Currently there are many types of tools that facilitate work in industrial processes mainly when it is necessary to cut some type of material of hard consistency, for example metal . For this you can use a machine known as a shear , a tool used in the shearing process , which can make cuts in different types of materials.


What is shearing?

The shearing is a type of operation Industrial which cuts in a certain metal sheet along a straight line located between the two cutting edges in order to reduce large sheets in parts more small .

  • What is shearing?
  • History
  • What is shearing for
  • Types of shearing
  • Necessary equipment
  • Materials
  • Explanation of the process
  • Advantage
  • Disadvantages
  • Importance of shearing

What is shearing?

The sheared or guillotined as is known is a process or operation consists in cutting a sheet of metal which is made in a straight line between the two edges that are preset for cutting. It is carried out by means of a machine known by the name of shear and through this process it is possible to make clean , fast and precise cuts in a straight , transversal , diagonal or longitudinal way to the plate. It is then a mechanical cutof metals without the production of chips , in other words, without waste and without the use of torches or other fusion methods.



In the history of metallurgy , human beings have tried since prehistoric times , to develop different types of tools and utensils with the aim of cutting and shaping metals . With the development of the 19th century, new systems of land and maritime transport began to be created , which posed new challenges to technology . This story includes the shear , which in its beginnings was a simple sheet of metal that was bent in a U-shape. In the 14th century, the first pivot scissors appear, which had two blades that could be mobilized by means of an axis, at that time the shear was known by the name of lever scissors and worked manually, that is how the first shearing processes.

In the middle of the 19th century , it was possible to design the first steam shear and in subsequent years, this type of machine along with the process began to develop more and more, manufacturing more powerful and sophisticated machines . By the 20th century , shearing was a fairly common process and technologies that included plasmas and lasers began to be used . This is how shearing evolved to what is known today.

What is shearing for

The Shearing is a process used to cut sheets or plates of metal generating clean cuts and precise . It is ideal when you need to make a regular round or oval shape cut, it can even be used to make irregular cuts . When cold , it can be used on thinner materials such as fabrics , plastics , rubber, and wood products .

It is then a means by which straight cuts can be made both across and along a certain material by means of a blade . This cutting method, also known as guillotining, can also be used to cut paper and to refine books , which is why it is considered a very useful device in various types of industries.

Types of shearing

Depending on the type of shear, the shearing process can take place in two different ways:

  • Manual : in this case manual shears are used , this means that the operator will be in charge of carrying out the up and down movements in addition to exerting the necessary pressure on the blade so that the cut can be carried out. This type of shearing may turn out to be a bit more difficult to perform, it may take a longer amount of time, and it will be a bit more complex.
  • Automatic : In the case of automatic shearing, roller or guillotine shears are used . The operation of this type of shearing is carried out by means of the union of two blades that are in charge of pressing the surface until they manage to make the cut, separating the piece in two. It is common for cuts to produce ragged edges but it has the great ability to make any cut regardless of thickness with minimal effort which can lead to higher productivity , less effort and more speed at work.

Necessary equipment

Basically, the equipment that is needed to carry out the shearing is a tool known by the name of shear which will be in charge of making the cuts in the different materials that need to be worked. Its use is quite simple and the blades of the shear should only be placed on the surface until the resistance of the material being worked manages to be overcome and breaks.

Manual type shears that include the following types of tools can be used :

  • Industrial shear
  • Shearer
  • Pruner
  • Jaws of life
  • Metal shear

Automatic type shears can also be used , such as:

  • Guillotine shear
  • Roller shear


There are several types of materials that can be used or worked through shearing, among them we first find metal and then less resistant materials such as ceramics, rubber, papers, fibers, fabrics and plastic can also be used .

Explanation of the process

The shearing process is basically the same as that of a scissors since the edges of the blades must face each other, exerting pressure on the surface to be cut, in this way it is possible to overcome the resistance exerted by said surface later, breaking and separating in two . This type of pressure can be obtained by making a lever between a fixed arm that is placed at the bottom and another arm that is responsible for raising and lowering while simultaneously carrying out a certain amount of pressure .


Among its main advantages are the following:

  • This type of process and cutting has important advantages in the field of economy and time since it is very simple to carry out, which reduces the expense that may be needed to carry it out.
  • Materials that are cut by shearing are not machined by chip removal .
  • The strokes that are made can be kept exactly.
  • Surfaces that can be cut by shearing do not require extensive refining work .
  • It is a fairly quick process to do.
  • The cuts can be made both linearly and curved .


There are actually very few drawbacks to the shearing process. In some cases, the following disadvantages may occur:

  • An irreparable loss of the part being cut can occur .
  • In extraordinary cases there may be a loss of time and resources .

Importance of shearing

Shearing It is a very important means in the field of industry because thanks to it it is possible to make different types of cuts in materials such as wood, plastic, metal sheets and paper. Thanks to this technique it is possible to make cuts even in textile garments , it is used in some machines such as clippers and in life jaws , a device that is necessary for different rescue operations .

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