The human mind has the great ability to experience different types of powers , some of them are even considered mysterious , this coupled with the film industry and literature have given special importance to some types of mental power, such as the telekinesis , a term that defines the capacity that some human beings can have to be able to move a certain object with the mind .


What is telekinesis?

The telekinesis is a type of mental ability that is used in the field of parapsychology to designate the ability of an individual to move or move objects using only the mind without any force or energy that mediates movement.

  • What is telekinesis?
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What is telekinesis?

Telekinesis is a type of mental phenomenon that basically consists of the ability that some individuals can develop to be able to move objects through power or mental force . It is a term that does not really have any valid scientific basis and is attributed mainly to esotericism and pseudosciences , however, many also claim that it is a true capacity of the mind that has not yet been explained.



The origin of telekinesis dates back to the 19th century when it was coined for the first time thanks to Alexander N. Aksakof who was a doctor of philosophy of Russian nationality and who specialized in the study of spiritualistic practices .


Throughout the spiritist movement that was present and important in the mid and late nineteenth century , spiritistic phenomena seemed to be present in all corners of the planet. During seances it was common to observe that tables were moved, musical instruments floated in the air and even played melodies on their own, and other types of activities that gave a lot to think about. Although these phenomena could only be observed when they were in the presence of a medium , the movement that occurred was totally attributed to the presence of the spirits .

It was then that parapsychologists came to play an important role because for them, these movements originate in the physical person and not in the spirits . Furthermore, it should also be mentioned that much of the apparent phenomena of the Spiritualist Movement were actually nothing more than hoaxes and sleight of hand .

Later during the 1930s , the term ” psychokinesis ” was finally coined in 1914 by the American author Henry Holt and shortly thereafter became the term of choice among parapsychologists. As early as 1934 , JB Rhine , who is considered the father of modern parapsychology, was commissioned to perform several experiments to test telekinesis. Although its results are debated, many people today still believe in this type of phenomenon.


According to experts in the area, the main symptom experienced by people who can practice telekinesis is the ability to move an object from one place to another or to raise it a few centimeters from the surface, however, it is not describe specific symptoms that allow the phenomenon to be characterized in greater depth.

Development of telekinesis

According to experts, telekinesis can be developed by individuals , although it is important to mention that they also emphasize that not all people can develop it. To put the mind into practice , a series of steps and exercises are recommended that can activate this phenomenon, among them we find the following:

  • The first thing is to believe with conviction that telekinesis actually exists because if the person has a skeptic it will be impossible that at the subconscious level, the ability can develop.
  • It is advisable to practice deep meditation every day as a type of mental discipline. In it, it is essential to pay attention to the thoughts and the breath.
  • Then, you should start to practice visualizing the objects , the details, the shape. It is important to try to save the image of the object in the mind and in memory to be able to visualize it mentally with the eyes closed. The concentration must start with objects having a small size and it is also important to try to leave the mind blank, so that only you think of the object.
  • Focusing on the connection that is established between the body and the object is of the utmost importance since this energy is responsible for connecting thoughts with the outside world.
  • Subsequently, the individual shall display so clearly the way in which it wants to manipulate the object , here the concentration is very important as it is to think of a single movement.

Does telekinesis really exist?

Although there are many people who do not believe in this type of phenomenon, the truth is that on many occasions there have been some events that have not yet found a good explanation from a scientific point of view . Many of these phenomena have been attributed to the appearance of ghosts , however others claim that they occur due to a series of mental manifestations .

There are many people who have become famous for claiming that they have psychokinetic ability. Although skeptics have found most to be frauds , some continue to profess their ability and a significant portion of the public remains fascinated by their performances, even if they are not really convinced of their abilities .

Telekinesis in popular culture

The possibility that human beings have real has psychokinetic ability fascinated the public long ago and fascination is often expressed in the novels , the cinema , the television , the computer games and comics , so the Telekinesis continues to occupy a very popular role within universal culture .

Perhaps one of the most popular fields where it is possible to live the “possible” experiences that telekinesis could provide are based on the cinema . In the classic film ” Carrie ” filmed in 1976 by Stephen King, Sissy Spacek played a troubled high school student who had psychokinetic powers. In the famous and well-known Star Wars film series , many of its characters have the ability to psychokinetically manipulate objects through what they call “the Force.” Characters in the long-running X-Men comic book series , which later spawned a host of movies, also boast many similar abilities.


Some examples of telekinesis are mentioned below:

  • Miroslaw Magola who claimed many years ago to have the ability to use psychic power to lift objects from the ground against the force of gravity . In his demonstrations, he placed different objects on his head and hands and then moved them without the use of any help.
  • Nina Kulagina , a Russian seer who managed to demonstrate an impressive range of seemingly psychic powers in the mid to late century. Apparently, he was able to move objects only with the power of his mind to the amazement of the onlookers. Kulagina was investigated by several scientists , and precautions were taken to eliminate the possibility of deception using hidden magnets or threads, as well as drafts, yet she could always move objects.

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