Triple jump


The triple jump is an event in the athletics area in which an athlete performs a horizontal jump incorporating three distinct and continuous movements : a jump , in which the athlete takes off and lands on the same foot; one step, landing on the other foot; and a jump , landing either way, usually with both feet together . If an athlete lands on the wrong leg , jumping is not allowed.


Triple jump

The triple jump is known as a jump and consists of a movement or a horizontal jump that an athlete performs in order to take off from the surface and cover a certain distance.


What is the triple jump?

The triple jump consists of three different skills which are performed at speeds in a continuous action as follows:

  • Hop : during the jump the athlete uses the same foot for take-off and landing.
  • Step : The athlete lands on the opposite foot.
  • Jump : the athlete performs a jump from the foot “step” when landing in the hole

It consists of the development of a sequence formed by a first jump on one leg, a second jump repeating the same leg and a third after the change of leg is made. This last movement is the one that gives the greatest momentum until reaching the sand.


The main characteristics of the triple jump are the following:

  • It consists mainly of a jump , a step, and then a jump .
  • The takeoff and fall of the jump is performed with the same leg.
  • It consists of an impulse race .
  • Athletes can make up to six different attempts.
  • You must accelerate to maintain a constant speed.

History of the triple jump

The origins of the triple jump are not exactly known , but it may be related to the ancient hopscotch which was a game for children. It has been a modern Olympic event since the first Games in 1896; two jumps were used in those Games, but one jump was used in the Olympics thereafter.


The rules that athletes must follow to practice the triple jump are as follows:

  • To validate the jump, the athlete must perform the first two jumps with the same foot and the third with the other foot.
  • The jump with the same foot shall be such that the athlete falls first on the same foot that has made its whipped ; on the second jump, he will contact the track on the other foot.
  • It is not a null jump if the athlete when jumping touches the ground with his ” passive ” leg .
  • Each jumper has 1.30 minutes to make the jump since he is called by the judge .
  • The jump measurement is the distance from the perpendicular that goes from the point of the last track to the limit of the clay with the take-off board.
  • After the jump, you must come out in front of the pit , and never behind your jump.
  • If there is a tie , it is determined which of the jumpers has made the second longest jump .
  • If there is still a tie, the third is considered and so on.
  • The jumpers who participate in the improvement of the mark will jump in the reverse order of the mark reached, that is, the one with the best mark will jump last.


The phases of the triple jump are:

  • First jump : a deeper whipped takes a break length , the trunk remains in place vertically , after the leg has been delayed after the second step of coming forward looking for the landing on the floor.
  • Second jump : it starts when the foot of the swing leg comes into contact with the ground , it is a deep stride, the trunk is in a straight position , the leg is free and flexed at the thigh at the hip.
  • Third jump : the athlete arrives with less horizontal speed so a natural extension jump is made.


The technique is very similar to the long jump and requires speed , rhythm , balance, and control . The race must be progressive with the knees raised and the trunk in a vertical position . During the race, several phases are differentiated. The first phase is the reference output after the phase progression and, finally, the preparation for the clay .

The triple jump has less variation in rhythm and a greater amplitude in the last steps that are taken before the jump which makes it a more homogeneous race .

Equipment to perform triple jump

The equipment needed to perform the triple jump is as follows:

  • Take-off area : can be mat, sand, tape or board.
  • measuring tape (20 meters), 1 racing tape (50 meters).
  • Rake to level the landing area sand after each test.
  • Broom to keep the track free of sand.
  • Bucket / Hose / Shower : to keep the sand moist.
  • Manual brush to sweep the take-off area after each jump.
  • Spike to keep the zero end of the tape at the closest edge of the athlete’s mark on landing.
  • Indicator markers that were placed on each side of the selected lift-off plate.
  • Indicators : red, white, yellow.
  • Stopwatch : To measure the time of the athletes.
  • Wind indicator : to measure the wind.

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