Theodore Roosevelt


Theodore Roosevelt was one of the Presidents of the United States of America. Professor of history, politician and a man who was always guided by the action who reached the presidency through the Republican Party , being also a representative of Congress and undersecretary of the United States Navy.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 10/27/1858
  • Where he was born:  New York, United States
  • When he died: 01/06/1919
  • Where he died: Cove Neck, New York, United States

Who was Theodore Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt was the twenty-sixth president that the United States had , he was also one of the representatives of the Democratic Party, lawyer and senator from New York State who managed to turn the country into a world power .

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What theodore roosevelt did

Some of the most important things Theodore Roosevelt did are mentioned below:

  • He intervened militarily to help Panama and thus ensure the construction of the navigation channel that would make communication between the Atlantic and the Pacific of the United States possible .
  • He managed to establish bases in Cuba and intervened in Santo Domingo .
  • He was in charge of directing all the preparations for the war against Spain .
  • He began a fight against national corruption and was also in charge of boosting workers ‘ wages .
  • He fought at all times against the installation of monopolies and went against capitalism .
  • He was part of the Board of Police Commissioners of the city of New York where he carried out a series of reforms within the department and thus eliminated corruption , while establishing new rules of discipline .
  • He had a mediator role in Russia’s war with Japan .
  • He promulgated the national monuments of the country giving importance to natural spaces.
  • It begins to control rail rates by limiting competition between companies and thus eliminating preferential rates.
  • He signed the Law of Purity of food and drugs .

Biography of Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was born in the city of New York one October 27, 1858. As a child was sick because he suffered from asthma and for that reason much of their learning took place within the home, and was educated by tutors who also taught French and German. Later, he managed to enter Harvard University in 1876. His introduction to politics was made in 1881, forming part of the Republican Party through which he managed to be elected as a representative of Congress in his hometown.

He managed to participate in the creation of plans to fight against Spain and when he won, his popularity grew like foam for which he was presented as a candidate for governor in New York in 1898, elections that he won without problems. In 1900 , he was appointed as vice president and after the assassination of William McKinley, who was president of the country at that time, he went on to occupy the most important political rank, the presidency of the country . Thanks to his good management, the country elected him as its main president three years later.

Presidential term

His presidency began the day that President McKinley was assassinated because as a result of this fact, following the Constitution of the country, the vice president became president of the United States, in this case it was Theodore Roosevelt. During his first presidential term, he established a law that prohibited entry from the Philippines , served as arbitrator in a strike that had already lasted more than three months, withdrew US troops from Cuba allowing the first national government to be created .

He also voted for the financing of the Panama Canal , founded the Ministry of Commerce and Labor , founded the first nature reserve in Florida. He declared the neutrality of his country between the war that existed between Russia and Japan and was finally appointed as a presidential candidate by the Republican Party, this time for the presidential elections, obtaining victory on November 8.

In his second term, Theodore Roosevelt begins to apply the interventionist doctrine and makes his country take control of the Dominican Republic . He founded the Forest Service and on March 4, 1905, he took command of the country as president of the nation. On September 6 of this year, he managed to end the war between Japan and Russia, an act that made him worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. At the end of his term, he decides not to apply again and decides to go on a safari in Africa.


Theodore Roosevelt passed away when he was 60 years old, on January 16, 1919 in New York. Many believe that his health complications derived from a trip to South America, where he contracted malaria , a disease that may have caused the myocardial infarction from which he died.


He studied at Columbia University School of Law, however, he did not finish his studies at this university as he decided to dedicate himself entirely to politics. He also carried out different studies at Harvard University .

Ideology of Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt’s ideology regarding the country’s internal politics was always in counting monopoly and capitalism , but also, he had an expansive foreign policy that was based on seeing the United States as an empire and as a power. world. He was a nationalist president who also had great admiration for the military. He was in favor of the federal power because he considered that it was in charge of regulating the economic activity of the country.


He was always a man with a personality full of energy and very proactive , he always did his best to change roles and his maturity made him achieve the goals he set for himself.

Physical characteristics

There is no exact description of their physical characteristics other than what can be seen in their photos. Theodore Roosevelt wore a mustache , his hair was black, he was short, and his physical condition deteriorated considerably after he became ill.


His mother was named Martha Roosevelt and his father Theodore Roosevelt , a merchant man who enjoyed a very good economic position as they belonged to an aristocratic family of Dutch descent.


He met Alice Hathaway Lee in 1800 and married her, however, his wife died just two days after having their first child due to kidney failure. In 1886, he remarried, this time with Edith Kermit Carow , a girlfriend he had had when he was young.


Theodore’s children were: Anna Eleanor , James , Franklin Delano Jr. , Elliot , Franklin Delano Jr. II , John Aspiwal .


Theodore Roosevelt is considered one of the most important men in the United States because his fight against adversity always made others try to get ahead, avoid failure without trying all possible options first. Thanks to his ideas, he managed to eliminate North American capitalism while at the same time boosting his country’s economy , managing to lift the United States out of the economic depression in which it was at the same time making it a world power .


Some of his most recognized phrases are mentioned below:

  • It is very difficult to fall, but it is much worse never to have tried to climb.
  • A great democracy must be able to progress or else it will cease to be great or a democracy.
  • Always do what you can do, with what you have, wherever you are.
  • It is always better to prefer action over criticism.
  • In a moment of decision the best thing is to do the right thing, then the wrong thing, but the worst thing is to do nothing.

Works by Theodore Roosevelt

Some of his most recognized works are:

  • Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt.
  • The rough riders.
  • A strenuous life.
  • Life on the ranch and the hunting trail.

Presence in popular culture

In popular culture, Theodore Roosevelt is still considered one of the most important presidents in the United States and his history is taught in museums, schools and colleges.

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