Tetsuya Nomura


Tetsuya Nomura is recognized for being a successful character designer and video game director for a company called Square Enix, known as the architect and master owner of the Kingdom Hearts game series .

  • When was he born:  10/08/1970
  • Nationality:  Japanese
  • Profession:  Game designer, illustrator

Who is Tetsuya Nomura?

Tetsuya Nomura is a character designer and video game director originally from Japan who since 1992 has worked for the Square Enix company, his name is spelled as follows野村 哲 and translates as Nomura Tetsuya.

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Tetsuya Nomura Biography

Tetsuya Nomura was born in 1970 on October 8 in Koichi, Japan , before embarking on his full career as a designer and director at the hand of Square Enix, he was busy creating advertisements for some companies, after this Tetsuya Nomura was reading a magazine he realized that Square Enix, formerly known as Squaresoft, had placed an ad requesting staff, showing that there were some vacant positions, after this Tetsuya provided a portfolio with his curriculum summary and resumes and was hired in 1992 to work on the battle charts of a game called Final Fantasy V, for the great success that it demonstrated and its commitment to it, a couple of years later, it is granted the direction of the next game in the saga, which was Final Fantasy VI.


In 1996 a project was created about a game called Silent Chaos that was based and based on a game that was originally for PC called Dark Earth . This game began to develop in an excellent way, however, its principles and main objectives were changed, for which its production was stopped and some time later its development was completed but only available for PlayStation. François Rimasson at the beginning of the project was the one who made and designed the characters, however, for Tetsuya Nomura they were not enough therefore he readjusted and redesigned them in a certain way; Despite the great effort that had been taken when developing the game, the project was never finished,For this reason, its process was stopped definitively in November 1999, after almost three years of development.

The following years Tetsuya Nomura continued to focus on what the Final Fantasy series of games was , working not only as a character designer or the battlefields, but this time he had been granted the right to be director of this series of games. games, however, it must be recognized that he himself earned that right to pulse. After this Tetsuya worked on various projects, including Ehrgeiz and Parasite Eve II, games destined for Play Station, he continued creating characters over and over again for Pklay Station until he focused again on the Final Fantasy series , taking care of what They wereFinal Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, and Final Fantasy XI.

In recent years, Tetsuya Nomura has acted as director , concept artist, writer and character designer for what are Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep , in the same way Nomura was in charge of directing a Animated film focused on his same field of work called Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which was released in 2005 in the city of Japan and in America a year later on April 25, a curious fact is that in his handwriting he wrote a few words in what was the soundtrack, a great detail that marks his imminent authorship in the work.

Currently Tetsuya Nomura continues to work with Squaresoft, in addition to this he is focused as a character designer in Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy , as a director in Final Fantasy Type 0 that will be only available for PSP and the same designs and creations of the series of Games that he has been in charge of since his inception as a designer, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, which will only be available for Play Station 3.


Tetsuya Nomura only takes care of the characters and some battlefields, his games are usually Role Play Game , this focuses more on battle tactics, agility , advantages and disadvantages of each of the characters, in addition to that He creates the battlefields in such a way that it is appropriate for one character but fatal for the other, so we can say that his style is normal but does not strike out in everyday life , thus being innovative in certain aspects; something that cannot be denied is his great ability to devise characters.

Featured Video Games by Tetsuya Nomura

One of its most recognized video games is Kingdom Hearts, however, although this is one of its newest and most innovative projects, what propelled it to have the popularity it currently has is the Final Fantasy series of games , of which versions are still being developed. more and more better continually ; Although there is a varied list of his collaborations in games and others, in which I take control of things as those previously mentioned are the ones that are mentioned the most and resonate on the walls of society, including Final Fantasy was the reason why Tetsuya was awarded an RPG award, for being an excellent game, this recognition is possibly the only one that Tetsuya Nomura has won.


Although Tetsuya Nomura has been a very successful man in the world of video games, there is only a single award dating that was given to him thanks to the series of Games of which he has been part of the work team since the second generation of the game , he won a recognition in Japan in RPG.


One of the most curious things in the entire career of Tetsuya Nomura is the fact that his life changed transcendentally, this when applying for the Square Enix or Squaresoft company was not selected for the job, however, the reason is a mystery for which a few weeks after being rejected, he was called from Squaresoft to offer him a position as basic character designer.

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