Sport climbing


The climbing rock is a sport exciting and challenging way that it generated an explosion of adrenaline in athletes who practice it . Combining physical strength with mental focus , climbers study routes, decipher movements as they go, and then use the power , flexibility and agility of their bodies to conquer the heights. This type of sport is also being widely exploited internationally as countries around the world are drawn to climb mountains and rock faces.


Sport climbing

Sport climbing is a sport that involves climbing walls of rock , hills or mountains that are characterized by their verticality by teams insured previously.


What is sport climbing?

Sport climbing consists of climbing or going over different slopes or walls , in the artificial case, which are full of rocks. These walls must have equipment for protection and security to safeguard the lives of the climbers. Climbing must be done using the natural relief of the walls to reach the top without falling or slipping. It also consists of giving a maximum effort through difficult movements for which a previous preparation has been had. When a route of travel is found, the climber must first travel it using special equipment and then climb depending on thelevel of difficulty granted. Difficulties will occur depending on the inclination of the wall , size , shape of the grips, the resting point and the total of movements.


History of sport climbing

The earliest evidence for rock climbing comes from paintings that date back to 200 BC and were made by a number of Chinese climbers . Sport climbing spread throughout Europe as part of mountaineering , but it was not until 1880 that rock climbing became a sport as such. Today, climbing is used in everything from cinematic stunts to emergency rescue work , and has a wide variety of international competition scenes representing each of the different disciplines of the sport.


The foot technique is the most useful tool and the idea is to keep the weight on the feet. An upright , athletic , balanced posture is the key to success in this sport. You should start by practicing lifting the weight with your lower body. Any foothold you find requires precision. It is best to practice on easy routes, but always striving to position your feet in a precise and coordinated way. The athlete must focus on his feet and his body and not his hands to put the feet in the right place to progress. Once the feet are in the correct position, focus on placing the toes at the point of contact and the ankles in the best position for the foot to avoid friction .


People who are starting this sport tend to pay too much attention to their hands while ignoring their feet. It should be remembered that the feet bear most of the body weight in sport climbing. They should focus on being in constant motion and having their feet high enough to support the weight of the body.

Depletes climb forearms so it’s good to shake the arms to counteract the acid lactic removing strength and endurance . Find a position on the wall where you can put your entire body weight on it, release one hand first to give it rest. When strength is regained, it is repeated again. Search your routes for resting positions where you can shake yourself before continuing.


Some of the rules that the climber must follow before starting sport climbing are the following:

  • Remove the rope and pass it through the hands, the climb does not start if we have not felt it before.
  • Once you have put on the harness and helmet , the first thing to do is tie the rope to your harness with a knot preferably in a straight eight, which is the best type of knot because if the main knot is poorly made, the climber or colleagues have time to notice if there is something out of the ordinary.
  • You must use a carabiner for safety on the first anchor or tape express safety. Safety helmet and gloves should always be used .


The materials used in sport climbing are:

  • Climbing shoes , also called pédulas, tillas or climbing shoes .
  • Magnesiera and magnesium , the white powder that helps keep your hands dry.
  • Harness that is comfortable and true to size.
  • Rope .
  • ATC and carabiner with lock.
  • Casco .
  • Express tapes

Benefits of sport climbing

The main benefits of the sports scale are:

  • You burn calories , roughly 1,000 to 1,500 calories per hour.
  • You learn to work your whole body in a single session.
  • A great deal of muscular endurance is gained , giving them definition and health.
  • Toxins are removed from the body.
  • It helps you improve the degree of concentration and attention .
  • Posture and balance are strengthened
  • It is a great way to combat stress.

Sport climbing on wall

It is an activity that brings great benefits to the body. It presents a high degree of difficulty , but its benefits are many. It takes concentration and can be practiced by people of different ages, but it should be avoided by those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases or who have some type of injury to their body. You need a helmet to protect a harness , shoes special and magnesia.

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