SpaceX is a United States aerospace company or company headquartered in Hawthorne, California, founded in 2002, which came to usher in the new era of commercial flights into space. In fact, it is the first company to successfully launch and return a spacecraft to space from Earth orbit.


What is SpaceX?

SpaceX is a North American company that makes aerospace transport and that has managed to create Falcon rockets with the aim of creating reusable space launch vehicles.


Origin of SpaceX

The origin of SpaceX dates back to the year 2002 when Musk , the founder of the company and several of his friends made a trip to Russia to acquire an intercontinental missile that had been restored. At the time, Musk was not trying to create such a business but was looking for a way to use part of his fortune to rekindle the interest in funding for NASA and outer space exploration.


He was looking for a cheap rocket in which he could send plants or small animals to Mars and then bring them back, however, this search did not have positive results and for this reason, Musk decided that it would be better to build the rockets himself. A few months later he decided to found the company.


The history of SpaceX begins the moment Elon Musk decides to use payloads into space, his main idea was to send mice to Mars and then they could return. At the beginning, the Space X company was a small business and many small satellites that already existed had a series of difficulties to be able to be launched properly, this is where the history of SpaceX was born, a company that gained importance for trying to do things with greater speed even though his first attempts failed. In 2008 , the company understood that the small satellite business did not have much of a future and they decided to focus on the Falcon 9.. From that moment they received a contract with NASA which gave life to the company.

Between 2010 and 2013 , SpaceX managed to launch capsules that would finally take it to the International Space Station , although it launched few rockets, it began to advertise the use of reusable rockets. After many attempts, on December 22, 2015 they finally achieved a successful mission by landing a booster rocket. From this moment on, the company took more position in the market and has managed to become known as a true leader in technology matters.


Among the main objectives that SpaceX has proposed are the following:

  • Achieving reduce significantly the costs rising at the same time the flexibility that can exist in space travel, including the reuse of rockets once they have completed their mission.
  • Being able to make space travel with the main idea of ​​enabling life on other planets , mainly Mars.

SpaceX achievements

Among the most representative achievements of SpaceX are the following:

  • They carried out the first launch of a liquid- fueled rocket into Earth’s orbit.
  • It was the first private company that was able to successfully send a new version of the Falcon 9 into orbit and also successfully recovered the spacecraft.
  • One of its capsules, Dragon , was the first spacecraft that could be launched into orbit and that also managed to re-enter Earth .
  • It is the first private company that has managed to send a Dragon to the International Space Station .
  • They sent the Falcon 9 rocket into the Geo Synchronous Transfer Orbit for the first time in history.
  • Falcon 9 managed to place 11 communications satellites in orbit, managing to return to the landing zone, which made it the first orbital rocket to carry out this mission.


SpaceX has several vehicles that have been used to carry out a series of different missions, these are:


This spacecraft is based on a completely reusable transport system that has been designed with the aim of being able to transport a crew and their cargo towards the orbit of the Earth , the Moon , the planet Mars and they even think beyond these limits . It has the capacity to transport a quantity greater than 100 metric tons .

Falcon 9

This type of rocket ensures a reliable and completely safe transport of the satellites. It is the first rocket created with the ability to refloat because for the company, the reuse of rockets is a key point in order to reduce costs and allow life on other planets.

Falcon heavy

It is an extremely powerful operational rocket that has the capacity to carry 64 metric tons of crew , fuel and luggage into orbit . This rocket was also designed with the aim of being able to move people into space.


This type of spacecraft was designed to be able to carry cargo and humans into orbit . It is the only ship that has the ability to return cargo to earth. It can carry 7 crew members and has a pressurized section created to carry people and loads that are sensitive to the environment.


Currently, the SpaceX company has a little more than 420 satellites in orbit and is the company that has the largest number of them in space. Most have been built with the aim of being able to provide high-speed internet . These satellites are known as Starlink but in addition, the company has others such as Iridium Next , Telesat’s geostationary satellite Telstar Vantage .


SpaceX has managed to launch a large number of missions into space, one of the most important being Starlink , a series of satellites that bring many benefits to human beings and which is also considered a mega constellation. But for the company, the main mission they have in their hands is to be able to move humans to the planet Mars , a project they have planned for the year 2023.

Importance of SpaceX

SpaceX is a very important company because through its innovation , its technology and its missions, they have managed to demonstrate that rockets can be reusable , which implies a tremendous economic saving when launching missions into space. In addition, their rockets and space vehicles have the great capacity to transport very heavy loads always thinking about the future trips of humans to the Moon, Mars and Outer Space.

It has been the only company that has managed to make one of its rockets make a perfect landing on a platform located on earth after having gone into outer space, which implies an extremely important advance in terms of landings in the space industry.

Shareholders and owner

The owner of SpaceX is an American businessman named Elon Musk , who devised the creation of the company with the aim of creating a revolution in the aerospace industry having as a point of reference the possibility of flying into space at affordable prices. One of its main shareholders is Baillie Gifford & Co , Google and the Fidelity company are also mentioned.

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