Sovereign state


State is a form of organization for society through the establishment of a series of important norms that promote and improve the coexistence of the inhabitants of a region. It is a legal unit of individuals who live under a law with the aim of achieving the common good. There are several types of states, one of them is known as sovereign state , a type of political entity in which there is a government -type centralized .

What is a sovereign state?

The sovereign state is a type of state which is represented by means of a totally centralized government which has a certain sovereignty over a specific geographic area .

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What is a sovereign state?

sovereign state is a kind of association of such policy counts are full sovereignty both internal and external to a particular region or geographic area without having to rely on other powers or states. It is important to understand the concept to know that the word sovereignty refers to the right that a people has to be able to elect their rulers , to establish their own laws and so that their territorybe respected. It is a type of State that can survive without being recognized by others, but this can also produce some negative effects in terms of diplomatic relations.



The origin of sovereign states finds its roots in the Peace of Westphalia , during the year 1648 when Europe managed to consolidate its transition to a world of sovereign states. According to historians, some countries such as Great Britain and France were already similar to this type of state because their kings had total supremacy within their territories.


After the Peace of Westphalia was signed , the concept of the nation-state was promoted, which was based on the idea of ​​the total sovereignty of each of the States over their territories, and with this the international system that has prevailed until the current day. Despite the fact that this system remained heterodox , it managed to spread throughout the world causing the European colonial empires to fall little by little and in the 20th century, the State managed to become the only form of government on the planet.

As the sovereign State was gaining territory within the European continent, when the Modern Age began, these systems were formed that managed to spread to other places. At present, all the norms related to sovereignty are enshrined within the United Nations Charter, which prohibits attacks on political independence and territorial integrity .

Characteristics of the sovereign state

The main characteristics that can be observed in a sovereign State are the following:

  • The authority rests with the people even if it does a straightforward exercise but delegates in the hands of representatives.
  • It is a type of state that has power with total competence.
  • Its main legal basis is the Constitution .
  • It is a type of absolute , durable , indivisible , inalienable and also imprescriptible state .
  • The power does not depend on others and is not limited by law.
  • They do not depend on any state or subject legal order .
  • The sovereignty of the sovereign State cannot be transferred and is not expired .
  • Its ownership belongs entirely to the people and therefore, a single individual cannot be the owner of sovereignty.
  • It is based on a legal regime and the laws are in charge of establishing the ways in which sovereignty will be exercised.
  • A sovereign state is the state which is responsible for providing protection both land , air and sea to its inhabitants.


When you have a sovereign State, it is possible to trade more easily and efficiently with other countries in the world since there are no limitations and international and regional organizations can better understand each other in the field of business, which makes it possible to have better and greater access. to the economy with other continents . You can have better control over the country’s goods and customs. Another of its advantages is that the vote is used to elect the authorities that will be in charge of the country.


In sovereign States there are also some disadvantages, for example, it may be the case that officials abuse the power they have been given because they are the sovereigns of the people. Although the leaders are elected by vote, they cannot be removed easily even if they have committed some type of infraction . In addition, the owner of sovereignty is an abstract and collective entity , so there are no individual sovereignties , therefore, none of the inhabitants, sectors or the people in general can participate in it.

Because Argentina is a sovereign State

Argentina is a sovereign country and also republican , democratic , federal and representative . It is sovereign because its federal capital is located in Buenos Aires and this is a totally autonomous city . It is considered as a sovereign State because the country does not depend on any external agent or on another country to survive. In addition, its provinces are autonomous since it has the ability to choose and make its decisions within the State.


A sovereign State finds its importance in that it is one of the most relevant means by which a government manages to provide and guarantee the best for its population. Without sovereignty, the decision regarding the prosperity and peace of your entire country would be in the hands of another foreign power .


Here are some examples of sovereign states in the world.

  • Oldest sovereign state in the world: the oldest sovereign state in the world is San Marino , officially known as the Serenissima Republic of San Marino . This place is an enclave that is surrounded by Italy and is one of the only enclaved states that exist in the world.

They carry out popular votes every five years and the parliament is in charge of electing captains regents for six months. The judicial power is formed by the Great and General Council . Its council is made up of a total of 60 members while the legislative body is made up of parliament, a chamber and the Council.

  • Sovereign city state of Western Europe : in Western Europe we find Monaco as a sovereign country constituted in a rule of law that focuses on respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms . Its type of government is the constitutional monarchy and its territory is divided into a total of ten districts.

It is the second smallest state in the world but the first in population density. The Head of State is the Prince and the executive is made up of a Minister of State in charge of presiding over the cabinet, who is also appointed by the prince. Its legislative power is found in the National Council which was created during the Constitution of 1911. In addition, the prince shares power with a unicameral parliament which consists of 24 members elected by direct and democratic voting for five-year terms. They also have aSupreme Court , which is the most important court of law that is in charge of solving judicial problems and appeals.

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