One of the types of sports that are most practiced by athletes and amateurs are those that are related to water. One of these outstanding sports is known by the name of snorkeling , a sport that refers to the practice of diving near the water , and that is practiced in the sea with the aim of observing marine life.


What is snorkeling?

The snorkeling is a sport of water that involves the practice of diving to flush of the water wearing a mask of diving appropriate to protect the eyes and a snorkel for air and able to move the water level of the sea.


What does it consist of

Snorkeling or snorkeling consists of diving at the water level . It is a sport in which the athlete is equipped with a diving mask , a tube known as a snorkel  and fins. It consists of being able to observe underwater life within its natural environment without using complicated equipment and the necessary training for diving, for long periods of time with relatively little effort. Snorkeling is considered more of a leisure activity than a sport.


Snorkeling Features

Among the main characteristics that we can observe in the practice of snorkeling we have:

  • It is a type of diving that is done at the level of the water .
  • The athlete must reach a tube called a snorkel.
  • It is also used for search and rescue .
  • The sport is practiced in an accessible way and floating under the surface of the water.
  • When the water is very cold you can snorkel in a suit diving .
  • When nothing, the tube of breathing should point upwards above the surface of the water.
  • Snorkeling can also be done in a pool , lakes and rivers.

Origin of snorkeling

The origin of snorkeling is found with the birth of diving that originally began with the use of a tube used by German submarines during World War II . This tube was used to feed air to the diesel engines in order to navigate just below the surface . When diving , German submarines would retract their Schnorchel , the name by which it was known, and then propel it with an electric motor.

During the twentieth century , the diving masks began to be more back popular and emerged tubes short for breathing that allowed the swimmer to breathe with the face submerged in the surface of the water, receiving air through the breathing tube.  The English language began to use the German word Schnorchel and changed it to snorkel under the influence of the English language .


The necessary equipment to be able to practice this sport is the following:

Snorkel or snorkel

The breathing tube at generally measured 30 centimeters in length and a diameter of 30 centimeters long and has an inner diameter of between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters . Most of them are made of silicone and are generally L or J- shaped and are also provided with a nozzle placed at the lower end which is made of rubber or plastic . The breathing tube is used to breathe air above the surface of the waterwhen the mouth and nose are under water. There are also some dry snorkels , which have a mechanism at the top to ensure that water cannot enter the snorkel tube.

Diving masks or goggles

There are various styles and shapes . The same masks that are used in normal diving are generally used , which allows the diver to have a clear picture under the water. They all have glasses, a faceplate , a skirt that includes the nose, and a strap to hold the head. This activity does not require a special aptitude , it is only necessary for the athlete to know how to swim and breathe through snorkeling.

Diving fins

They are not necessary but they are useful, mainly for traveling long distances in the water. They help you swim quickly without using a lot of energy . They are flexible and allow you to move comfortably when snorkeling. You can also use water shoes if you do not want to use the fins.

Snorkel vest, rashguard or wetsuit

A combination of a life jacket and a swimming vest . Air can be blown inside and in this way fatigue is avoided . There are several types of vests, the simple ones that are put on the head and the ones that look like a jacket and that keep you warm. There are vests with pockets and whistles . Wetsuits made of neoprene are popular when diving in cold water or when spending a long time in the water.

Where to snorkel

The best places to practice snorkeling are those seas where the waters are clean and crystalline and where the temperature is suitable to be able to withstand a time in the water. Some of the most coveted places to practice this sport are the following:

  • Providencia Island in Colombia
  • San Andrés in Colombia
  • Phi Phi Islands in Thailand
  • Menorca in Spain
  • Palawan and Bohol in the Philippines
  • Honduras Bay Island
  • Cocos Island in Costa Rica


Some curiosities about snorkeling are the following:

  • The word snorkel comes from a tube that was used by German submarines during World War II which was used to power their engines with air and to navigate just below the surface of the water.
  • It is generally used in freediving when attached to a scuba mask that is worn on the face to allow underwater viewing.
  • With the passing of the time and the inertia that have many people to breathe through the nose, he is out now a new device that allows breathing to normal while being underwater.

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