One of the most popular sports worldwide and that is practiced by children and adults is tennis . A healthy way to exercise both the mind and physical skills and that can also be practiced in a group or individual way.


What is tennis?

Tennis is a type of sport that is practiced on a special court in which a small ball is used that is sent from one side of the court to the other over a net with the help of a pair of rackets.


What does it consist of

Tennis is a type of sport that is practiced within a special court that consists of a completely flat terrain, rectangular in shape and that is divided by means of a net that at the same time marks the place where the players will be located. In order to practice it, the use of a racket and a tennis ball is essential. The player must take the racket with his hands and hit the ball so that it reaches the other end of the net without touching it.


Tennis characteristics

The main characteristics of tennis are the following:

  • The games do not have long breaks .
  • It is played continuously without any interruption until the game ends.
  • There are no substitutes for players.
  • It is played in silence with the aim of reducing stress as much as possible and increasing concentration.
  • There is a time of 3 minutes to recover from an injury, if not achieved, the player will be disqualified.
  • It is a sport that requires anaerobic and aerobic endurance .
  • The tennis player must be agile , perform fluid and rhythmic movements , in addition, he must have excellent coordination of his movements.
  • It can be played individually or in pairs .


The history of this sport dates back to the nineteenth century and the data found indicate that it began in France , where it was known by the name of “jeu de paume” or game with the palm, however, there are data that indicate that the peoples of Persia and Assyria practiced it using only the hand. Many historians also indicate that the Arabs and the Romans played a very similar game spreading their practice throughout the Mediterranean .

At the beginning, it was a privileged sport since only the upper classes had the right to practice it and it was the favorite sport of Francis I, King of France, who constantly practiced it in the Louvre Palace.

Who invented it

Tennis was invented by Walter Clopton Wingfield , who in 1873 gave it the name “sphairistike” . It was he who patented tennis as a sport, took it upon himself to market it all over the world and made it become fashionable. England was the place where tennis was officially born.

Women’s tennis

Professional women’s tennis had its beginnings in the year 1970 , when a group of women started what became known as the WTA circuit . Despite the fact that women have managed to get involved in sport, it is the same as in all areas of society, and there is still a long way to go. In 1900, Charlotte Cooper , the first tennis player to win an Olympic championship, participated in the Paris Olympic Games , the first games in which women were allowed to participate.

In 1957, Althea Gibson , was the first woman who managed to win a match in the English tournament, in fact, for her it was a very long road because at that time black ethnic players could not participate in the tournament, she had to fight then in against double discrimination . Nowadays, more and more women are practicing the sport and many of them are capable of winning international tournaments and competitions .

How to play tennis

Tennis is played on a rectangular court divided by an intermediate net . Each player must have a racket and the game begins with the serve by one of them at the moment they hit the ball . The ball must bounce in the box opposite the player who serves once and must not touch the net. The player will have two opportunities to serve, if he fails both it will mean a point in favor of his opponent.

Tennis fundamentals

The basic fundamentals of tennis are as follows:

  • The handles : basic way in which the racket is held at the time of making a stroke, it must be correct as it is a bridge that defines the player’s style.
  • Hitting mechanics : refers to the way the ball is hit. There are basic ones such as the forehand, backhand, serve and volley and specialized ones such as lobs, bounce and drops.
  • Footwork : they are a series of movements made by the player’s feet to be able to take a correct position before making the hit, this makes the tennis player feel more comfortable and coordinated.
  • Stroke effect : it is the type of rotation that takes place once the ball is hit and allows the player to have better control over the ball.


The rules that must be followed to practice this sport are mentioned below:

  • The track must measure the rigor measure and be divided by a net in the middle.
  • The net posts must be located 0.914 meters outside the line.
  • The fixtures must be placed in position before the start of the match.
  • The tennis ball must follow the specifications imposed by the international tennis federation.
  • point is lost when the ball goes out of bounds, when the player cannot return the ball over the net, when the ball touches the player’s court twice in a row, or when two consecutive fouls are committed during a throw-in. .
  • The score of the games is 0, 15, 30 and 40.
  • The server must perform the first service to the right of the central mark.
  • The choice of who draws is made by lottery .


The positions for playing tennis are as follows:

  • Right : this type of position generates an essential shot for any tennis player, it is the first shot that is generally learned and its practice can help to make an accurate shot.
  • Backhand : it is a classic stroke and is considered the basis for many players, it is done in a waiting position, the racket is moved backwards, the racket is moved forward and then the stroke is finished.
  • Serve : also known as serve, it is considered the most relevant movement in tennis since it gives the beginning of the advantage for one of the two players.


The general categories of tennis are the following:

  • 10th Amateur or beginners.
  • 9th Amateur who also belongs to the group of players who are just starting to play.
  • 8th Amateur that includes beginners with some knowledge of the sport.
  • 7th Amateur , a group of beginners who know how to play but do not master depth or power.
  • 6th Amateur or more advanced players.
  • 5th Amateur or intermediate players who have good technique and consistency.
  • 4th Amateur that includes advanced intermediate players.
  • 3rd Amateur who are advanced players and who completely dominate the technique.
  • 2nd Amateur , very advanced players who master all strokes, depth and variety.
  • 1st Amateur is the highest category and they are competitive players.


Among the most important competitions in the world of tennis we can mention the Davis Cup, a men’s competition, the Federation Cup for women, the ATP Masters Series for male tennis players worldwide, the ATP Challenger Series , the Australian Open that takes place every months of January for both men and women, Roland Garros in Paris, Wimbledon considered the most prestigious tournament in the world and the US Open .


The main techniques that surround this sport are the following:

  • Grips : the way to hold the handle of the racket.
  • Service : done with the continental grip to gain more speed and variation in service.
  • Volley : the blow that is given to the ball before it bounces off the ground.
  • Backhand : one of the most difficult techniques in tennis and depends on the position of the body.
  • Dropped – A stroke whereby the ball is de-powered so that it lands near the net.
  • Serve : starting point of the game and one of the most important techniques.

Basketball court

The court to play tennis must be built in a rectangular shape and its measurements must be 23.77 meters long by 8.23 ​​meters wide . This court must be divided in half by means of a net fixed to the posts, which must have a height of 1.07 meters.


The tennis ball must have a diameter of 6.35 centimeters and by regulation it must be yellow in color including a white line.


The equipment consists of a pair of rackets , specialized shoes or tennis shoes that are comfortable and offer good grip on the ground, tennis balls , a bag for storing the rackets and comfortable clothing .

Famous tennis players

Some famous players of this sport are:

  • Andre Agassi
  • Rafael Nadal
  • Roger Federer
  • Novak Djokovic
  • Dominic Thiem


Years ago, the balls were black and white but over time it was proven that the yellow color was easier to distinguish. The rackets were made with wooden frames. It became an Olympic sport in 1896 and became known as “white sport” because its players always wore this color. The shortest game in the world lasted only 23 minutes and the longest 11 hours and 5 minutes.

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