The sport is the practice of an exercise that can be used as a form of recreation , exercise physical or competition . It is a lifestyle adopted by many people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to have fun. There are many types of sports in the world, one of the most innovative is known as skateboarding.


What is skateboarding?

The skate is English term that refers to the sport which is performed with a skateboard a skateboard or a scooter , which is a type of vehicle sporting or recreational fact wood , that travels through four wheels and two axes.


Skate features

Among the main characteristics of skateboarding are the following:

  • It involves the ability to slide on a wheeled board and at the same time perform various types of tricks and pirouettes.
  • The board is raised in the air to be able to do the tricks.
  • The athlete can support himself with his hands on some surfaces.
  • It can be practiced anywhere it can be shot.
  • Most of the people who practice it are young people under 18 years of age .
  • It is characterized by a series of different movements and jumps .


The origin and history of skateboarding turns out to be a bit uncertain as there is no exact record of these data. It is a type of sport that was born by chance and that with the passage of time managed to evolve . Many believe that the birth of skateboarding took place in the 1950s . The surfers from California invented it, to hang out, they could engage four – wheel skids to a table to simulate the movements made in surfing.


With the passage of time, the first skateboards with certain specifications began to be manufactured , this was in the hands of a surf shop in Los Angeles that made an agreement with the Chicago Roller Skate Company so that they would be in charge of manufacturing specific wheels. Already by the sixties , popularity increased and more companies began to be created that manufactured them and thus the first competitions appear . In mid- 1965 , the sport began to decline and companies closed their doors.

In the year 70 , thanks to Frank Nasworthy, urethane wheels were invented and it was he who founded the company called Cadilla Wheels . This type of wheel aroused the interest of athletes and skateboarding began to be practiced again. It was the Zephyr team , in 1975 , that made known all the skills and the peculiar way in which the sport could be practiced and from that moment, it became a serious sport and considered by many.

The 80s are considered as the moment in the history of skateboarding in which its modern version was born , which is known today. Skateboarding evolved significantly both in its materials , in its technique and in its tricks and it became one of the most popular sports among young people.

Skate benefits

This sport offers, in addition to fun, great benefits to those who practice it, among them the following are mentioned:

  • It is a sport that helps reduce stress levels .
  • Improves mood in overall .
  • Helps improve muscle performance .
  • Being a type of cardiovascular sport, it activates and improves the cardiovascular system .
  • Improves flexibility and bone and muscle resistance .
  • It helps the balance of the body to be better as well as the coordination.
  • It also has social benefits as it reinforces the bonds between the people who practice it.


As it has many benefits, skateboarding can also involve some risks, among them we can cite from simple injuries such as blows to more complicated ones such as tears in the muscles, sprains in the ankles, knee injuries mainly in the menisci, fractures hand, foot, arms or legs as well as dislocations. In this sport it is necessary to use a helmet as a protective measure as a fall could imply a strong blow to the head that could cause serious health problems.


The movements that are carried out in skateboarding are also known as tricks and are an art . These include a series of spins and jumps that athletes perform on their skateboard. The main movements are mentioned below:

  • Ollie – This is the first move to learn when starting to skate. It consists of performing a jump while the board is attached to the feet, the front foot should be located in the middle of the board and the rear, a little further back.
  • Flip and Heelflip : to do this, the feet must be placed in the same way as in the Ollie, but it changes in the direction in which the board rotates. This jump can be done diagonally or backwards. It is advisable to release your leg quickly to be able to land directly on the board.
  • Boneless – This is the kind of street movement that belongs to the old school . The board must be grasped in the hand, then one foot should be placed on it to be able to push up and then, both feet must be placed before it falls to the ground.
  • Manual : this is a fairly simple trick and consists of lifting the front wheels and continuing to roll only with the rear wheels.
  • Switch, Fakie and Nollie : These movements vary in terms of the position of the feet .
  • Frontside or backside : these are movements that occur when the skater turns on his own axis. The backside involves rotating into the rotation while the backside is the rotation facing the back.


The styles that can be practiced in skate are:

  • Freestyle : this is the freestyle , a style of skating that allows you to use tricks of all kinds. For this style, a comfortable board is usually used, keeping in mind that the shorter it is, the more difficult it will be to control.
  • Slalom : a style where the skater must move avoiding a series of cones and it is done to determine which is the route that can be done in the shortest possible time . This style is most used in competitions.
  • Descent : it is popularly known as downhill and involves different speeds and accelerations . The course is done on sloping terrain and is considered a very advanced form of Skateboarding so you will also need the right equipment to be able to practice it.
  • Vertical Skateboard : tricks are performed on a horizontal plane and the board should ideally measure at least 55mm.
  • Street skateboard : this style focuses mainly on transitions and tricks that are performed in public spaces , in squares , industrial areas or on urban streets .
  • Park skateboard : they take place in parks and the boards must measure between 29 and 30 inches, in addition they must be small in length.


The necessary equipment to practice this type of sport implies the use of comfortable clothing which can also be of an alternative type. Many use accessories and strong colors to attract attention. The hats , kneepads , backpacks and sweatshirts with very common in this sport. It is important to mention the use of protective equipment to avoid bodily injury. The knee pads, elbow pads and of course the case are part of the fundamental equipment to practice this type of sport.

Where to skate

Skateboarding can be practiced anywhere that is optimal for the athlete to move freely . There are two types of places where this sport can be practiced, the first is the street one , which consists of skating in urban places such as stairs, pedestrian paths, railings. The second place is known as the ramp style and this implies the presence of surfaces that have half tube, quarter tube and other ramps to practice the sport. The place designed for skateboarding is known as a skatepark or skate park .


Some of the most important competitions that take place worldwide are:

  • ISO Yancheng in China .
  • Skateboarding Contest.
  • Dew Tour, one of the most famous competitions.

Olympic sport

In 2016 , the verdict was given to include skateboarding as one of the Olympic sports which should govern from the year 2020 . The presentation of the sport was held in Rio de Janeiro with the aim of introducing innovative sports to the Olympic Games. It will make its debut with the World Skateboarding Federation and there will be two modalities, the Street and the park .

Famous skateboarders

Among the most famous and recognized skateboarders in the world we have:

  • Tony Hawk considered the most important representative of this sport.
  • Bob Burnquist is one of the most creative skaters in the sport.
  • Steve Caballero who achieved the title of “skater of the century” and has extensively innovated the sport by introducing new tricks and movements.
  • Rodney Mullen who invented the Ollie, the kickflip, Heelflip and 360 flip.

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