Since he began the XXI century being human began to look for ways to improve their body image a more active compared to past centuries. Companies began to create reducing pills , food supplements that tried to replace the main meals and a myriad of products that had only one objective, to make the person lose weight. All these without any success. That is why spinning was created . This was based on exercises that allowed reducing body mass, obtaining results quickly and shaping the body.


What is spinning?

When it comes to spinning, it refers to an aerobic type of exercise where the legs are mainly focused but the whole body is worked , within these sports practices, there is an instructor who is also called a monitor who has the task of both fixing the pedaling frequencies as well as the resistance to movement , so it constantly seeks to change the intensities. The pedaling frequency and the movement resistances are what determine the intensitywith which these are made; Therefore, the greater the intensity, the greater the result; however, each person must know their physical capacities to avoid any type of injury.


What is spinning?

The spinning is simply a exercise that is practiced on a stationary bike which slides rubbers on a fabric strap, they are made in a home provided with sound equipment and air extractors, to further optimize the setting.


The instructors are in charge of creating imaginary routes where by means of an intensity grader , which is located in the center of the bicycle, you can place the strongest or weakest rubber sliding band, simulating for example if they are on a route flat or on a rise.

Spinning characteristics

Among the main characteristics of spinning are:

  • It is a gymnastics that offers the advantage of being totally adaptable to the ability level of each student , thus making it as simple as a walk through a park or a highway, an exploration route through the mountain full of rocks and potholes, or a race as if it were a professional journalist.
  • It is an extremely inexpensive exercise routine that can be done from home, where the only expense that must be made is the acquisition of the bicycle and from then on let the mind fly creating your own routes.
  • It is recommended that a lot of people who practice it , they know very well their physical limits before this will cause a health problem.

What is it for

The spinning has a great advantage , and that is their ability to adapt to each person who practices it . All spinning classes and they range from a half hour of gentle pedaling with a somewhat upright posture and with very moderate resistance to a session of strong changes in rhythm and alternating standing and sitting, simulating very strong routes .

This provides total ease to be practiced by most people regardless of their level of physical preparation , in turn, it ensures that people can enjoy all the benefits and contributions that this sport offers.


Spinning is believed to have started in the mid-20th century. When a group of people who used to run bicycles felt the need to start traveling these routes but from the comfort of a local or even within your own home.

The biggest challenge was to regulate the intensity of the routes that they used to face on the bicycle, so they established the normal structure of the bicycle and placed fabric bands under pressure adjusted by a mechanical method that pulled them by making the simulated discs. the tires would make them brake and therefore it would be more difficult for them to pedal.

How the class unfolds

Spinning classes can be very varied and always adapted to the majority of practitioners who are in the moment, usually beginning with motivating music and a simple movement in order to warm up the muscles. From this instructor he adapts the route so that the muscles begin to work consecutively.

Spinning benefits

Spinning has an amalgam of benefits not only physical but also internally , some of these are:

Benefits at the muscular level

Thanks to the fact that the legs and hips receive the greatest impact, where the largest muscle groups are found; the entire lower body system is strengthened to the point of removing problems such as cellulite.

Benefits with the heart

Because aerobic exercise makes the heart was enlarged a bit more than usual with these exercises makes the fat that covers is reduced , achieving better performance of the same.

Benefits against stress

This sport has psychological effects since it allows your mind to fly and forget for periods of time any situation that afflicts you, changing them for quiet or adrenaline-charged imaginary routes.

Benefits against pain or injury

The constant practice of this exercise because it strengthens the muscles , solves any discomfort at the intramuscular level and at the time of falls due to the reinforcement of the muscles, no greater pain occurs.

Anti-aging benefits

Like any other exercise, spinning keeps the body’s cells active which causes aging to be delayed by almost 20 years.

Disadvantages of spinning

Although this practice has a large number of benefits thanks to its aerobic exercises , it is essential that the activity be constantly monitored to avoid the risk typically associated with spinning, such as muscle trauma, which is caused by an unbridled practice of some exercise.


The equipment necessary to carry out this equipment is not very expensive , there is not even a “equipment” as such that is needed to start spinning. What the experts recommend within this practice is that you start with comfortable clothing , especially gym shorts and as you progress, take on gloves, marathon belts and special bicycle shoes, which are those that come equipped with small containers. of water that allow you to drink water in a dosed way.

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