Social phenomena


The social phenomena are  social facts that is attributed to the human being , generally ends when a social rule or a regime in a given region does not satisfy the population, so that they have to cause an effect to acquire the rights are sought .

What are social phenomena?

It is the conscious behavior of an individual or several of them before a certain fact of daily life with which they may not be satisfied, therefore it can be said that it is a rebellion that begins slightly against everything that limits thought or oppresses ideals of a certain population.

  • What are social phenomena?
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  • Characteristics
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  • Causes of social phenomena
  • Consequences
  • Social phenomena by country
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What are social phenomena?

When a social phenomenon begins it is for a specific final objective, generally these are done when there is a disagreement in a large part of the population with a certain issue, which makes the individual feel captive between parameters and limitations, therefore, rise the voice and manifests itself through conversations , dialogues , strikes or marches , to achieve the proposed task, thus freeing himself from everything that oppresses and exploits him.



Since social phenomena have been presented since the beginning of time, there is no exact date of origin or a specific history , however, it can be said that this goes back to ancient times , since the simple fact of mobilizing from one place to another, that is, the migratory effect, is a movement, from a simple movement it then becomes a phenomenon since another part of the population is influenced by this type of thinking; The same happens with different topics that are made relevant by a single thought or ideal , but which then expands, capturing the attention not of a single person, but of several, causing a cyclical effect.that covers a large number of the population, making this a social phenomenon , since it has affected a majority part of a certain ethnic group.


  • Subjective and relative.
  • Freedom of expression
  • Anomaly.
  • Rebellion.
  • Influence.
  • Nonconformity.
  • Social movement.
  • Observable and practical.


  • Ancient social phenomena.
  • Contemporary social phenomena.
  • Economic social phenomena.
  • Political social phenomena.
  • Sports social phenomena.
  • Legal social phenomena.
  • Religious social phenomena.
  • Global social phenomena.

Causes of social phenomena

  • Nonconformity.
  • Limiting.
  • Closed mind.
  • Laws and norms that oppress.
  • Ideals that go beyond the norm.
  • Unnecessary restrictions.


  • Greater influence.
  • Freedom of expression .
  • Social movements.
  • Fandoms.

Social phenomena by country

Although it is possible to specify the social phenomena by country, it is extremely extensive to do so, however, the social phenomena that most affect Latin America are migration and economic phenomena such as inflation , this causes a large number of Latin Americans to emigrate to other Latin American and Latin American countries. North Americans and some Europeans , in search of a better life.

There are relevant and recognized social phenomena that affect Central America , Latin America and North America , in the three parts of America but in different countries, Venezuela is affected by both inflation and crime , in El Salvador and Guatemala they are more times than the population they leave fearful for their lives that when they go out to enjoy, these last mentioned countries have extremely high death rates; in North America is Mexico , in which its low or peripheral areas not only find crime, but alsoWhat is called drug trafficking became popular until it became a trend, which , apart from being illegal, went from being a movement to a phenomenon that affects the country as a whole; And that is what it is about a movement to become a social phenomenon, which affects the nation to a large extent.

Current social phenomena

Currently there are some movements that have expanded in such a way that they have become social phenomena, which are the LGBTI trend , feminism and the constant struggle to legalize abortion, which is a branch of feminism, in Argentina they are provoking constant pro-abortion marches and other demonstrations that have moved many women from other countries to join the cause, while when it was starting it was a nuisance for their country, the movement was joined by more and more women; Today it has become a topic of global conversation and has influenced not only women and young people, but also young girls.


Social phenomena are a step to develop a moral , social and individual independence , however, as it influences many factors and people, it also makes it a danger for social norms , for which there is a great reluctance to these; Its importance lies in its meaning , as was the feminist movement in its beginnings, which when it proliferated became viral and influenced more than one woman and man who agreed with the cause, phenomena like this and others gave a contribution of great value to The humanity,It is not based on the fact that it is only a movement and that it reaches such distant levels that it reaches every part of a country, it is about the meaning it has and the message it transmits to humanity .

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