Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was a man who belonged to the group of southern aristocrats . He was the one who wrote one of the most important documents in the United States, the Declaration of Independence, thanks to his vast knowledge of individual freedoms and human rights . He defended his stance against slavery although at the same time, he owned many of them.

Personal information

  • When was he born: 04/13/1743
  • Where he was born: Shadwell, Virginia, United States
  • When he died: 07/04/1826
  • Where he died: Monticello, Virginia, United States

Who was Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson is considered one of the most influential politicians in the United States who created liberal ideas , fought for the freedom of the country defending his autonomy and was Governor of Virginia, Secretary of State and finally, President of the country.

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What did

Among the main achievements of Thomas Jefferson are:

  • Drafting of the Declaration of Independence .
  • Created the Virginia State Religious Liberty statute .
  • He founded the University of Virginia .
  • He founded the Democratic-Republican party .
  • He bought, in 1803, the lands that comprised Louisiana from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains .
  • He drafted a series of laws including the abolition of the primogeniture .
  • Established improvements in the judicial system .

Thomas Jefferson Biography

Thomas Jefferson was born in the state of Virginia on April 13, 1743 . His family was considered one of the wealthiest in the area and they were descendants of the English aristocracy . He attended school during his childhood and began to study languages ​​such as Latin. When his father died, he inherited large amounts of land and slaves. He studied philosophy, mathematics, and philosophy.

He studied law and in 1762 he graduated which allowed him to work as a lawyer in Virginia. He represented Albemarle County and became involved in politics advocating for religious tolerance and equality . He was appointed with Benjamin Franklin and other important men to draft the Declaration of Independence . He was Governor of the State of Virginia and also served as First Secretary of State for George Washington . In 1801 and until 1809 he was president of the country bringing a series of important improvements in the economy and life in general .


Thomas Jefferson passed away on July 4, 1826 . Many historians think that he died from natural causes of age, and from some underlying diseases such as kidney problems, pneumonia and there has even been talk of prostate cancer without this having been diagnosed.


Among its main contributions we can mention the consolidation in the division of functions between the powers constitutions by means of which it dictated that the federal government would be in charge of the defense of the nation and foreign policy while the states would have their own internal policy with the objective of protecting freedom.

He also helped the expansion of the United States by acquiring the territory that belonged to Louisiana. He gave special importance to the scientific field, education and the production of patents for inventors. He activated the use of censuses in the country to collect important data that could later help the nation.

Thomas Jefferson inventions

In addition to politics, Thomas Jefferson also served as an architect , designed the University of Virginia and the Capitol, located in the same place. In the field of science, he created his own measuring instruments although he did not patent any of them. He created the Jefferson wheel , a cryptographic machine, and designed a macaroni-making machine, a plow, and a machine very similar to a photocopier .

Declaration of independence

The first meeting of the Second Continental Congress was held on May 10 in Philadelphia, the meeting place for many delegates. After several sessions, the president had to return to Virginia leaving Thomas Jefferson in his place. Historians agree that, due to his ability as a good writer , the commission commissioned him to draft the statement. Some changes were made by Congress, being ready on July 28, 1776 .

In the declaration, Thomas Jefferson establishes different complaints against King George III and established the rights of the colonies by exposing their problems. It focused on issues of justice , the power of the rulers, the possible justifications for a war and the rights of the people.


As a child, Thomas Jefferson was educated by religious men who instilled in him an interest and learning in areas such as botany , geology, and cartography . He also studied languages ​​like Greek and Latin. When he turned 17, he entered William and Mary College to complete his studies and here he learned mathematics. He began to feel an interest in studying law and finally graduated in 1767 as a lawyer.

Thomas Jefferson Ideology

His ideology was a bit difficult to understand because at the same time his way of being was a bit complicated. He had a brilliant intellect and was interested in learning all aspects of human thought . His ideology combined the political principle and human rights , mainly the right to life . For him, being free will give the right to work with the goal of pursuing happiness.

For Thomas Jefferson, freedom of enterprise was important so his ideal was not anti-capitalist as much they tried to make him see, he had a deep vision of economics . His ideal was always the British model in search of the general welfare.


To know the personality of Thomas Jefferson we must focus on freedom . He was a person who loved travel, new experiences and adventure, but he also liked to get involved in many activities without being tied to them. For him, change is an important aspect in people’s lives and for this he needed adaptability and a lot of courage .

He had a very upbeat , inspiring personality , made friends easily, and had an incredible ability with words. Many of his talents were developed from his personality and discipline , he did not like to leave things by halves and always worked hard and with perseverance.

Physical characteristics

Thomas Jefferson was a tall man , 6 feet 2.5 inches tall, with a slim build , with small hazel eyes . His nose was angular, his lips were quite thin, his teeth were straight, and his chin was quite pronounced. His neck was long and his hair was reddish. When he was young he had many freckles on his cheeks, he had very poor body posture and was in good health, although in later years he suffered from rheumatism. His right hand, after an accident, was paralyzed.


His mother was Jane Randolph , the daughter of a ship captain and a well-known landowner in the area. His father, Peter Jefferson , was dedicated to the ranch and was a very important farmer in the Albemarle area.


From 1767 to 1774, Jefferson practiced law in Virginia where he fell in love with Martha Wayles Skelton , a widow considered one of the richest women in Virginia. The couple married on January 1, 1772. After the death of his wife, he maintained an intimate relationship that lasted for many years with a slave named Sally Hemings .


Thomas and Martha Jefferson had six children together, but only two survived to adulthood: Martha and Mary . However, they weren’t the only children Jefferson fathered. A series of studies and DNA evidence indicate that Jefferson had an affair in which a child was born with one of his slaves, a mulatto woman named Sally Hemings .

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

This monument was created by John Russel Pope in 1925 . It is a structure that resembles the pantheon of Rome, ruled under neoclassical architecture . It is located in the capital of the United States, Washington DC . in West Potomac Park , very close to the National Mall. The structure has several columns on the main facade and stairs, inside you can find a statue of Jefferson, about six meters high, and it can be seen looking at the horizon. The statue was created by Rudulph Evans . On its interior walls you can see engravings with his writings, including the Declaration of Independence.


He was an important man for the United States because his political thinking was able to decisively influence the construction of the American Union while marking the entire history of the continent. His ideals were taken up by many Latin American countries in the search for the construction of a federal model. He fought tirelessly for human rights and freedom .

Acknowledgments to Thomas Jefferson

There are many recognitions that are given, mainly in universities , to students with honors degrees, it is also customary to give the award to public architecture that also bears his name. His hard work as president can be seen in the recognition made on his monument .

Thomas Jefferson Quotes

Some of the most recognized phrases of Thomas Jefferson are:

  • When someone assumes a public office, they should consider themselves as public property
  • I am for a government that is vigorously frugal and simple
  • Don’t spend your money before you earn it
  • Money and not morality is the principle of strong nations
  • A little rebellion every now and then is a good thing
  • You should not be too severe with the mistakes of the people, but try to eliminate them through education

Presence in popular culture

In popular culture he is still seen as the president who fought for the rights of all people, who helped his country to get ahead and who managed to establish freedom and models of government worldwide.

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