The Teleport is a phenomenon that currently have great importance in the field of science fiction . It may be that we still have the ability to teleport objects or people from one place to another in an instant, but there are also several scenarios in which teleportation can be achieved. So, teleportation is not only possible, it is being practiced and studied more and more every day in various physics laboratories around the world.


What is teleportation?

The word teleportation refers to the ability of an individual or object to be able to move in the distance from one place to another instantaneously by means of supernatural powers or, in the case of science, by means of a series of technological devices .

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What is teleportation?

The simplest and most common definition that exist on the Teleportation is the ability to move an object from two different points so instantly without the object being carried from one place to another have to walk the path between the two objectives . In simpler words, it consists of taking a thing to another place. It is important to understand that in this definition, the word instantaneous refers primarily to a wave that has the ability to travel at the speed of light.


This sounds practically impossible to achieve but nevertheless, there is what is known as quantum teleportation which has been proven by science demonstrating that there is a means of being able to teleport through the quantum entanglement effect which establishes that, if They produced two particles which are interlaced, each could be placed on opposite ends and the two behave in the same way so as to affect the particle a , affect in the same way to the particle B.


Teleportation in the field of real science began to take shape in 1993 through a theoretical study published by the physicist Asher Peres and five other researchers who worked on the formulation of the Physical Review Letters , a document that laid the foundations for the quantum teleportation.


Apparently, it was the idea of ​​co-author Charles Bennett , who participated in the Physical Review Letters , to associate the phenomenon that had been proposed with the popular idea that already existed of teleportation , but with an essential difference between fiction and reality that established that in the latter It is not the matter that travels, but the information , which has the capacity to transfer properties from the original matter to the destination one.

The quantum teleportation is based on a hypothesis that had already been described in 1935 by physicist Albert Einstein and his colleagues Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen , a hypothesis that was known as the EPR paradox . This hypothesis said that, as a consequence of the laws of quantum physics , it was possible to obtain two particles and then separate them in space so that they continue to share their properties , as two halves of a whole. Thus, an action on one of them would instantly have an effecton the other and that also the process had the ability to break the limit of the speed of light .

How does it work

Quantum teleportation, which is the process that is currently being studied, involves the power to decode an object so that it undergoes an alteration or a process of destruction . It is a mechanism by means of which the nature that the object possesses at the beginning of the process can be destroyed and at the same time it destroys the replicas, preventing a series of copies from being formed in this way that can be infinite .

Then, the quantum particles that are formed can then be found in different states in terms of existence and through quantum bonding , the state of one is different from another and at the same time, they are inseparable , then, if for some reason something affects to one of the particles it will be possible that the other is also affected .

Is teleportation really possible?

At present, and despite hundreds of studies and experiments, it has not yet been possible to teleport things or people from one place to another, however, science is such an immense and deep field, that it cannot be said that this never it will be possible. It is possible to read in some news that a teleportation has been achieved but this refers to the quantum type that was explained previously.

The current problem is that, in order to teleport an object or a person, it would be necessary to break all its components and this would include atoms , molecules , organs , systems and more. This makes humans the least indicated to test the theories that exist since they have in their brain all the connections responsible for memories and feelings, then, when trying to decompose the entire human body , these aspects would be lost.


The scientists from China say they were able to teleport one particle of photon from Earth to one of its satellites is located approximately 1400 kilometers away. For this experiment they used a total of 4000 pairs of photons which were shot individually towards the satellite called Micius , it has a sensitive photon receiver that has the ability to detect the quantum states that have been sent from Earth.

Teleportation in popular culture

In popular culture, teleportation is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed topics by science lovers , especially in the field of fiction . Movies , TV series and comics are the main popular areas where teleportation is always present. Some examples are mentioned below:

  • One of the major films that made the interest in teletransportación in the golden age of science fiction, was Star Trek called Star Trek and all its sequences.
  • One of the most popular series in the United States , The Big Bang Theory , included important aspects related to teleportation.
  • Within science fiction, it is common for teleportation to be represented by black holes which have the ability to teleport things.
  • In video games , the concept has been used in an important way. Many famous games include teleportation as their main theme and endow game characters with incredible abilities .
  • Television series of comics like Dragon Ball Z, Maijin Boo, Son Goky and many more, use the principle of teleporting through a Ki and they see the process as a technique that requires great periods of concentration .
  • It can even be seen in children’s cartoons like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic where the little pony has the natural ability to teleport from one place to another by magic .

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