United States independence


The American Revolution was the one that started the other revolutions around the world and promoted the emancipation of the countries so that they were independent of the various European colonies that dominated everywhere, the origin of the power of this power that is today The United States comes from the origin of its emancipation from the English empire.

  • When was it:  From 04/19/1775 to 09/03/1783
  • Where was it:  North America, Indian subcontinent, Africa, Caribbean Sea, Atlantic and Indian oceans

What is the Independence of the United States?

The Independence of the United States is one of the most important events in Modern History. It was a decolonizing and revolutionary process where through battles, treaties and more battles the United States was able to achieve independence from the 13 colonies that England had imposed for many years where they took advantage of the lands that had mineral resources and the profits they generated.



The Declaration of Independence of the United States was on July 4, 1776 , by the Second Continental Congress and the act was written by Thomas Jefferson which formally explained why the colonial ties that united the United States with England and the 13 British colonies proclaimed themselves to be the United States , sovereign and independent of the British regime and no longer recognized their rule.


Characteristics of the Independence of the United States

Among its main characteristics are:

  • Democracy was implanted , and placing as a fundamental law the duties and rights of the rulers and the governed
  • The first president was George Washington
  • Independence was recognized by England in 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on September 3
  • In the war for independence there were approximately 130,000 soldiers killed and 48,000 civilians killed.
  • The declaration of independence became one of the most innovative texts in modern history
  • It was an example for the Latin American countries that wanted to achieve their emancipation.


Even before it was called ” United States of America ” a war that lasted years (1756 – 1763) arose between France and England which was to obtain the virgin territories of North America , which was won by England. From that, the territories began to be colonized to form colonies and they were in two ways in the seventeenth century :

Northern colonies

Which was filled with Europeans who were fleeing the religious persecution that existed at that time, their purposes to populate the places was to keep families safe and at peace . It was called New England. They had aspects such as free labor, production for internal marketing, the economy was based on trade.

Southern Colonies

This area was populated for a single use for the exploitation of mineral resources, it was divided into several colonies Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Its economy was based on large estates , slave labor, monoculture, production for export to England.

The 13 colonies were formed , in the 18th century they were all constituted. However, England was left behind a lot after the 7- year war and had to charge very high taxes from the settlers , so it was at this time that the first protests and demonstrations against the English Empire began.


Among the main causes  of the Independence of the United States are:

High taxes and unfair laws:

  • Sugar Law: Colonists were only allowed to buy sugar from England
  • Seal Law: Every product that was sold had to have a seal of the English
  • Tea Law: Taxes for use of glass, paper, paint.

United States Independence Process

The expenses for the war against France continued to take their toll on those of England , therefore they continued to increase the rates, the Crown rights in America and taxes , increasing these laws that subtly undermined the freedom of the North Americans. (The Sugar Law, Tea Law, Seal Law) With all these events the crisis broke out.

In 1770 the Boston massacre occurred where the peak stage was when 5 Americans who were protesting by the British military were assassinated . The English to try to correct their error lowered some taxes.

In 1773, several settlers upset by the unjust tea law that they had imposed threw shipments of tea into the sea in the port of Boston, calling the event the “Boston Tea Party”

1774 was when the counterattack by the British occurred, forcing compensation to be paid for the destroyed tea.

In September of that same year the colonists outraged by such insensitive acts on the part of the Empire of England went to the Congress of Philadelphia being the first firm step of consolidation for independence , and they were divided in 2.

The Boston Massacre

England refused to let the colonists participate in politics and in tax and law decisions.

They forced the colonists to pay for the damages caused by the 7 Years’ War , which the English themselves caused.


  • First Congress of Philadelphia: Don professed a place in the decisions on taxes and in the political area, it did not work there was more oppression with Intolerable Laws
  • Second Congress of Philadelphia: They declared war on England, and began military actions with international support.
  • One of them took place in Boston and on the border with Canada , a victory for the settlers
  • Battle of Saratoga 1777, first major triumph over the English.
  • Battle Yorktown in 1781 fought with the help of France , victory for the colonial and sealed the independence once and for all.

Main Precursors of the Independence of the United States

  • George Washington: Founder of American Independence
  • Thomas Jefferson : Proclaimed independence when writing the act.
  • Benjamin Franklin: scientist and politician, promoter of the revolutionary ideal of independence,
  • John Adams.


Among the main consequences  of the Independence of the United States are:

  • In 1787 it became the first constitution in history .
  • It had 3 powers: Legislative, Judicial and Executive .
  • They adopted a federalist and republican political system .
  • Slavery was maintained .
  • The guarantees and individual rights of Americans were defended
  • After 7 years of independence, the French Revolution broke out because of it.

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