Sky Jumping


When we talk about snow and sports, we can imagine and remember a lot of different types of sports that generate a lot of adrenaline . One of them is the sky jump , one of the tests spectacular and expected the large family of winter sports.


What is sky jumping?

Ski jumping is a winter sport that involves descending using skys down a ramp to achieve greater speed and then start the flight and reach a greater distance before landing.


What is sky jumping?

The ski jump consists of a test that involves great technical difficulty , which is why the skier needs to go as far as possible after performing a ski jump on a ramp to gain more speed . During the flight, care must be taken to maintain an adequate aesthetic of the movement and the correct distance , as these aspects will be taken into account by the jury.



Its main characteristics are the following:

  • It is an Olympic sport in winter .
  • It consists of descending on a pair of skis down a ramp to pick up speed and then start the flight.
  • The goal of the sport is to land as far as possible.
  • It has a great high of technical difficulty .
  • It requires a lot of preparation for your practice.


The story originates as in the Nordic countries of Europe . Currently, countries such as Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Austria or Germany compete with Japanese skiers, against the Czech Republic or Switzerland, as they have a high level. With the passage of time has included the technology subjecting athletes to various tests in tunnels of wind .

As an Olympic sport, it arose in the first edition of the winter games , the 1924 Chamonix Olympic Games , where it was competed on an 80-meter springboard . In 1972, the international federation officially established the current K-90 and K-120 tests . Some time later, the team event began, dating back to the 1988 Calgary Olympic Games , where the Finnish team won gold . Women began to participate in this discipline in the 1970s . The first time he competed at the World Cup level was the Ski Jumping World Cupof the year 2011 and one more step was reached when the women’s ski jump was included as part of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games .

Ski jumping rules

  • The tests are divided between speed events (downhill and Super-G) and technical events (giant and slalom).
  • The combined is the sum of the times of two races , descent and slalom .
  • In all competitions, the competitor or team with the least amount of time wins .
  • The doors are flags that are used to indicate the place where the skier must make the turns .
  • If the test is more technical , the speed is reduced and the turns are more frequent, sharp and.
  • The descent is disputed in a single heat .
  • The race is carried out on tracks with a gradient between 15 and 30% , on which speeds are reached that far exceed 100 kilometers per hour.
  • The curves are wide radius and the route is marked , in addition to having doors in the turns, with blue biodegradable paint that allows you to appreciate the route even in possible shadow areas.
  • The use of a helmet is mandatory .
  • Skis must have a minimum measurement of 215 cm for men and 210 for women .

Sky jumping phases

The phases are:

  • Start : moment when the skier gains more speed by adopting an aerodynamic position . The skis slide in parallel on a stroke on the trampoline ramp with the legs bent .
  • Take-off : this is the most important moment that the jump has since the correct timing when leaving the springboard determines the length of the jump.
  • The flight : it is basically gliding by leaning the body on the skis by controlling the movements. The skis are placed in the “ v ” position with the tips raised .
  • The landing : the landing blow should be absorbed gently using the Telemark technique . One ski overtakes another when they hit the ground flexing their legs to absorb the impact .
  • Braking : after the landing is finished , the braking phase begins where the skier must get up and brake while maintaining balance. The path must be straight.


The technique used in ski jumping focuses on the take – off ramp where the athlete must take the momentum . As it acquires speed, it can reach 90 kilometers per hour, which is the moment when takeoff is made and is the most important moment. Skiers should take a form of V with open skys , the body inclined toward forward and arms glued to the body . Finally, the moment of landing , in which the skiers place a knee in front that is responsible for appeasing the blow .


The three categories that exist are:

  • Jump from a 90 meter springboard or K-90.
  • Jump from a 120 meter springboard or K-120
  • Jump from a 120-meter springboard for men’s teams .


Some of the most important ski jumping competitions are:

  • Garmishc-Partenkirchen , Germany.
  • Sapporo , Japan .
  • Wisla , Poland.
  • Eisenerz , Austria.
  • Courchevel , France .

Ski jumping tests

Generally, four different events are held, three for men and one for women, which are:

  • Jumps from the 90-meter springboard or better known as the K-90 test, in which you descend down a 90-meter-long ramp.
  • Jumps from the 120 meter springboard or K-120, which includes a descent down a 120 meter long ramp reaching higher speeds and greater distances . In the test, two jumps are made and the scores are added .
  • Jumps from the 120-meter springboard by men’s teams , consisting of four jumpers. At the end the scores in the eight jumps are added and the team with the most points wins.


The equipment for the ski jump is as follows:

  • Skis : a fundamental part of the equipment and are used to get around . They must brake properly and practice on them before entering the track .
  • The canes : they serve to move us although care must be taken with them as they can cause injuries . The best ones are with ergonomic handles that adapt to the hands.
  • Ski clothing : maintains body heat in the best possible way. Despite the cold, the clothing must be able to perspire to eliminate excess moisture and maintain the appropriate temperature . Clothing should include a windbreaker , gloves , hat , and sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun’s rays that, when reflecting on the snow, can damage the corneas .

Featured ski jumpers

  • Miguel Temiño
  • Armin kogler
  • Flag of Sweden Jan Boklöv
  • Andreas Goldberger
  • Roberto Cecon
  • Janne Ahonen
  • Andreas Goldbergera

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