On planet Earth there are a lot of phenomena related to the atmosphere and the environment, some of them quite surprising. These actions of nature are known by the name of meteorological phenomena and are characterized by the fact that they occur by themselves. One of these processes is the shower , a name that may not be familiar to many but that nevertheless may have been experienced by many people without knowing exactly its meaning.

What is a shower?

A squall is the repentida presence of clouds that carry with them rainfall so intense and short – lived but have the ability to release huge amounts of rain from time to time.

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  • How it differs from other rainfall
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In the case of showers, the rains appear suddenly , practically without warning, and with a very short intensity but with such a great force that they are capable of causing a series of natural disasters . Given that it is a condition that appears without warning, the radars specialized in detecting emergency situations are not capable of detecting them in time and this becomes a risk situation for many inhabitants. The shower is also closely related to humidity and the presence of high pressures in the environment.


To understand the definition of the word squall it is necessary to know its etiology. This word derives from Portuguese , specifically from the term ” chuva ” which means rain . However, this type of rain is not the one that is observed normally and that is why the term has been used to make a differentiation in terms of the size and intensity of the precipitations.

Characteristics of a shower

Among the most notable characteristics that help differentiate the shower from other types of rain, the following are mentioned:

  • They appear completely suddenly .
  • The intensity of the rains is very high and last for a very short time.
  • Although the fall of rain does not exceed long periods of time, its intensity causes it to produce a series of complications in inhabited and cultivated areas.
  • They occur more frequently in areas that are closer to the Equator .
  • They are characteristic in areas where there is an unstable climate and in very hot places .
  • They are noticed when black clouds appear in the sky , intense winds and hail can also occur .
  • It is short-lived and when it ends, the skies immediately return to a light blue color and are completely clear.
  • The shower is popularly known in many places as a downpour .
  • The amount of rain released by its clouds is measured and expressed in millimeters per hour .
  • They are propelled within a certain area by means of strong winds to finally shed the rain in the area.


There are different types of showers which are explained below.

  • Snow shower: this type of shower, as its name implies, involves the precipitation of snow following the pattern of instability that implies an abrupt beginning and ending. It can be very violent and fast at times and occurs when cumulonimbus clouds undergo a sudden change. They are smaller than normal but can still cause serious damage.
  • Scattered Showers : Scattered showers tend to be less intense than normal or snow showers. They have moderate winds and are caused by the considerable increase in temperature . Several can occur in a single day varying the weather conditions.

Components of a shower

One of the main components of a shower is the presence of strong black clouds ; the intense wind that starts little by little is also one of its components. They can be accompanied by hail mainly if there is a lot of instability in the atmosphere . The storms power can also be part of them and temperature, which tends to decrease after culminating event.


The formation of showers depends mainly on the atmosphere , because for them to form, it must be in a state of great instability . When the days are very sunny and store large amounts of moisture, it is collected in the environment, forming a very unstable air mass full of energy . When these clouds are fully charged, the shower forms, causing a large amount of water to fall on the Earth in a short time and with great intensity.


The causes that cause the appearance of showers mainly include the great instability that can occur in the atmosphere in a certain place. The humidity , large tracts of land and very warm air are triggers for this kind of weather phenomenon. They are mainly caused on very hot days when the sun is intense.

Effects edit

When a shower occurs it can bring with it a lot of negative effects that can damage even entire populations. It is common to observe the formation of sudden floods of rivers that cause floods and these can even occur in places that are not close to water currents. Heavy rains can cause rapid landslides and landslides as well as intense electrical storms that are dangerous to animals and humans.

The crops can be seriously affected as some types of crops do not support large amounts of water in a short period of time. Property damage is very common as well as accidents that can even lead to death. The livestock tends to suffer a lot with this kind of rain they do not have the ability to save themselves time and many may even die.

How it differs from other rainfall

The main difference that can be observed between a normal precipitation and a shower is based on the intensity and duration of the same. While a normal rain shower can last a few hours continuously, it does not cause the same disasters as a squall, because the shower discharges water in a torrential way and greatly exceeds the basic levels of precipitation per day and even weeks.


The most important aspect related to a shower is the preparation of the population so that in this way they can take important safety measures in case one of them occurs. The construction of houses and buildings in unsuitable places must be avoided at all costs to avoid devastating effects on the inhabitants. Like the rain, it also brings large amounts of water that increase the humidity of the soil, helping in a certain way to avoid droughts .


Some of the most notable curiosities of the showers are the following:

  • In general , the bands that are associated with showers can be part of hurricanes or tropical storms.
  • They can produce side effects just like those of a hurricane .
  • They can occur in any area of ​​the earth that has an intertropical climate .
  • Every day that passes it is more common to observe this type of precipitation due to the great instability that the entire planet Earth has suffered lately .
  • This name is used mainly to be able to make a distinction between a normal seasonal rain and the great fall of rain in a certain place.

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