It is very likely that at some point a game in which rackets are used has been observed , however, there are many of them and each and every one has different characteristics, intensities and levels. The squash is an example of this type of sport, in fact, it is considered as one of the disciplines most complete and has the ability to give the human body a lot of benefits by increasing the general welfare and health of the body.


What is squash?

Squash is a type of sport that originally comes from racquetball . It is a game played by two players from opposing teams under one roof and also uses a small ball made of rubber and a pair of rackets.


What does it consist of

The game of squash basically consists of a racket sport in which two players from different teams face each other in order to hit a small ball using the racket and directing the ball towards the front wall above the band that has been placed. The ball must be hit by the player before it can bounce off the ground. When a player fails to return it, then it is a plus.


Squash characteristics

Among its main characteristics are the following:

  • It is a kind of sport that uses a racket and ball of rubber to be practiced.
  • It was finally recognized as a professional sport in the early 1920s.
  • It is a type of sport that involves a lot of speed and that is why physical preparation is very necessary.
  • Athletes must establish strategies before the game to correctly return the ball.
  • It is practiced by women and by men .
  • The ball can have different degrees of speed and bounce .


Squash had its beginnings in the 19th century when different styles of play that involved the use of rackets also began to emerge. According to experts, he was born in a prison called Fleet located in London . According to the story , the prisoners used a ball that they hit against the walls as a way of exercising. Later, in the year 1820 , this type of game was introduced in the University of Harrow and in different educational institutions.

Experts in sports realized that when the ball was hit against a wall, it acquired greater strength allowing the production of different types of faster strokes increasing at the same time the physical effort made by the athlete, was thus was born what today we know as squash. In 1864 it was finally declared as an official sports discipline and the first fields to practice it began to be built.

Who invented it

It was invented by inmates of the Fleet jail but as a sport it was created thanks to the students of the Harrow School in the year 1830.

How to play squash

To play it you need two players or in some cases, two pairs per team. The rubber ball is necessary to be able to play it as well as a proper court . The main idea is that the ball can bounce regardless of direction or direction against the front wall but without touching the ground . When this happens, then it is a point that is scored to the athlete of the opposing team who at the same time will win the right to serve.


The basic fundamentals involve the proper grip of the racket which must be held with the whole hand, the wrestler position with the legs spread, hips open , knees bent . The serve is also essential and the ball should not bounce off the floor first before being hit by the racket. Another foundation is the drive that involves hitting the ball. The backhand which is another type of movement by means of which the ball can be hit.


Among the main rules that must be followed to practice this sport we find:

  • The ball must be black with yellow dots.
  • The right equipment is essential to practice the sport.
  • The ball can hit any wall but must always hit the front or front wall before hitting the ground.
  • There must be the presence of two officials who moderate the game and they must sit at the back of the court.
  • All players have the right to return the ball without the opponent interfering.
  • When there is obstruction or the player does not go for the ball, a let is called.
  • Matches must have a stroke ball.
  • When a bad serve or return is made, the point will go to the player who did not hit the ball.
  • The game is made up of between 3 and 5 games and each of them is made up of 9 points or 111.


The sport can be practiced by children, youth and adults.


With the passage of time this sport has achieved greater importance and for this reason various types of competitions are held worldwide . Among them we can mention the World Open of Squash , the World Series that includes a very select group of athletes who are dedicated to the discipline, the World International and the World Challenger , a competitive tournament for young people who have a good professional destiny.


Among the main techniques that players can use to play squash are the following:

  • Footwork that involves placing the foot in the correct position before making any blow.
  • Proper movement on the court , one of the most relevant aspects and that goes hand in hand with footwork.
  • Hitting position that implies the ability to hit the ball and that depends on the dexterity, position and pressure with which the ball is hit.
  • Drawing imaginary lines to keep the ball in the correct area.
  • The observation of the ball and an adequate flexion of the knees are also fundamental techniques.
  • Varying the serves, returning them with a parallel and varying the rhythm are also fundamental aspects.

Squash court

The court or track as it is also known, is a place that must be surrounded by four walls so that the ball can bounce off any of them. The back of this court must be built with transparent materials to avoid feelings of claustrophobia in athletes. It is divided into red serve zones and, according to the established standard measure, they must be 9.76 meters long by 6.40 meters wide .


The balls are differentiated by the type of spike they can produce. These are made of rubber or rubber , their diameter is 44 mm and they are marked with yellow , blue and red dots . The one with a double yellow point is very slow and has a low bounce; those with a single yellow dot is less slow than the previous one but keeps the rebound low. The red dot indicates that the ball has a high bounce and the blue one that the ball is too fast and also has a lot of bounce.


To play squash, athletes must have their respective rackets , which can vary in size and ideally will have to be built with synthetic fiber, aluminum or granite. The ball is part of the essential equipment as well as the footwear that should preferably be breathable and light. As for footwear, it is better if it has a rubber sole to improve adherence to the ground.

Famous squash players

Some of the most famous squash players are:

  • Gregory gaultier
  • Borja Golan
  • Mohamed Elshorbagy
  • Diana Garcia
  • Catalina Peláez
  • Nour El Sherbini


This type of sport provides a large number of health benefits for those who practice it as it provides high levels of both physical and mental health, thus helping to improve the ability and agility of thought . It is important for health as it also helps improve cardiovascular capacity by also strengthening muscles. The game itself was born inside a jail because the inmates used it as a way of exercising.

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