World League
  • Volleyball at the Youth Olympic Games
  • Women’s volleyball tournament at the Olympic Games

Volleyball techniques

There are four basic volleyball techniques and these are:

  • The serve or serve : the player must stand behind the baseline and can be performed by jumping . You must think about the direction in which you want to send the ball, before serving.
  • Blocking : defensive technique to obstruct the opponent’s attacks . It is done by jumping with raised hands next to the net to return the ball on the opposite field.
  • The reception and the pass : consist of intercepting the ball , sending it to the position of a teammate.
  • El ataque o remate: lo realiza un jugador que salta al lado de la red, para colocar el balón en el campo contrario.


La cancha es un rectángulo que mide 18 m de largo por 9 m de ancho dividida en su línea central por una red que separa a los dos equipos. La zona libre debe medir 3 metros y en competiciones mundiales de 5 m sobre las líneas laterales y 8 m para las líneas de fondo.

A tres metros del medio de donde se encuentra la red encontramos la zona de ataque. Estas líneas siguen a través del exterior de la cancha y todas miden 5 cm de ancho. La superficie de la cancha de voleibol no puede ser rugosa ni deslizante.


Debe ser esférico, con una cubierta de cuero flexible o sintético, y debe tener una cámara de caucho en su interior. El color puede ser único o una combinación de colores, sin embargo, en competencias oficiales debe ser el impuesto para este tipo de actividades. La circunferencia es de 65 – 67 cm. y su peso de 260 – 280 g. Su presión interior debe ser de 0.30 – 0.325 Kg/cm2 (4.26 a 4.61 psi) (294.3 a 318.82 mbar o hPa).


El equipo que se necesita para jugar voleibol es una red, una pelota de voleibol y la cancha. El voleibol competitivo en algunas ocasiones exige el uso del equipo de protección que incluye rodilleras y coderascanilleras y protectores para hombres, incluso algunas piden protectores bucales para proteger los dientes.

The clothes should be comfortable either to play casually or on the beach, in the latter place swimsuits are usually used . In competition and amateur players, they can wear shorts and tank tops including sports bras for women that facilitate the movement of the player and give protection.

The best shoes to play volleyball are sports shoes with a non – slip sole . It is important that they are flexible and that they do not slip. Some special volleyball shoes must have shock absorbers to avoid injuries to the knees and ankles due to the constant jumping that is practiced in this type of sport.

Famous players

Some of the most recognized and famous players who practice volleyball are the following:

  • Gilberto Godoy Filho : is known worldwide as Giba and is of Brazilian nationality. He is currently a former volleyball player but is considered by the highest sports organizations, players, journalists and technical directors, as one of the best players in the world.
  • Wilfrido León : he is a Cuban who was a silver medalist of the world championship in 2010.
  • Iván Zaytsev : Italian nationalized Russian professional player. He stands out for his skill and technical ability.
  • Mariusz Wlazly : a Polish volleyball player who has a very particular history , he started with swimming and later understood that his thing was really volleyball. Considered one of the best players.

Curiosities about volleyball

Some curiosities of this sport are the following:

  • The height at which the volleyball net should be placed varies depending on the gender of its practitioners.
  • The speed that a serve or service can have in volleyball can reach 140km / h.
  • Volleyball is considered the second most recognized and watched sport around the world.
  • At the 1988 Olympics , a new rule was created and applied, stating that play could not be interrupted to wipe sweat off the floor .
  • Depending on the player, in a game he may be able to do between 60 to 80 jumps.
  • The longest game played at a professional level was the final of the 1976 Olympics, where Poland and the Soviet Union played for 4 hours and 36 minutes.

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