Social development


For a country to improve as a nation, it must improve in various areas, be they  social , political , cultural , economic , among others. You must also constantly carry out  population censuses and surveys of the different services that the nation provides to know if they are really working properly. All these characteristics strengthen the social development of a country, since they end up providing security among its inhabitants, which encourages people to improve their work and invest in various areas, thus managing to boost the nation.

What is social development?

The social development encompasses what the progress of a country on the part of the human and social capital of a nation . These cover all the most relevant aspects that influence the daily life of the citizen, such as the health area, the education systems and the State bodies . At the same time, job offers also influence , but all this is achieved through promotion plans where advantages are offered to private companies. For its part, all of the above also produces improvements in the nation, reducing poverty rates, reducing the levels of exclusion by social strata and avoiding the isolation of the most needy people.

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Social development is defined as the stages in which a society evolves, thus acquiring better living conditions. It is directly linked to the economic progress of the nation.


As the economy drives the nation, it greatly improves well-being with respect to quality of life, as we have better access to services , business competitiveness improves , and new state projects are created.

Characteristics of social development

The main characteristics of social development are the following:

  • The UN cares as much about developing countries as those in underdevelopment or poverty
  • Countries that are in developing often targets large industries because they see the potential in them.
  • A country that does not present a major effort in the field of development is usually affected in the population area, since citizens will begin to emigrate in search of better well-being for their lives.
  • Developed countries compete to position themselves within the different areas with the greatest global impact to postulate as another world power.
  • The inhabitants of countries that have deficits in the various areas that the government is in charge of, such as health, justice, and immigration or ministerial spheres : tend to suffer from serious psychological problems generated as a consequence of the aforementioned problems.


The story tells us that the first civilizations to develop were those of Rome and Greece , these covered the needs of the people living them for the time.

In Greece the first schools of study were created , where philosophical currents were taught , they  had armies to defend their lands and in turn each city had  markets to ensure that people could trade with what they were dedicated to doing in their lives.

For its part, Rome had fighting schools where they taught their warriors to go to war, they had walled cities that were surrounded by fertile fields and large fleets of boats to move by water to other lands.

Elements of social development

In all governmental jurisdictions there is no type of corruption, preference or exclusion of any person. The procedures are carried out without problem in the stipulated times and without any alteration.

In the health area , hospitals are equipped with the best medical equipment and they are continually loaded with supplies so that they do not run out or become scarce. The best health professionals are hired to serve within the enclosure.

The justice system is perfectly consolidated , from the ministries to the protection bodies, in order to serve and protect the population.

In the institutional areas, it is sought to support through student scholarships and projects for the academies in order to be able to cover any type of need that they present; whether in infrastructure , services, transportation, among others.

It seeks to support in the areas of science and technology the different projects that arise, which provide solutions or advances not only nationally but also internationally.

Development plans are created in which they seek to support new entrepreneurs who faithfully believe in the nation and want to start their businesses there.


For social development to take place, a series of conditions must be met, such as:

  • stable economy with no falls in its sources of income.
  • A stable policy that is not at the mercy of rebellions or protests for nonconformity.
  • Support and agreement with other nations in order to strengthen themselves together and achieve development between the two
  • Always show plans for entrepreneurs and immigrants who assist the nation in search of new opportunities.
  • Always represent a strategic point when negotiating with other countries.
  • Always seek to innovate in the area of ​​technology and science.

Importance of social development

Developed countries are not only important for a nation and for those who inhabit it, but also for the rest of the world since the advances that are made in that country will be of interest to others, thus strengthening diplomatic ties for the different types. of negotiations.

Social development by country

Some of the already developed countries

  • United States .
  • Canada.
  • Germany.
  • Australia .
  • Japan .
  • Panama.
  • United Arab Emirates.

Some developing countries

  • Colombia.
  • Argentina.
  • Mexico .
  • Croatia.
  • Spain .
  • Vietnam.
  • Russia.

Underdeveloped countries

  • Venezuela.
  • South Africa.
  • Cuba.
  • Trinidad and Tobago.
  • India.
  • Iraq and Iran.

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