When we refer to Norse mythology , we are actually talking about Scandinavian mythology , an important set of beliefs , legends and religion that was part of these peoples who settled in Iceland . Within its wide mythology there were very important gods that have even come to have a mark today. One of these imposing divine beings became known by the name of Thor , the god of thunder .


Who was Thor?

Thor was one of the main gods of Norse mythology , he was the best known and strongest of all. A god who was in charge of protecting young people and for representing fire , lightning and architecture . A lover of war who could kill his enemies with his hammer .

  • Thor Characteristics
  • What was god of
  • Thor power
  • Features
  • Thor’s story
  • In what myths does it appear
  • How is it represented?
  • Worship
  • Temples
  • Symbols
  • Importance of Thor
  • Curiosities
  • Presence in popular culture

Thor Characteristics

Among the most notable characteristics of this imposing god we find the following:

  • He was known as the god of lightning and was the most important representative of the Norse gods .
  • Thor is said to have died at the end of the world .
  • He was the son of Odin and Jörð , had a brother known as Balder and had married Sif .
  • He was a war lover who loved to kill giants with his mighty hammer.
  • When Thor was on a tour , a great deal of thunder rolled across the sky.
  • He was considered a just and honest god in all his acts.
  • His main weapon was a hammer which had the name Mjolnir , a hammer that had been created by Odin .
  • Although he was a god of justice, he could not be very unkind and also had the great ability to cause storms .
  • He was the main protector of Asgard .
  • It is said that he was 2 meters tall , had a bushy beard and was very muscular . Also, her hair was reddish.

What was god of

Thor was the god of thunder but not only did he fulfill this mission, he was also the god of youth , thunder and lightning, fire and architecture . He was also considered the god of war .

Thor power

Besides being the god of thunder he was the Asgardian god of strength and for this reason he had extremely impressive power. He also had the power of telepathy which allowed him to move in space and time and connect with the ten realms. He was extremely intelligent and had impressive speed . His muscles also gave him great resistance and he was more efficient than all the men who lived at the time.

He also had superhuman durability so he could resist several attacks at the same time, he was very agile and his superhuman reflexes gave him greater balance and agility . He had the power to manipulate the energy of storms to turn them into powerful explosions with which he could even kill the immortals.


Thor had the function of controlling lightning and storms , he was in charge of protecting humanity , fertility and healing . It also had the function of manipulating energy and controlling everything related to the weather and storms.

Thor’s story

Thor was a god that arose mainly from the Germanic culture and religion which had received an important influence on the part of Indo-European peoples who worshiped thunder , the heavens and lightning . This is how the Germanic people were in charge of uniting all these qualities in a single god and this is how Thor emerged . He also had a wife named Sif and with her he had a Valkyrie daughter whom he named Prúör.

In what myths does it appear

There are several myths around Thor. One of them tells when the god decides to go to the river Elivagar to fish together with Tyr . After a while, while they were rowing, they came across a giant snake which Thor manages to defeat after an epic fight. Another morning, Thor realizes that someone had stolen his hammer but he thought it was Loki giving him a joke, when he asked him, he refused and told him that the giants could be responsible and that to recover the hammer he disguised himself as Freya . So, he asked Freya for a feather suit and went flying towards the realm of the giants.where he found the king of the same who had stolen the hammer.

Then, king of the giants told him that the cost to rescue the weapon was Freya’s hand. At the banquet that was offered by the King of the giants in honor of his supposed wife, who was none other than Thor in disguise, the god took his hammer and killed all the giants.

How is it represented?

Thor is represented as a man who had a long and bushy beard and who also always carried a stone hammer in one of his hands. His height managed to reach two meters and his hair was long , abundant and blond . In addition, an extremely muscular and strong god can be observed in his representations .


Thor was not only revered for his culture and mythology but also for today’s world , because today his story is still being told in all corners of the planet. He was worshiped by both other gods and humans and was seen as the main protector god of the time.


Thor’s palace or temple was located in the kingdom of Trudvangar , which was located in Asgard .


The main symbols of Thor were his weapons which are:

  • Mjolnir : This is Thor’s hammer and it is the main weapon with which it is identified. The hammer was created by the dwarves Sindri and Brokk and was made of uru mineral, once it was thrown the hammer immediately returned to Thor’s hands.
  • Carriage : it was the means he used to be able to move from one place to another since he could not leave Asgard without the flying qualities that it provided him. The carriage was drawn by magical goats known by the names Tanngrisnir and Tnngnjóstr.
  • Bilskirnir : it was the Palace where he lived with his wife and children and here slaves and peasants who had died were received.
  • Gloves : the gloves will be made of the same material as the hammer and covered your hands and arms to protect them from contact with the hammer.

Importance of Thor

Thor was and is considered one of the most important gods that existed within mythology in general, but not only did he have his importance at that time, but he has also become one of the main figures of today , mainly for the field of the cinematography .


Some curiosities that you probably did not know about Thor are mentioned below:

  • Whenever he was accompanied by two servants who were also his squires and their names were Röskva and Tialfi , who were apparently human .
  • Their territory was the world of the Trudvangar gods .
  • He had a palace that went by the name of Bilskirnir .
  • He was praised and revered throughout Scandinavia .
  • It was also related to fertility so he also presided over weddings and assemblies.
  • When Christianity was established in Scandinavia , the Norse gods were eliminated , however the symbol of Thor’s hammer continued to challenge Christian beliefs.

Presence in popular culture

Currently, it is possible to find the figure of Thor in a large number of films, television series, documentaries and it has served as a source of inspiration for different types of video games. Some examples of these movies and series are mentioned below:

  • Thor’s Tetralogy : a total of four superhero, science fiction and fantasy films that have captured the attention of millions of people around the world. This tetralogy was made up of the following tapes: Thor (2011), Thor: The Dark World (2013), Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and Thor: Love and Thunder (2022). It is connected to the Avengers tetralogy .
  • Avengers : Endgame and Infinity War are two films that also include Thor as a character.
  • Thor : the dark world, a film that tells how Thor tries to restore order in the cosmos by defending the universe from a race led by the villain Malekith.
  • Avengers : Age of Ultron: this movie tells the story of Tony Stark who tries to reactivate various, however when his plans fall apart, the most powerful heroes on earth including Thor, arrive to help him.
  • The Avengers : one of the most ingenious films and that has won the greatest police in the world, which tells how God can save the world.
  • Thor: God of Thunder : This is a game for single player third person that was based on the movie Thor and was developed by Sega.

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