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The torque wrench , an instrument also known as a torque wrench  or torque wrench , is a type of tool that is used to make a series of adjustments to bolts, nuts, screws and other important parts. It is considered as a specific tension instrument that is characterized mainly by its great precision . An important aspect of this type of tool is that they have been designed so that when using it, excessive tension is not exerted in order to avoid damage .


What is the torque wrench?

The torque meter is an instrument by means of which it is possible to measure the tension or torque that is applied to certain elements that have a thread in places where a specific tension is needed .

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What is the torque wrench for?

The torque wrench is an instrument that is used when it is necessary to have an adequate adjustment depending on the torque that has been specified for the part in question. Some parts need to have a suitable adjustment and for this function the torque wrench is needed, in order to avoid that the part suffers from an imbalance , breaks , cracks or damages any of the parts that are close to it. It can be used equipment for handling liquids and gases at low pressure, engine internal combustion, inair conditioners , bridges , industrial pipes and in the assembly of household electrical equipment .



In the market there are different types of torque wrenches, among them we can mention:

  • Dial : it is characterized by having a dial that indicates the torque that is being executed at the time of tightening an element.
  • Needle : this torque wrench works in the same way as the previous one but has a needle that indicates the torque that is exerted .
  • Preset : they can only be used in places where a specific torque is needed since ranges cannot be selected with it.
  • Click : more torque wrench is used in the present and is made up of a wrench or hexagonal as an arm of strength and scale a moving drum .
  • Digital : it is a multifunctional screen that contains a memory and that also shows the torques that have been applied. It has visual and auditory indicators .
  • Sal to: it is composed of a mechanism that, when it reaches the indicated torque, releases tension from the wrench.
  • Control : it is an advanced tool and is used in bottles to know the torque of the thread.
  • Multi-torque : it is a portable torque analyzer .
  • Torque Booster : It is an extension for the torque wrench that increases torque.


Although there are no exact data on the history of the torque wrench, it is considered that its use began with the industrial revolution , at the time when machines began to develop and with them the use of technology . It may also be, according to some experts, that it began with the emergence of the automotive industry at the beginning of the 20th century.


The main characteristics that can be observed in a torque wrench are the following:

  • It is a machine of precision .
  • It is used to apply tension to screws , nuts , and bolts .
  • It is considered a precision tool as they are designed with quality elements.
  • It works as a means of prevention to avoid breakage.


The main parts that we can find in a torque wrench are the following:

  • Ratchet : this can be 1/4 “, 3/8”, 1/2 “, 3/4”, each of these inputs must be applied a different force for the different sizes of pieces.
  • Selector twist: is the part of the torque wrench that allows a change in rotation of the torque wrench in either direction schedule or counterclockwise .
  • Force arm : this is a part of the torque wrench that is considered an extension to be able to exert more force .
  • Scales : there can be different types of scales , either in-lb km lb-ft.
  • Knurled drum: this drum helps us to choose the desired torque . When you have a knurled drum, it is also possible to obtain a better grip so that the instrument does not slip.
  • Insurance : by means of the insurance provided by the torque wrench, it will prevent the drum from rotating and changing the measurement

How a torque wrench works

The torque wrench works as a type of wrench that allows you to measure the tightening of a screw or a nut, regulating the torque that will provide a suitable adjustment to the part to avoid possible risks of breakage. In order for it to function properly, the measure of torque to be applied must be taken into account . After determining this measurement, it is important to adjust the torque wrench to give the appropriate value to the piece allowing the correct adjustment .


The torque wrench is a very important instrument because it is the means available to properly tighten screws and nuts , without exerting more pressure than is needed, thus preventing the screws from breaking or moving causing additional damage to a certain device.

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