In the world there is a great variety of sports which can be practiced in different places. One of these groups are water sports, which are those that can be performed in different places that contain water such as rivers, seas and swimming pools. One of the most common and intense sea water sports is undoubtedly surfing, which is also practiced by thousands of people at a competitive and recreational level in the world.


What is surfing?

Surfing is a water sport or sea that is done on a board of surfing with the aim of achieving stand and maintain balance in the waves as athletes move on them.


What does it consist of

Surfing basically consists of riding the waves on a board specially made for this purpose vertically. It is the sliding on the surface of the water until the wave manages to break and completely lose its great energy. It could be said that it is sailing parallel to the beach on the waves until reaching the shore. It is common to observe, while the surfer is on the wave, that different turns are made as the wave moves, this technique in competitions allows athletes to earn extra scores according to their abilities.


Surf characteristics

Among its main characteristics, it should be noted that it is a sport that is practiced worldwide and is highly acclaimed. The name of the athletes who practice it is known as surfers and they must have years of training to compete. The twists and somersaults on the waves are quite common. It is a type of sport that requires a lot of concentration , balance and good reflexes. , in addition, participants must know how to swim very well, know how the sea works and know how to choose the best waves.


It is an ancient sport and was first practiced in Indonesia during the 18th century. However, surfing as it is known today was born in Hawaii. For a long time it was an unimportant sport until 1900 when it began to pick up again and spread to California . In 1956 the sport became one of the most popular on the Pacific coast of North America .

Who invented it

It was invented by people in Hawaii who used it as a means of transportation.

How to surf

To surf, the first thing to do is get a suitable board . The ideal is to start with a Longboard, then use a funboard and then the Shortboard . It is better to start practicing on the ground, tie the strap to the foot , lie face down on the board, align the body and quickly try to get up and stand on the board. Once you get the hang of it you can go into the water to paddle and start in places with small waves.


There are three basic fundamentals that every surfer should know and practice. The first of them is to have knowledge of the sea as this aspect allows the athlete to make a series of very important decisions. A second fundamental is knowing how to choose the wave correctly as this can considerably improve the quality of the sport. The reading of the wave is the third foundation and involves knowing how a wave function.


Among the most fundamental rules of sport are the following:

  • Priority that implies that the possibility of riding a wave will always have the person who is closest to the place where it breaks.
  • Do not skip the waves when there is a person with priority, it is forbidden to remove waves or overtake.
  • It is important to wait for turns .
  • The free path of the surfer who is currently riding the wave should not be obstructed .
  • Do not drop the board at any time as it can cause serious injuries.
  • You cannot play sports under the influence of alcohol .
  • Maintain a good physical condition , a good diet and a good general state of health .


In most countries where surfing is practiced, there are several categories to group surfers. There is an open category for men and women that includes people of any age, a junior category that includes men and women who have reached 17 years of age. The Boys group with ages up to 15 years old. Gromment up to 13 years old and mini grommets up to 11 years old. In more professional participants there is the Master with people over 40 years of age, the novice where athletes with more than two years of experience are located and the Grand Master with 35 years of age.


Among the main competitions of this type of sport, the following are mentioned:

  • World Surfing Championship
  • World Qualifying Series
  • Australian Championship
  • ISA World Surfing Games


The main surfing techniques are the following:

  • Take -off : also known as take-off and this is the athlete’s first maneuver which consists of supporting the abdomen on the table, helping with the arms and maintaining balance by bending the knees.
  • Floater : the wave is ridden from the front and then navigated on the crest of the wave to later descend to the wall.
  • Cut-back : in this technique the surfer must mount the wall of the wave by shifting all his weight towards the heels and rotating the board 180 ° where the wave breaks.
  • Tube : the athlete slides through the inner part of the tube that is formed in the wave when it breaks. This type of technique is basically every surfer’s dream.
  • Aerial : are all the maneuvers carried out by the athlete that involve taking off from the water.

Where to surf

Surfing is a sport that is practiced in the sea and can sometimes be practiced in swimming pools that have artificial waves that have been manufactured for this purpose. There are several places around the world that are famous for their waves, one of them is Hawaii , an island in the Pacific Ocean where the waves even reach 9 meters in height. Another of the most acclaimed places is Costa Rica , the best waves occur mainly in the summer season in the northern part and in the winter in the Caribbean. Australia is another of the best places to practice surfing.


The surfboard is the necessary implement to perform this type of sport. They have a fish shape and are mainly made of hand-molded polyurethane that is subsequently covered with layers of fiberglass . Most are between two and two and a half meters long and have three fins at the bottom of the board that help maintain better stability . There are also several types of tables:

  • Bodyboard : it is shorter, it measures approximately one meter.
  • Shortboard : it is quite popular, more aerodynamic and very light which allows a better execution of turns and maneuvers.
  • Longboard : it is heavier but at the same time more stable. It measures 2.75 meters which makes it a bit more difficult to turn and is the ideal type for competitions.


In order to surf, there is a necessary equipment that athletes must have. First, you will need the surfboard , which is an essential element, it is important to choose the design that best suits the person depending on the level and physical conditions. The fins or fins are essential because without them you will not be able to surf the wave properly. The wax or paraffin that is placed on top of the table to improve the athlete’s grip on the table and prevent slipping.

Depending on the sea temperature, the wetsuit is essential, in these cases it is also common for the surfer to use boots of the same material, hats and gloves to avoid hypothermia. If the weather is warm then a good bathing suit will do the trick. The accessories Extra are part of the equipment and include wax comb, bag for storing the table, and nariceras earplugs.

Famous surfers

Some of the most famous surfers in the world are:

  • John florence
  • Andean Kolohe
  • Gabriel Medina
  • Stephanie gilmore
  • Kelly slater


The first English woman to get on a surfboard was the well-known Agatha Christie in the 1920s. The Beach Boys, although they based their music and career on surfing, never practiced the sport. The most acclaimed maneuver by all surfers worldwide is called a cutback . The paraffin used by athletes for their boards comes from the wax used for the floor.

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