Sports warm-up


When doing different types of physical exercises either at home or in a gym, it is important to always remember to warm up before starting aerobic or weight training routines . It may be that if you go to the gym, those in charge of your training remind you before you start your routine and the reason for this is because warming up is one of the fundamental steps through which you can avoid sports injuries and physical problems.


What is sports warm-up?

The sports warm-up is a group of exercises for the muscles and joints that are carried out gradually with the main objective of being able to prepare the human body so that it can give a better physical performance and to avoid injuries.


What does it consist of

Sports warm-up is a group or set of exercises that must be performed before an aerobic or weight routine which has the ability to increase the temperature of the muscles . They are exercises that start with a fairly mild intensity but gradually increase with the aim of not subjecting the body to excessive effort, but on the contrary, to prepare the body for the exercise that will be performed.


This type of warm-up consists of achieving that the human body can achieve its best through a series of efforts that cause a better physical performance, reducing at the same time the risk of suffering some type of injury and allowing the person to who does so can achieve their sporting goals .

Sports warm-up features

Among the main characteristics of sports warm-up we can find the following:

  • It is characterized because it must be done before the exercise routine that is prepared for the day.
  • There is an elevation in the temperature of the muscles.
  • The heart rate accelerates but not significantly.
  • Sports warming causes most muscles of the body are activated .
  • The intensity of these exercises usually increases little by little until the end of the warm-up.
  • It must be done within a period of time that ranges between five and ten minutes .
  • During the sports warm-up , specific muscle groups can be worked .


The idea of ​​physical warm-up was born in classical Greece when the Greeks were preparing to perform a competition, for this, they warmed up their body through various movements to be ready for the fight. It was at that precise moment that the sculptors of the time analyzed their figures and then sculpted their works. With the passage of time, this technique began to be implemented in all routines that involved exercises and today it is considered one of the most important aspects in the field of fitness and sports.

Objectives of the sports warm-up

There are several objectives that seek to be met through sports warm-up and all of them have their special importance since they are beneficial for sports performance and for the safety of athletes and athletes. Some of these goals are mentioned below:

  • Avoid potential bodily injury that can include serious problems such as sprains, muscle spasms, and fiber breakage.
  • Achieve to improve the elasticity of the muscles .
  • Increase coordination , rhythm and attention skills
  • Prevent injuries to the respiratory system as it is the ideal way for the body to prepare for exercise.
  • Prepare the body mentally so that it is ready for the practice of the exercise.
  • Raise the body temperature so that you can optimize the hormonal system and the mobilization of nutrients at the same time.
  • Improve the condition of the joints and muscles by activating them so that they can then function more intensely.

Types of sports warm-up

There are several types of sports warm-up that can be applied and performed before doing an exercise routine. These types are mentioned below:

  • Heating General : This type of heating has as main objective to be able to prepare the muscles before activity to be performed without the exercise focuses on a particular muscle group. It is used to heat the whole body , a global way for it to enter an activation phase .
  • Physical warm-up: in this case, the warm-up is done on a specific group of muscles as well as on the joints that will be worked. It is based on performing the same exercise that is going to be performed but at a slow or low intensity .
  • Dynamic warm-up: it is characterized by activating the nature of the exercise that will be carried out, in it various biological processes are put into function that may include strength , balance , flexibility , adequate control of breathing and reflexes . It is a way of putting the body into an appropriate mental and physical state that will then allow you to perform the exercises in a proper way.
  • Preventive warm-up : the most important thing here is to establish a series of guidelines so that injuries can be prevented or so that an existing injury is not further complicated. They are exercises that must be performed at a very low intensity and their nature can vary considerably.


Before doing the sports warm-up, it is also important to know that to do it, it is necessary to follow a series of parts, guidelines or phases so that they allow it to be done correctly. These phases include the following aspects:

  • Joint mobility : in this case it is important to warm up and move the joints following an order which must be done in ascending or descending order.
  • Stretches : these must be done globally, the person can take a certain position for approximately ten seconds and remain in it without causing pain.
  • Activate the central area : this involves performing several types of exercises that can adequately activate the muscles of the abdomen and lower back. They are hypopressive type exercises in other words, they make the pressure that exists in the abdomen can be reduced.
  • Specific warm-up : this must be done depending on the type of physical activity or exercise that will be carried out.
  • Cardiovascular warm-up: the most important thing here is to be able to warm up the muscles so that this can increase the temperature.
  • Tuning phase : in this phase the most important thing is to perform different exercises that help the body enter a state of energy, relaxation and concentration.


Without a doubt, one of the most important parts before doing any type of exercise is the sports warm-up, the reason is to some extent simple, it is the easiest way to avoid injuries to both muscles and joints. In addition, it is very important to be able to get the muscles to work at their maximum potential , which will make the exercise routines easier to do and at the same time more effective .

It is the means by which flexibility , speed and efficiency of exercises can be improved, thereby achieving better results. It is important because thanks to it, it is possible to avoid muscle pain and mental exhaustion.

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